How to recover Debit Card password: What is a Debit card, its advantages and disadvantages

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You want to know How to recover Debit Card password? Simple! Here you will find all the information you need to carry out this process, you just have to keep reading and you will discover all the important data we have for you.

Also, keep in mind that the debit card is a means used by each of the Argentine inhabitants, which allows you to pay directly to any financial or public entity, as long as you need it. You want to know more? What are you waiting for!

How to recover Debit Card password

If they forgot or they blocked the key (PIN) of the Debit to operate ATMs, they can:

  • Perform a PIN key blanking through the Customer Service Center (CAC) at 0810-333-4722
  • Login via option 3
  • Contact the Customer Service Center (CAC) code
  • At Banelco ATMs.

To access this capacity, you must have a Call Center PIN acquired at Banelco ATMs. If they do not have the password, they must go to the bank’s branch to request the clarification of the PIN and unblock the charge card.

After the death of the PIN, the driving interaction will require around 24 hours, and after that time, you will need to go to a Banelco or Link ATM within 72 hours to enter another PIN.

This activity must be carried out at the bank’s ATMs if you are an HSBC customer – and if not, comparable assistance at your bank – for advice on the matter or at the bank of which you are a customer.

What is a Debit Card

A check card is a method for the payment of money provided by a bank, mutual fund bank, or other substance or distributor. When paying with the check card, the charge is applied directly to the assets on the cardholder’s balance sheet.

Therefore, the credit card is not so much or not exactly a plastic bank card, which has an attractive strip on the back that contains the information of the cardholder, as well as the registration number and other related data. .

Advantages of the Debit Card

With the advantage that it supposes have a debit card how to be:

  • When paying, it is equivalent to paying in a single payment and in cash
  • It allows not having to carry cash or not so much money
  • Maintenance costs and fees can be lower than a credit card
  • It is widely accepted especially within the country
  • They do not have to pay back money borrowed from the bank like credit cards
  • Advantages and benefits such as discounts, offers, promotions on special dates

Disadvantages of the Debit Card

Among the disadvantages have a debit card They may be:

  • That the amounts depend on the account itself and not on a credit extended by the bank
  • That abroad may have limitations of use
  • That in the country it is not as accepted as credit cards
  • It will depend on the type of debit card, some may not have as many advantages or benefits as others.
  • For security reasons, the debit card may have a daily limit.

Differences between the Debit Card and the Credit Card

The main contrast between debit cards and Visas is that debit cards are constantly connected to the customer’s current record balance, while Visas allow working with the cash loaned by the monetary establishment.

The moment money is withdrawn from an ATM with a check card or a payment is made with it, the measure of the change is naturally deducted from the balance of the related record. In fact, in the event that you do not have a proper balance to make the change, it will be denied.

On the other hand, when the credit card is used, the bank is lending the money. This cash must be returned the following month or in some portions, paying income on it.

For this situation, the monetary organization propels cash with little attention to balance in the register. Therefore, before allowing a Visa, the bank considers the practicality of the client, making sure that it is dissolvable. All other things being equal, the credit card has a limit.

How to recover Debit Card password: Credit card payment methods

Credit can be “paid back” in three ways:

  • At the end of the month: It is usually done on one day of the following month. This day, known as the settlement day, is mentioned in the contract.
  • Using a percentage: Every month we will pay a percentage of the credit.
  • Fixed fee: This modality is known by the name of revolving. It consists of paying a fixed amount established.

Credit cards are characterized by being a monetary instrument. They allow you to pay in installments and make purchases without having to disburse the necessary funds. On the other hand, credit cards are a payment method in themselves: the amount is charged directly to the cardholder’s record and deducted directly from the balance.

How to recover Debit Card password: What to do if I lose my Debit Card

If you suffer from theft or loss of the debit card, They should contact the Customer Service Center of their bank, or the Banelco Service Center at (011) 4320-2500 or Link for the complaint. After the complaint, a new plastic will be issued automatically, that is, a new debit card.

They will be able to consult in the “Center of services”From PC Banking, after 48 business hours of the complaint, the new debit card It is delivered in branch or domiciles. In addition to Also consult through the Customer Service Center of your bank.

To use the new Debit they will receive a new PIN at the address.

How to request renewal of my Debit Card due to deterioration

In the replacement of this means of payment, which can also be a digital card, the customer must take into account the following:

  • Apply for the card not personalized on opening branch or preferred branch. The delivery of the plastic is immediate, at no cost.
  • Apply for the debit card personalized according to the product that the customer has at the opening branch or branch of preference. The plastic delivery date is six business days in México City and seven business days in the other cities of the Mexican Republic, at no cost.

Recommendations to consider

  1. Check that the package that is delivered to the customer with the new credit card is not open, damaged or altered at the time of receipt; if so, the client is requested to report it on Línea Bancomer.
  2. Check that the card number remains the same as the current plastic, except for the non-personalized debit card in which the plastic number changes.
  3. Activate the debit and credit card at any ATM or directly at Línea Bancomer.
  4. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the same for both the debit and credit card.
  5. Consider that the direct debit or recurring charges to the credit card continue to be added automatically in the new plastic, with the exception of the debit card, on which it is necessary to register the new plastic number so that the direct debit or recurring updates.
  6. Take into account that the payment date, cut-off date, promotions and the balance in the points do not change. Applies only for credit card.
  7. Destroy the damaged plastic upon receipt of the new payment method.

BBVA Bancomer continues to strengthen the relationship with its clients, whom protects and it gives certainty that its financial and service operations have the support of the institution.

What to do if my Debit Card remains held at an ATM

Now that we have clarified all your doubts about How to recover Debit Card password? We will proceed to tell you what to do in case your card is retained at an ATM.

In general, it is possible that the card is held in the ATM while you carry out an operation, but do not be alarmed! There are many ways to recover it, this happens on occasions where the customer has placed the card in the wrong way.

Or on the contrary, it occurs when the teller, due to system problems, loses the connection with the bank. However, in any of these situations, the first thing to do is contact the issuing bank, that is, the bank originating from your account.

Once you have done it, you will have to wait for authorized agents to arrive at the place to solve this problem, and with that, give you your card in perfect condition, in case the card shows failures, the bank will take the responsibility of granting you another one.


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