How to know the degree of disability: Unique certificate of disability

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if you own disability You should know that this is classified. Here we will be able to explain how the degrees of disability. Keep reading!

How to know degree of disability?

Is called grade of DISCAPACITY to an assessment by which disabilities are classified are may be expressed as a percentage.

This corresponds to the technical criteria that were unified. At the same time set by the public administration, it is assessing the disabilities that the person presents Also social factors that may hinder their integration.

So that you can determine the grade that presents some disability with a sensory, mental and physical assessment.

This assessment is due to the fact that in order to establish the degree of your disability. In this way it highlights the different factors. With what the courts of the doctor certify that they can certify.

These have to be multiple disciplines and are made up of a psychologist, doctor and social worker.

The last people who are responsible for power certify the degrees of disability with which he agrees with the reports. These are the autonomous communities or the so-called institute of migrations and social services, this through the different institutions.

These will also be the ones that will determine how often the review of your grade of DISCAPACITYas long as they consider possible changes.

Although this change may be minimal in what corresponds to your first diagnosis and with the revision to be able to check an improvement or a worsening in the disability of the person, this check-up is not usually less than two years.

Regarding the legal level, this procedure to be able to recognize, declare and be able to adequately qualify the degree of your disabilityis embodied in the Royal Decree of the year 1971/1999.

Who are considered people with disabilities?

As regards the WHO (World Health Organization) can be considered as some disability to those restrictions or impediments that a person may have to carry out a normal activity.

Are disabilitiescan be characterized through certain excesses or in such a case with insufficiencies with what corresponds to the routine activities that can be considered as normal.

However, routine activities can be characterized as permanent or temporary, they can be reversible or, in any case, they can also be considered a deficiency of the person.

This is a term that is really broad, because each person can have circumstances quite a few concrete.

The degree of a disability It will be useful precisely because it will help define in the most objective way possible to identify how affected a person is by the disabilitythis to place at your disposal all the necessary tools.

How to process the unique certificate of Disability?

The person who may be interested, or in certain cases their legal representative or guardian must be able to request it and can then Submit the documents that are required in the centers for social services that may issue them.

Necessary documents

Depending on the procedure you are carrying out, they will be presented differently. documents However, in general, the following are requested:

  • ID ID of the person who will have to be evaluated with their respective original and copy
  • ID ID of the legal representative or guardian, if necessary, with its copy and the original
  • The birth certificate original and copy of the person with whom the certificate is requested, this is in the case of not having ID
  • If the person is old school the certificate must be presented in the same way
  • Your license of prepaid coverage in the case of possessing it
  • The last receipt of salary of the person in charge if it is the case

You must bring the detailed medical certificate or, in this case, the summary of your medical history, which has been original and which does not exceed 6 months, it must specify:

  • Your diagnosis principal
  • The background that he had his disease and the time in which it has evolved
  • The current state and possible consequences
  • Treatments with drugs or in certain cases the rehabilitation
  • The signature and your medical seal or the treatment team.

If you own any other report updated from various education or health professionals, such as the school, speech-language, psycho-pedagogical report or a neurocognitive evaluation

In case you don’t have a medical certificate With the characteristics that we place here, it is possible to suggest the presentation of the complete form by the team that has treated you that does not have more than 6 months of having been completed.

You must also submit the application form for the cud either Unique Certificate of Disability with original and copy already complete.

Steps to follow

  1. Gather the documents necessary as those explained in the previous part.
  2. With the documentation that you have already gathered, you should go to the place where your personalized consultation has been assigned and there ask for a shift with the evaluation board.
  3. Remember take notes of when your turn corresponds, and do not forget to attend the day that the evaluation has been assigned with the board.
  4. Your unique certificate of disability You must pick it up at the same place where it was evaluated with respect to the indicated date.

You must remember that this is a totally free procedure, the expenses are usually derived from the copies of the requested documents

This can have a validity that will depend on the age of the applicants, since they are from 0 to 5 years old, it can last a maximum of 5 years and if they are older than 5 years it can last up to 10 years.

What benefits correspond to a person with a disability?

Among the benefits that a Person with Disability are the following:

  • They can have except the payment of the patents of a car

Being the owner of a purchased vehicle, it must have the internationally recognized symbol for free parking embodied.

You have to own your disability certificate that has been granted by the competent health authority, this exemption from the payment of your patent is granted in accordance with the rules of the regime found in national law number 19,279.

Also with what is provided in the tax ordinances, laws and codes, This exemption in the payment of the patent will only cover a single vehicle typeas long as the beneficiary of this non-payment retains ownership of it.

  • You can request a tax exemption to be able to acquire a car.

This benefit type consists of being granted a contribution by the state. Which must be used to acquire a vehicle in the national industry. That it is of the standard type, it does not have optional accessories or command for adaptation.

In addition to its cash price for the public It should not be more than 50%.

You can also choose to opt for the exemption of some of the internal taxes. Or the tax that has been imposed with respect to the unit and to be able to acquire any with his foreign origin.

As long as it is a standard model that has the necessary adaptation mechanisms without any type of optional accessories.

If its cost with respect to the FOB value is exempt with the corresponding payment for the right to import and with those corresponding to the internal taxes that are among them with the statistical rates and their port service.


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