How to process the certificate of coexistence in Argentina?

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Currently, many couples decide to share life and achieve their dreams living together and under the values ​​of respect, tolerance, consideration, and of course with love, which were previously believed to be attached to marriage. The need and responsibility to provide the members of the family with security and well-being, are motivated to know How to process the certificate of coexistence in Argentina? At the end of the reading you will find that the benefits of owning it are varied.

What is the certificate of coexistence?

The certificate of coexistence represents the authorization for all citizens of contract civil marriage or legalize cohabitationThis procedure is carried out before the Civil Registry, which is the body authorized to issue the Certificate of Coexistence.

Now we understand by coexistence he share daily with one or more people our day-to-day activities, In living together under the bond of love and passion, that is, of a couple, much more is shared than daily activities.

We also share responsibilities of those who want the well-being of others, interacting under the values ​​of a family relationship, which bring with them duties and rights that are tacit in the coexistence of individuals.

It lives by common objectives and goals, which seek the development of each of its members, with the firm purpose of making everyone’s dreams come true.

Who can request it?

Since this procedure is a decision of two people, both members of the couple must go.

It is important to note that it is a non-transferable and personal request, no manager or third party services are allowed to carry it out.

What is this certificate for?

It’s a way of confirm the existence of cohabitation between two peoplewho have decided to share their life in a way other than civil marriage.

The main reason why this certificate is requested is related to the need to include to one of the members of the couple in social protection plans.

It is possible that there are other ways to prove the union, such as by documents, witnesses, but this will continue to be the most expeditious or fastest way, as well as legal, to request it.

What are the benefits it brings?

As we discussed in previous paragraphs, the main benefit is the comprehensive coverage of health plans that promotes social security in the country, that is, integrate one of the members of the couple to the benefits of a social work or the collection of pensions.

The certificate of coexistence also brings with it a series of rights, which are not equal to those of civil marriage in relation to the material assets that are owned, but with the rights acquired through social security, such as the enjoyment paternity leave, study plans, subsidies, etc.

how do you getr the certificate?

The application to become a creditor of the certificate is a process very easy,

starts with have the required documents and two Argentine people who agree to be witnesses, They are the ones that will attest that there is a cohabitation relationship between the applicants.

Then tax duties will be paid, in the manner, means and places of payment provided by the Civil Registry.

It will be required a shift or appointment for the certificate request.

Show up at the delegation on the selected date and time, with the documents and witnesses.


To apply for the Certificate of Coexistence:

  • Both applicants National Identity Document, in original.
  • At least one of the applicants must have their residence address registered in the City of Buenos Aires, this condition is to be able to request the appointment or appointment.
  • Also have two witnesses, older than eighteen (18) years, who have no family ties to any of the applicants.
  • Witnesses must present original and legible copy of the National Identity Document or Argentine DNI.

Steps to follow:

1.- Locate the authorized Civil Registry office, Civil Registry Offices

2.- Pay the cost of the procedure, through your unique Intelligent BUI Ticket Payment portal

  • Payment must be accredited in advance before going to the venue.
  • The amount to be paid will depend on the type of procedure: normal or urgent.
  • If you make the payment through the channels RapiPago, Pago Facilo BAPRO, It will be credited 48 hours after completion.
  • If you make the payment with electronic payment, Visa, Mastercard, Cabal, Amex or Visa Electron, or in person at Banco Ciudad, will be credited automatically

Make the payment of the procedure through the following pay channels:

  • On-linewith Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Cabal, Amex or Visa Electron.
  • Personally, with Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Cabal, Amex or Visa Electron; in Payment terminals (ATM’s)arranged in the Headquarters, or in payment entities authorized as RapiPago, Easy Payment, BAPRO or City Bank with the printed Ticket (BUI).

to get your Smart Single Ticketyou must enter the Payment portal

  1. To perform the Normal procedure: must choose «Summary Information. Coexistence».
  2. To perform the Urgent procedure: must choose For each urgent procedure. Simple“.

Keep in mind that the urgency must be evidenced with the presentation of documents. Attention is by appointment previously requested, at the selected location


3.- Request an appointment or shift at the venue that suits you

You can do it online or online at Summary Information – Coexistence Certificate

It can be done by calling 147

Select the dates and times that are available, the one where you make sure to be present.

4.- Attend the appointment or shift with the requested requirements

It is important to note that you must show up with a slack time, as it is possible that you will be attended to ten (10) minutes before the indicated time, and if you are late in arriving, they give you thirty (3) more minutes to be attended to.

Frequent questions

Question 1:
Are the rights of a couple the same for civil marriage as for cohabitation?

Answer 1: In relation to material goods, in marriage the rights of both spouses are automatic, while in cohabitation, they must be under a legal document

Question 2:
Are the rights of children born under a cohabitation relationship the same under marriage?

Answer 2: Yes, the rights of children are untouchable, as long as maternity or paternity has been legalized.

Question 3:
Can my cousin be a witness to carry out the process?

Answer 3: No, in the conditions of the requirements they must not be familiar.

Question 4:
Did we have an emergency and we can’t go to the assigned appointment?

Answer 4: Contact 147 and explain your situation, you may have to request another shift or appointment.

When carrying out the management, how to process the certificate of coexistence in Argentina? They have been able to realize that it is very simple and the requirements are basic, do not stop doing it and begin to enjoy the benefits of being creditors of it.

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