How to obtain the birth certificate in Argentina?

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Argentina is a country that has opened its arms to people from all places, cultures and customs. This country has been so kind and warm to them that it is not strange to think that someone wants to make their life here after just coming for studies, vacations or a temporary job.

There are thousands of foreigners who have grown from the stage of fleeting infatuation with this nation and have reached the next level: deciding to make a life in Argentina.

And just as they have fallen in love with the country, they can easily fall in love inside of the country, giving rise to a new being that will have nationality at the moment it is born in Argentine lands.

By that time, many foreigners have no idea of How to register your children born in the territorynor the requirements or processes they must go through.

For those concerned parents (and for Argentines who have no idea either) we have created this article where we will help you obtain the Argentine birth certificate.

What is the birth certificate?

The birth certificate Argentine is an official document issued by the hospital or sanatorium where a birth takes place, and which is subsequently processed by the Civil Status Registry of each zone or province.

The birth certificateon the other hand, is a document issued by the country’s Civil Registry, which uses the birth certificate as evidence of the data relating to the newborn, its parents and the establishment where the birth took place.

Who issues it?

After being processed from the health center to a government entity, the respective Delegation of the Civil Registry in the City of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country, in the constituency to which it belongs or the clinic or the residence of both or one of the parents, it is in charge of processing the registration of the infant and its birth certificate later.

If it is a public hospital, registration can be done at the center itself, without having to go to the Civil Registry.

What is it for?

It is the first document that certifies the birth of the infant, its legal recognition as a citizen and as a member of a family, and leads to the creation of its first National identity documentits subsequent renewals, the newborn’s passport and a host of other documents, such as your future marriage certificate or application for a VISA.

How to get the birth certificate?

The birth certificate is a document that allows you to create the rest of the documents for your child, and is issued automatically by professionals in the public or private establishment or the community where the birth took place.

During the 40 days after At birth, the documents mentioned below must be presented, so that it is delivered to you almost immediately, and not have to resort to postponing the registration of the child unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you wish to request it in the future, you must know the following information:

  • Section.
  • Took.
  • Minutes.
  • Year.

If it happens that you do not have the data, you must provide your ID or to the page of the Civil Registry or to the delegation of the same in which you have to carry out the procedure, accompanied by your full name, place of birth, date of birth, full name of your mother and the full name of your father.

Once the above is done, there should be no problem in being given a copy of your birth certificate.


In order for you to register a child for the first time, the following documents are needed depending on the circumstances:

In the event that the representatives are married, either of them can carry out the process with the following:

  • Original and copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Original and copy of the DNI of each one.
  • If one or both of them is a foreigner, original and copy of their Argentine ID, passport or identity card from the country of origin without expiration.
  • Oath of the agreement of the imposition of the surnames with which the newborn will be presented.

If the representatives are not married you must present:

  • Original and copy of the ID of both.
  • Original and copy of your Argentine ID, if someone is a foreigner, passport or ID from the country of origin without expiration.
  • Original and copy of the DNI of two witnesses over 18 years of age, in case any document is missing from either of the parents.
  • Document of the agreement on the imposition of the surname of the newborn. If this agreement is not reached, it will be chosen at random.

If you are a single mother:

  • Original and copy of your ID.
  • If you are a foreigner, your Argentine ID, passport or identity card of the country you come from that has not expired.
  • Valid and in good condition ID of two witnesses of legal age, in case the mother does not have legal or valid documents.
  • The mother can register even when she is a minor. If this cannot be presented within 40 days, her father can appear in her place, as long as the link is legally proven.

With these requirements, you can process the birth certificate of your son or daughter and carry out the process for the DNI. Now you just have to request your turn at the Web Shifts Portal (in the case of Buenos Aires) and wait for them to tell you the place where you have to take the documentation.

Steps to follow

To register a newborn you must:

  1. Enter the Web Shifts Portal in the case of the city of Buenos Aires, where you must select the health center where the delivery took place and then choose how you want your shift to be, if by place, by date or by availability, taking consider your convenience.
  2. Show up at the delegation indicated to you with the documentation already described.
  3. If the center where you have to do the paperwork has a Rapid Documentation Center (CDR) I recommend that you take advantage of processing your newborn’s ID and passport right there.
  4. It is absolutely necessary that you attend with the baby, since they will take the biometric data (prints of the soles of the feet) and they will take photos.

The offices that have CDR to process the DNI – Passport of the newborn in the city of Buenos Aires are:

  • Commune 1 (Headquarters) – Uruguay 753
  • Commune 3 – Moreno 2301
  • Commune 5 – Carlos Calvo 3325
  • Commune 8 – Av. Cnel Roca 5252
  • Commune 10 (Annex) – Segurola 141
  • Commune 12 – Holmberg 2548
  • Commune 13 – Av. Cabildo 3067


You must go to the Civil Registry office that corresponds to you according to your locality, where the health center that attended the birth is located in order to deliver the pertinent documentation. This varies depending on the province you are in, so stay informed.

Pay attention to the date on which they tell you that you can withdraw the document! You cannot be overlooked.


There are two ways to process the online birth certificate registered by the Civil Registry of the City of Buenos Aires:

  1. Request it in the item requests section of the Civil Registry website (
  2. Enter your personal data. Validate your e-mail address (Gmail or Hotmail) and then the link that will be sent to this email.
  3. Check your email after answering the confirmation, you should already have the game to download.
  4. In case you need a printed copy once the game is received, you can request it through the link that they send you with the document, and later you can pick it up at the corresponding community headquarters.

Items requested online can be withdrawn by the applicant or by a third party (with a note indicating their authorization), presenting proof of the process and current ID, knowing their turn, the selected location and the available hours.

If you are going to use the requested item outside the country, it must be «apostilled» by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship during business hours. 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (Esmeralda 1218, CABA).

The item is sent to the Chancellery and from there it is sent to the consulates, so the shipment and the value of the apostilled correspond to Chancellery. Shipping the birth certificate abroad is free of charge.

If the item is going to be used within the Argentine Republic, but outside the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, it must be legalized in the National Civil Appeals Chamber (Lavalle 1220, Legalizaciones, CABA).

Any questions will be answered as soon as possible if you send it to the mail

If you need it urgently, you can request the item with said description and it will be delivered to you within 24 hours, unlike conventional ones, which are delivered between 7 and 10 business days.

Via telephone

It may be done this way in other countries, but the truth is that the Argentine Civil Registry does not give you the ability to request the birth certificate online.

The days when this was done are long gone: now the process is much simpler and more immediate thanks to the facilities provided by the web service of the country’s public bodies.

Even so, if you have any questions, you can consult a person in charge of the Civil Registry calling 147.

Don’t panic when you see this option closed! You have two other ones that are much easier, more precise and with a response at the moment What more can you ask?

Having a new little member of the family can be overwhelming at first, but following these steps can take some of the work off your shoulders.

Good luck!

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