How to recover balance in favor of ARBA Gross Income: What is Gross Income, what is the Buenos Aires Province Collection Agency and more

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How to recover balance in favor of ARBA Gross Income? Undoubtedly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions, so in this article you will be able to know all the information about Gross Income.

We invite you to continue reading the article and clarify all your doubts about how to recover the balance in favor in ARBA, also here you can find out what the Gross Income is, types, functions and more.

Don’t miss any details, keep reading!

How to recover balance in favor of ARBA Gross Income

The Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) raised to $ 300,000 the sum that citizens with tax reductions can demand a discount through the agency’s page, to help mitigate the impacts of the Covid pandemic on organizations, experts and agencies.

As clarified by the authority of common duty, the action, which It has been in force since last Friday with its distribution in the Official Gazette., benefits citizens of Gross Income, regardless of whether they are under the Multilateral Agreement, and incorporates the 96.2% of individuals who have favorable balances in ARBA.

The head of the Collection Agency, Cristian Girard, drew attention to the fact that «With these actions we aim to support all citizens, particularly small and medium-sized organizations, whose economy was affected by the pandemic«.

At the same time, the head of ARBA considered that «The improvement and softening of this methodology for returning the adjustments in favor also allows citizens to react quickly, and even encourage the use of this tax reduction to find different obligations that have been generated.«.

To request the refund or compensation of the tax credit, you must:

  • Enter the ARBA website and go to the button «Manage«.
  • Once you have informed the CUIT and tax code, which gives access to the application, you must click on «Enter the IIBB lawsuit«.
  • The entire return procedure is digitized, which streamlines administrative actions.

The spending assistance activities incorporate organizations, SMEs, the self-employed and the rest of the citizens, and incorporate payment purposes in installments to regularize obligations; rewards until the end of the year in Gross Income; reduction of rates identified with retention and assortment systems; and the delay of the date to go on time and with limits of the portions of a part of the property taxes.

What is Gross Income

Net pay is the aggregate sum of cash that is merged into a substance’s spending or resource plan, regardless of whether it is public or private, individual or assembly.

As an idea, net salary is vital. Many people do not recognize the net salary, the genuine salary, the net profit or the ostensible salary.

The net pay, to place it as such, is the total money that goes into our current record. In the case of an organization, it would be the absolute money that goes into the sales record. Therefore, this type of salary does not take into account dues, interests, commissions or any other related costs.

For example, suppose we sell a vehicle for $ 20,000. Our gross pay will be $ 20,000. We are not considering the cost at which we buy the vehicle, the repair costs, the related expenses, or anything like that.

Types of gross income

There are two types of gross income depending on whether or not we take into account the inflation:

  • Gross real income: Gross real income is gross income minus the inflation rate.
  • Gross nominal income: Gross nominal income is gross income without discounting the inflation rate.

This difference is fundamental. Above all, because if inflation grows a lot, real income will be much lower than nominal income. So to speak, gross real income is a much more realistic variable.

What is the Buenos Aires Province Collection Agency or ARBA

The Collection Agency Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) is an autarkic entity under public law in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which aims to collect provincial taxes.

What are the functions of ARBA

The functions of ARBA are the management and collection of provincial taxes, as well as the administration of the Territorial Cadastre of the Province of Buenos Aires. The taxes it manages and collects are:

  • Gross Income Tax
  • The Real Estate Tax
  • Automotive Tax
  • The Stamp Tax
  • Tax on the Free Transfer of Goods

Its organizational structure is made up of an Executive Directorate with six areas that support it:

  • Executive Sub-Directorate of Collection and Cadastre
  • The Executive Sub-Directorate for Legal Affairs
  • Executive Sub-Directorate of Territorial Actions and Services
  • The Executive Sub-Directorate of Administration and Technology
  • General Management of Communication and Institutional Relations
  • The General Management of Audit and Professional Responsibility

Its Headquarters are located in the city of La Plata, having service offices in each of the municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires.

How to know how much is owed in ARBA



  1. On the ARBA website, enter the option “Manage”.
  2. Enter the CUIT and the Tax Identification Code (CIT) and press «Pay in«
  3. In the central part you will see your CUIT with the debt and an icon in the shape of «magnifying glass«. Click on it to see the detail.
  4. Select the role «Gross Income Taxpayer«, And press«To select«.
  5. Finally you can choose «To print Notice of Debts «or»See Debt Detail«.

How to recover balance in favor of ARBA Gross Income: Who has to pay the ARBA

The Gross Income Tax levies the continuous and cumbersome exercise in the scope of the Province of Buenos Aires of exchange, industrial, call, exchange, business, rental of goods, works and benefits, or any other activity. another difficult movement – rewarding or not – the idea of ​​the subject who performs it matters little, including the useful social orders, and the place where it is carried out.

The people, organizations with or without legal status and the different substances domiciled in the Province of Buenos Aires that carry out commercial or potentially competent exercises must register with ARBA in the Gross Income Tax within 15 regulatory business days from when they have begun to carry out at least one fiscal year subject to the tax.

If these exercises are carried out (in one, some or all of their stages) in at least two locations, it is important to enlist through the Multilateral Agreement. If so, we invite you to examine the queries that arise from time to time on the subject.

For more information on the scope of the tax you can consult the Fiscal Code, in articles 182 to 186 and the Normative Resolution 53/10 which details the procedure to follow for the registration, modification of data or cessation of activities in the tax.

From the following link you can access the instructions for Registration, modification and cancellation to know how to proceed with these procedures. Too You can consult the Procedures Guide for the Registration in the tax.

How to recover balance in favor of ARBA Gross Income: What are ARBA withholdings

The withholding framework on bank loans is a retention framework suitable for each book store of those citizens remembered by the rundown arranged month by month by Arba and distributed in their rundown.

It incorporates both citizens of the Tax on Neighborhood Gross Income of the Province of Buenos Aires as well as those remembered by the rules of the Multilateral Convention, as provided by the Normative Provision Series «B» Nº 79/04 (TO by Normative Resolution Nº 8/09).

Who is covered by the withholding regime on bank loans?

All citizens are included in the charges collected by Arba that are remembered for the scrutiny of citizens, on the amounts in pesos or dollars credited in the accounting books.

Likewise, it will correspond to the citizens of the Tax on Gross Income remembered by the rules of the Multilateral Agreement.

The retention is made to the CUIT of the citizen that appears in the Register for that period, remembering that the subject can be the owner or co-owner of at least one interest account open in monetary elements, and it is this subject who must deduct the withholdings supported by framing, in their oaths in the advance settlement relative to the month in which they were made.

Who is excluded from the Withholding Regime on bank loans?

The following are excluded from the withholding regime on bank loans:

  1. Subjects exempted for all the activities they carry out, unless expressly provided otherwise, emanating from this Enforcement Authority, through the generation of special payment regimes on account.
  2. Those that are exclusively vending liquid fuels to the public, included in articles 349 and following of the Regulatory Provision Series “B” N ° 1/04 and amendments.
  3. Taxpayers who develop exclusively the activities included in 191 subsections a), b) and c); 192; 193; 195 first paragraph of the Fiscal Code (Law Nº10397 TO 2011 and amendments).
  4. Subjects that develop exclusively activities not covered by the Gross Income Tax.


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