How to obtain the certificate of professional ethics in Argentina?

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You’re lucky! we will guide you in How to obtain the certificate of professional ethics in Argentina? It is a completely electronic process, keep reading and find out.

What information is reflected in the certificate?

First of all, let’s understand that the Professional Ethics Certificate is a document that validates or confirm that a citizen has performed the proper and correct registration in the Single Registry of Professionals of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Nation.

Being this body accredited as a guarantor entity that all legal and academic requirements have been met to practice as a professional in a career or activity in the specific area of ​​health.

And additionally, that the professional in question, is free of judgments or sanctionshas fully complied with the Laws related to the exercise of the profession according to current regulations.

So, in the Professional Ethics certificate, in general terms, we will find information related to the owner as:

  • Full name of the Professional
  • ID number
  • Number of the registration, of the folio, of the volume and the date of issue of the same.

With this information it will be attested that he professionalThe owner of the above data is located legally registered and that meets all the requirements established by law.

There is no ethical, legal, or disciplinary impediment for the exercise of the profession.

They also indicate that the certificate is to be presented to an entity, body or authority for the purpose for which they request it, as well as the place and date of its issuance.

Who issues the document?

He Ministry of Health is the accredited body for the processing and issuance of the Certificate of Professional Ethics through the Directorate of Registration and Border Health.

Why do I need the certificate of professional ethics?

The procedures that require the Certificate of Professional Ethics can be very varied, they can be between the beginning of a employment relationship as for the extension of studies or specialties in the professional area, to request re-validation of titles or degree diplomas in other countries, for the request of work visasto present in public sector bodiesamong others.

How to get it?

The application or procedure to obtain the Certificate of professional ethics is 100% Digital

We suggest paying the fees corresponding to each certificate to be processed.

Also keep on hand, saved in the computer or electronic device to be used, in a single document in PDF format, a photo or scan of the registration, the national identity document DNI, CUIT/CUIL certificate and proof of payment of the procedure of the Certificate of Professional Ethics, to be able to attach or upload when required when carrying out the steps of the application.

After completing the application steps for the Certificate of Professional Ethics, several options are presented to follow up on it, such as reviewing notifications, consulting the procedures initiated, in transit and completed, reviewing the tasks to be completed, in case that apply, that is, you can go confirming the steps that are being carried out and approving, until the system indicates that you can download and print the certificate.

To know how to use Remote processingyou can download the User Manual that is available on the same page of TAD.


  1. The two main requirements are to have Fiscal key and have enrolled in the Single Registry of Professionals (RUP) of the Ministry of Health and Social Developmentthis registration is essential to be able to practice the profession, guaranteeing that all the protocols, regulations and laws for it have been complied with.
  2. Get the proof of payment or cancellation of fees for the application, this must be by bank transfer, to the Bank of the Argentine Nation, in Account No. 0000261980, at the Plaza de Mayo Branch, under CUIT No. 3054666342.
  3. In a document in PDF formathave:
  • Registration or photocopy of professional registration.
  • CUIL / CUIT certificate.
  • ID
  • Proof of payment of tariff

In those cases where the request is made by a person other than the professional owner, a power of attorney must be made by the AFIP

When we request the Certificate of Professional Ethics, the RUP registration must be current.

Steps to follow

The specific steps to follow are simple, since the TAD system works in a friendly way:

  1. Enter in Remote Procedures (tad)
  2. Place Fiscal Code and Password
  3. Select the procedure to carry out
  4. Complete the requested data
  5. Attach or upload the requested documents (registration, ID, proof of payment)
  6. verify information
  7. Confirm the information
  8. The system will issue a file number, concluding the application

After completing the previous steps, you can make queries in the TAD, review the notifications and tasks, if applicable, you can confirm the steps that are being carried out and approve, until the system indicates that you can download and print the certificate.

Where is it done?

Reiterating the information from previous paragraphs, the application process for the Certificate of Professional Ethics is carried out completely digitallythrough the website of Distance Procedures, (TAD).


The procedure for each one of the certificates of Professional Ethics that are requested has a cost of $70.00

This payment should only be made through wire transferto Banco de la Nación Argentina, in Account No. 0000261980, at the Plaza de Mayo Branch, under CUIT No. 3054666342.


The validity of the Certificate it will depend of the authority, organism or entity that request the certificate as a requirement of a specific procedure.

some more information

The word Ethics has its origin in the Greek ethikos what does it mean character. Being this characteristic of the moral and the way of acting of a human being as motivation of desirable behaviors.

Profession is the activity carried out with the purpose of supporting the well-being of a community.

When the exercise of this activity is carried out, it is necessary that the person who performs it or the professional, Have a responsible behavior, complying with the guidelines and regulations in force for the execution of this work.

So we come to the subject at hand, professional ethics, we could say that it is about regulating or regulating the activities that are carried out within the framework of a profession.

This article How to obtain the certificate of professional ethics in Argentina? It will help you when carrying out the procedure, keep it.

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