How to recover Link Token key: What is Link Token, how to activate it and how to obtain the key

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You ask yourself, How to recover Link Token key? You have nothing to worry about! The link token is one of the easiest keys to recover, so you don’t need to carry out any cumbersome documentation.

In this article we will show you each of the steps necessary to carry out the recovery of the key, we will also indicate how to activate it, what it is for, what it is and how to obtain it.Do not wait any longer and keep reading!

How to recover Link Token key

You must uninstall the application from your cell phone and download it again. Then, you will have to go to an ATM Link and register Token.

What is Link Token

It is a mobile application that generates dynamic keys called keys without challenge. To validate some of your operations in Home Banking, you must enter the requested password without challenge.

How to activate Link Token

  • Download the Link Celular application on your cell phone.
  • Obtain the Token Registration from a Link ATM, following the steps:
  1. Enter Password Management
  2. Select Coordinate Card and Link Token
  3. I chose Token Registration
  4. The cashier will print a ticket with the Token Key for you to enter on your cell phone (you must enter it within 24 hours, after that period you will have to generate another key)
  • Enter Link Celular and choose the Link Token option
  1. Choose and enter a 4-digit numeric password.
  2. Enter your username and homebanking password and then the Token Code that you obtained at the ATM.

How to enable it?

From Home Banking or Mobile Banking:

  1. Select the option «Request Token«.
  2. Enter your Debit Card details.
  3. Confirm the operation and the activation code will be sent to your email. If you do not have the email registered, perform a data update from the option “My Digital Profile”Of the App Banco Nación.

From a Link ATM:

  1. Choose “Key management«.
  2. Choose “Coordinates / Token«.
  3. After the previous steps, the ATM will issue a ticket with the Token number.

If you want to see the ticket model issued by the ATM, click here.

In the second instance you must activate Token in your application Banco Nación.
The steps to activate Token are as follows:

  1. Enter the Token option of the Banco Nación app and follow the steps.
  2. I defined the Token access key (between 4 and 6 digits). It will be requested every time you want to use Token, both from Home Banking and from the application.
  3. With the generated key and the activation code obtained, you must select the option “Go to Home Banking”On screen 3 of the surgery.
  4. Access with your Mobile Banking username and password, and once inside it, select the option “Activate Token”, And enter the activation code that you received in your email or the one that appears on the cashier’s ticket.
  5. Finally, validate the operations by entering the Token access key that you defined in step 2.

By completing these steps, you already have activated Token.

From this moment on, you will be able to generate the dynamic keys from your cell phone that will be requested to validate different operations that you carry out through Home Banking or Mobile Banking.

How to use Link Token

In some homebanking transactions that require the second factor of security, you will be asked to enter a “key without challenge”To complete the operation. This key will be obtained by entering Link Token.

Why does the system not take the generated token keys?

Sometimes the Token can get out of sync due to changes in your cell phone time, updates, or simply lack of use.

To re-synchronize it, you must enter Mobile Banking from the Banco Nación App, look for the option “Activate Token” and later “Sync up”.

You enter your 4-digit password and the system will indicate when it is already synchronized. After this step you can now generate your tokens again to approve operations.

What happens if I forget my Token key?

If you forgot your Token access code, you can restart it by uninstalling the App

from your cell phone. If despite uninstalling the App, the system keeps asking you for the previous password, you must delete all the data registered on your cell phone from

Settings / Configuration> Applications> (search for Banco Nación)> Storage> Delete Data and Cache.

What happens if I decide not to use Token?

This second authentication factor will be required soon to be able to carry out transactions in Home Banking. If you wish, you can continue registering by ATM for those operations that require it, but this password will still be required to validate some payments and transfers through Home Banking.

What is Home Banking

Home Banking is the assistance that allows you to manage your money over the Internet, carrying out transactions and banking activities with the greatest peace of mind, remotely, from anywhere and at any time, which means better use of your time.

What is Home Banking for?When we talk about Home Banking or also called «Electronic banking

»We can say that it is a banking without leaving home, in which, to use these entities, you simply have to have a monetary balance and access to the web to do all the procedures that are usually done in a bank branch.

Most banks now have this help and to use it you need a PC, a mobile phone or a tablet that has access to the web, as well as downloading the examination application of each monetary establishment.

  • The help is free and from there everything is possible and more and more updates of the applications are made to be able to carry out more procedures. The main procedures that can be carried out with Home Banking are:
  • Request for balance and developments of all your registered accounts.
  • Bank movements to clients of the same entity or of others.
  • Online payment of administrations (water, electricity, gas, telephone, among others).
  • Request for reports and hiring of protection or bank credits.

Initiation and processing of charges and visas without the need to go to the call center.

How to recover Link Token key: Benefits

  • The advantages of using Home Banking are many, but among the main ones we have Time saving:
  • It is not, at this time, important to go to the bank office to carry out or advise your financial activities, currently you can do it from anywhere and at any time. Security:
  • Each time the applications are adding security channels to carry out all conventional financial tasks safely and from anywhere, currently it is not necessary to go to the bank carrying the money to carry out our activities. Extension of hours:
  • Much of the tasks that we can perform from our gadgets must be possible 24 hours a day, on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and surprisingly during naps. Administration hiring:
  • You can request by email or mobile data on certain administrations that you wish to acquire (vehicle protection, home protection, credits, ATM administrations, etc.) Promotions meeting:

each of its promotions from anywhere and at any time, both the chronicles and the current ones, the purchases made at the moment and the discussion of the fees received.

How to recover Link Token key: Frequently asked questionsDo you

Can my Security Token get out of sync?

It can happen for various reasons that your device becomes desynchronized and we need you to synchronize it again. In the event that this happens, you must enter the Security Token option from the APP Santander and synchronize the device from the option that you will find there or obtain an Association Code again and generate a new Token Key from an ATM of the Banelco Network.

Should I use my Security Token to enter Online Banking?

No. We are only going to ask you for the 6-digit code that your Security Token generates in the same operations that we request your Coordinate Card today.

Should I use my Security Token to enter Mobile Banking?

No. In Mobile Banking these 6 digits will not be requested, but it is necessary that you have the Security Token active to carry out some operations.

Can I request another Security Token?

If your Security Token is blocked or you need a new one, you must enter with your username and password and select the option Consult Token in the Menu. On that screen, at the top right, you will see a configuration wheel and there you will find the option “Activate new security token”. Select this option and follow the steps to generate your new token.

If for any reason you could not activate your Token, you will have to obtain an Association Code again and generate a new Token Key from an ATM of the Banelco Network and then activate it from the Santander App. Automatically this new Security Token that you activate will stop the previous one from working.

What happens if my cell phone is stolen or lost?

Nothing happens, because your access data to Mobile Banking is not recorded on your cell phone. You do not have to unsubscribe your Security Token, but if you want to do so, you can contact Super Línea at 4345-2400 or at 0800-999-2400 if you call from within, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. : 00 hs.


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