How to know what type of driver’s license I have: Requirements to process it

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It’s time to drive, but to be able to travel happily on the Argentine streets, you have to have several things in order and one of those things is the licensebut How do I know what type of driver’s license I have? The answer to this question is here.

How do I know what type of driver’s license I have?

Knowing the type of driver’s license you have can be seen in two ways, the first is simpler and does not require many steps. At the top of the document, on the right hand side, it appears the type of license that the driver has.

Later in this reading, some of the professional driver’s license class will be indicated, noting that Class A and B licenses are for drivers of private vehicles. Remember the driver’s license is divided into classes and each one identifies what type of vehicle the driver drives.

If for some reason you do not have the document to verify this information, you can use the second way to make the query by following these steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the button Consult the data of the national driver’s license.

  • Next, the system will ask you for some information to make the query.
  • Wait until you do the search and you will be able to see when it expires, in which entity it was issued and what kind of license you have.

What is the National Driver’s License?

The National Driver’s License It is a document that a driver must have at all times, but especially when driving a vehicle, since it can be requested by any officer on the road.

In addition to the driver’s license, It is a document that certifies a person with the ability to drive a car and any driver must always have it with them, it doesn’t matter if they don’t use it, because it is prone to being used when they least expect it.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to obtain the national driver’s license?

In Argentina, two types of license which are private and professionalwhich indicates that because they are two different licenses, they have their own requirements, which are the following:

Requirements for private license:

  • To know how to readit is essential that the people who are going to drive know how to read, in this way they will be able to understand the notices that are on the road.
  • Have an affidavit about the health condition you haveif in the past you suffered from any cardiac, neural, psychological, physical sensory treatment, also process the affidavit.
  • National identity document in original and copy.
  • Take and pass the medical examwhere a visual, physical, psychological and auditory analysis is made.
  • present the signage test, legislation, car accidents and how to prevent them.
  • Prove that you have the capacity with a vehicle (Driving test), which has to be approved.
  • Make the mechanics exam simple to be able to detect possible failures, perform preventive maintenance and how the equipment works.

The exams will be done practically and theoretically.

Requirements to obtain a professional license:

This type of license is for drivers of public transport, truck drivers, ambulance and transport for the security service. These are the requirements for this type of license:

  • Be over 20 years oldwhen you register as a professional driver for the first time you must be under 65 years of age.
  • Be authorized to drive vehicles for more than a year.
  • Take a special course for the work vehicles you mentioned above.
  • Possess the National Certificate of Residence in the case of being a foreigner.
  • Know how to write.
  • Criminal record.

How long does it take to get a driver’s license?

Everything will depend on how long everything that is needed to obtain is done, since you have to do several exams without counting that you have to request an appointment to be able to make the corresponding appointment.

What remains is waiting for the notification which can arrive via email, informing that the document is ready and you can pick it up at the office where the document is issued. license to drive that is closer to your home, these offices will be indicated later.

It may be that in some provinces they do not send you mail, but the same office will let you know when they have a response to your license.

From what age can I get the national driver’s license?

About the age at which you can start having the license to drivethat will depend on the type of it, since each license It has a minimum age to be acquired and each one is obtained according to these ages:

  • from the age of 16 to have the National Driving License for cars of mopeds of their particular.
  • In the event that the license is to drive motorcycles, the license must be obtained after reaching the age of 17.
  • For professional licenses you have to wait until you are 21 years old and you can own these licenses:
    • the one of class Cwhich is for semi-coupled trucks.
    • When it is for ambulance, passenger transport and for security, the license is used class D.
    • For coupled, articulated trucks and for agricultural use, the license corresponds class E.

Until what age can you have a driver’s license?

There is no age limit until when a person can be licensed, but the people who obtain their license after the age of 65 its validity is shorter than normal.

When the drivers are 70 years old, they have to renew the license annually and in turn they have to take the annual exams as well..

What does the vehicle driving test include?

What is carried out in this part of the evolution is this type of test that is carried out:

  • A person’s ability to drive a car.
  • How to react to the unexpected and how a person defends himself in these circumstances.
  • What a driver does when he has to start or stop on grades.
  • Vehicle parking practice.

To carry out this type of test, a car that is in good condition is required, not to mention that the signs are also evaluated to see if the driver complies with them or not.

Regardless of what the test is, the can be a great help in knowing How do I know what type of driver’s license I have? In addition, in order to obtain the professional license, you also have to do some tests, since the vehicle for professional use has certain different things.

Where can I get the national driver’s license?

You can purchase the National Driver’s License In any office that issues this type of document, it is recommended to go to the one closest to the area where you live. To find out which is the issuing office of driving license Is it close to your home, ask for here.

just go with it National identity document the day it is your turn to be attended, you have to go to the office where it issues the licenses to drive.

Driver’s license application

Now you can have your driver’s license on your cell phone, in case you forget your wallet, you just have to show the license on your phone and that’s it.

When downloading the application, you have to create an account and validate the identity of the driver, finally enter your driver’s license. For more information enter here.

Knowledge How do I know what type of driver’s license I have? There is nothing complicated about it, besides that you have two ways to consult, so there is no excuse for not knowing what kind of license you have.

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