How to know my retirement: Requirements

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Are you up to date with your retirement contributions? How to know my retirement: Requirements, It is a topic that should not be left for tomorrow, update yourself on the requirements and procedures to carry out a successful process.

What does retirement mean?

In Argentina, based on the Constitution and with the endorsement of international treaties, there is protection for citizens. In order to provide assistance and equity in the distribution of the nation’s resources.

This is achieved through social security.

In this figure there are various elements known as benefits.

They are assigned to Argentines according to the conditions of each individual or family nucleus.

It is within these benefits that we see Retirement. What represents a human right that has the primary purpose of covering the basic needs of people who are in situations of vulnerability.

One of the features to enjoy this pension service, is that a certain age must be reached, in addition to the years of employment and the contributions made for this purposeas required by law.

How many years of contribution do I need to retire in Argentina?

In the procedure to be able to manage retirement, it is necessary to comply with a certain number of years of work activity, as well as contributions or monetary contributions and additionally the age of the person to retire.

So In general, in the case of women they must be sixty years old.

For the men the age is sixty-five years. In both cases it must have contributed for a period of thirty years.

This last factor can vary, depending on the activity and the characteristics of the worker.

retirement types

The law distinguishes different types of retirements, according to:

  • Ordinary retirement. Corresponds to the allocation of a monthly pension benefit. Which requires having reached the age of sixty years of age for women and sixty-five years of age for men. Additionally, have thirty years of contributions to the pension system.

In this type of retirement, it is common for the situation in which the applicant is older than required.

Compensation of one year of service is made for every two years of age in work activity.

In other words, a man retires at 67 years of age, two more years than required, this means that he can retire with twenty-nine years of contributions instead of thirty.

  • teacher retirement This benefit is in the cases of having carried out teaching activity. In addition to having fifty-seven years for women and sixty years for men. In relation to the years worked, they must be twenty-five years, with the observation that at least ten of them must have been exercised in classrooms or before students.

It is important to know that the teaching activity carried out in educational institutions with unfavorable locations, or dedicated to special teaching, will be counted for every three years of activity, four years.

  • For Disability Withdrawal, This type of retirement is feasible, in the situation in which the applicant is unable to carry out both physical and intellectual activities, linked to his profession or trade.

This retirement is for both dependent and self-employed workers.

It is required that a medical report determine the intellectual and physical conditions, which prevent 66% from performing activities.

Also in cases in which the age and years of contributions required to apply for ordinary retirement have not been reached.

Additionally, the applicant must meet the condition of being a regular or irregular contributor with rights.

Understanding as a regular contributor, the dependent worker, who contributed to the pension system in a period of at least two and a half years, within the three years prior to the time of requesting the retirement due to disability or the death of the affiliated worker in office.

While the irregular contributor, it is said of the affiliated worker, who contributed in the period of a year and a half within the three years prior to the request for retirement due to disability or the death of the affiliated worker in office.

  • Disabled Worker Retirement, corresponds to a pension benefit that can be requested by self-employed workers or active dependents, with physical or intellectual disabilities greater than 33%.

The conditions of the self-employed worker is to have fifty years of age and dependents with 45 years, in addition to a period of contributions of twenty years.

Must be in exercise in the last ten years with the condition of physical or intellectual decline.

Retirement Requirements

In the previous paragraphs we commented on the conditions required according to the type of retirement.

Next we will detail the requirements of ordinary retirements according to the activity, In all cases, the original national identity document must be presented:

  • With employment relationship or dependency:

  1. In case of not having complete the records of the contributions by ANSES, they should be obtained service certificates endorsed by the employer. Or failing that, salary receipts, proof of affiliation to social work, the Affidavit proving the services are received.
  2. Complete the form PS 6.18 – Request for Social Security Benefits
  • For Monotributistas and Self-Employed:

The monotributista makes a monthly contribution that includes social work and a retirement component. The amount to contribute depends on the category.

The self-employed worker is included in the general regime that is administered by AFIP.

Contributions must be made monthly, on time, so as not to fall into debt and generate interest, an amount that must be paid off before requesting retirement.

  1. In these cases, those who are of the age required to retire but who do not meet the necessary amount of contributions, can enroll in the AFIP voluntary regularization regime to complete the missing contributions and opt for the payment facility plan (moratorium). This can be done at an ANSES office when starting the retirement process.
  2. Complete the form PS 6.18 – Request for Social Security Benefits
  • The Workers in special activities, require specific documentation according to each case. Domestic service, the police, the agricultural sector, the military, researchers, aircraft operators, construction workers and public ministry workers are included.
  • Workers with disabilitiessuch as disabled, blind and disabled, must submit the following forms:

Acceptance Discount Fees Moratorium– PS 6,278

DDJJ receive benefits – PS 6,284

PS 6.2 – Cert. Services and Remunerations

In addition to the above, for disability retirement, the following is required:

  1. The original report of the analyses, diagnoses and medical reports
  2. The original document listing the names of the doctors who treated you and are currently providing care.
  • Due to old age, includes men and women from the age of 70, who have contributed for at least ten years, without other retirements or evidence of having worked as a domestic service.
  • The retirement benefits by International Agreementbetween two or more States, for people who carried out activities in those countries and paid social security contributions.
  • To Malvinas ex-combatants, they must present the documents that verify the years of services and the exercise as a soldier.
  • For Recognition of services, through the resolution signed by ANSES, where the retirement contributions registered at the national level are recognized, both those declared by employers and those carried out as an independent worker.

It is required to present: salary receipts, Service certification signed by the employers, and correspondence requesting contributions to companies that are no longer active and did not make them in a timely manner.

  • For pension moratoriums which allows them to complete the remaining years of contribution, in accordance with the provisions of Moratorium Law 24,476 and Moratorium Law 26,970.

With contributions

Having completed the required contributions, You can start retirement management three months before reaching the established age.

Using the social security code, the employment history must be consulted, through My Anses, to confirm that all contributions are registered in ANSES.

No contributions

It was frequent that people met the age to apply for retirement but not with the contributions. In order to regulate this fact, the Moratorium retirement.

This moratorium, consists of completing the remaining years of contribution to cover those required, according to the provisions of the Laws 24.47, 26.970 and 25,994, They can be completed in cash or in sixty installments.

Steps to follow

  1. Manage the social security code, if necessary
  2. Review personal data, through My ANSES
  3. Also for My ANSESthe contributions registered in the Labor History must be verified.
  4. Gather the required documents according to each retirement and activity exercised
  5. manage the time for retirement applicationby the ANSES page
  6. Attend the agreed date, time and office with all the complete requirements.

Check the status of a retirement file

You can perform the Follow up on the procedure, entering MY ANSES with the Social Security Code.

If you are still active and the file has the status of «awaiting cessation of activities», the resignation must be submitted in writing to the company and present the copy received at the ANSES offices.

Then check that the status of the file is «favourably agreed».

We hope that the information has been to your liking.

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