How to know the CBU of my Banco Nación account: Two modalities

For bank transfers, it is required to identify the account number, for this we have created How to know the CBU of my Banco Nación account: Two modalities, and guide you in a simple way in the options for its successful obtaining.

This Unified Bank Code of the account is where the funds of the transfer that we wish to make will be credited. Therein lies its importance.

What is the CBU Banco Nación

When making bank transfers, it is essential to know the Unified Bank Code or CBU.

This key corresponds to the identification of each account you have in the banks.

Even when you have several accounts in the same bank, for example savings and checking, each one has its CBU.

All CBUs have 22 digitsregardless of the bank, all unified bank keys have the same number of characters.

If they give you a CBU with fewer or more digits than those indicated, check why this does not correspond to a unified bank code.

In mid-2016, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, in order to facilitate the identification of the bank account, implemented the functionality known as «AKA CBU.»

Through this instrument the client will create a alias for each of the CBUs linked to each account. From internet banking services and mobile banking, accessing the option that each bank has created for this purpose.

This CBU alias is formed with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols such as the period and hyphen in the middle.

Have unique character, therefore it is not repeated for the entire financial system. As soon as to the CBU remainssince it is the base of this Alias.

By the beginning of 2017, the BCRA, by means of a communication, obliges the creation of the Alias, based on an algorithm that combines three simple words in the Spanish language.

What is it for

As we pointed out in previous paragraphs, each bank account is identified with this key.

Hence It is necessary and indispensable, in case of making electronic transfers, since it is to the account linked to the CBU that is registered in the operation, where the transferred amounts will be credited.

Even if the transfer is for ourselves, we must place the CBU that corresponds to our account.

How to know My CBU Banco Nación By ATM

It is a very simple procedure, from any ATM of the Link interbank network and carry out the following steps:

  1. Through the corresponding opening, insert the debit card
  2. With the keyboard the PIN or password is placed, linked to the card
  3. When you are in the account, select Queries and Requests.
  4. There choose CBU Consultation
  5. Then select the type of account
  6. The voucher will automatically appear with the CBU information corresponding to the bank account.

How to know my CBU of Banco Nación Online

To access Banco Nación services via the Internet, Homebanking must be enabled, it is a very simple process:

  1. Go to a LINK banking network ATM
  2. Enter your debit card and enter the key or PIN
  3. Select the Key Management option
  4. Then click on Home Banking Mobile Banking
  5. Press on Obtain Password
  6. Enter a six-digit password, we suggest not using dates or personal data
  7. The system will generate a receipt or ticket, save it
  8. Enter the Banco Nación website online
  9. Locate Home Banking
  10. Use the username and password data that appear on the receipt issued in the operation by the ATM

11. You must update the personal data, changing the username and password (8 alphanumeric digits)

12. Done, you can access Banco Nación services online through electronic devices

  • When entering again, locate the Queries option
  • Click on Alias ​​CBU
  • The requested number will be displayed

Through Home Banking and Mobile Home Banking, you can also create the alias of the CBUs.

It allows you to make bank transfers in a more agile and fast way, since it is not necessary to enter the CBU number, which makes it easy to quickly identify the recipients of said transfers.

In summary, we tell you that you enter home banking, choose the Accounts option and Consult BCU, select the Account for which you want to generate the alias, as well as modify or delete it.

How do I identify my CBU

The Unified Bank Code is made up of 22 digits, separated into two blocks.

Within the first block, there is a 3-digit number that corresponds to the entityadditionally a 4-digit number that identifies the bank branch, as well as a verification digit.

While in the second block, we find a 13-digit number. It corresponds to the identification of the account in the entity and the branch, and a verification digit.

With the 3-digit entity number that makes up the first block, we will locate the bank entity code assigned by Central Bank of the Argentine Republic .

Below we highlight the bank code that identifies Banco Nación:

We can also know the CBU of our accounts, when we request the summaries of the banking operations or in the account statement that the bank sends us on a monthly basis.

Even, through the telephone code enabled for operations, the CBU of each account can be obtained, requesting the attention officials.

And in person, visiting any of the bank branch offices, requesting the attention of authorized personnel, to guide you in obtaining the CBU corresponding to each of your accounts and your telephone code.

These face-to-face procedures must only be done once, including those we do through ATMs.


With the following video, you can see the step by step in greater detail


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