How to recover money deposited in another account Argentina

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Have you asked yourself How to recover money deposited in another account Argentina? Calm! In this article we will explain what you should do if you made a wrong transfer. We will also inform you what happens if the other person does not want to return the money, we will give you tips to avoid making the wrong transfers and much more.

How to recover money deposited in another account Argentina

If you were carrying out a bank transaction and you made the wrong recipient, it is most likely that you are looking to recover your deposited money. For these cases it is important that you know that you can perform a series of steps to reverse this error. However, you must take into account that they are a bit tedious and even you probably won’t get your money back.

That is why we invite you to continue reading this article. Also, here we will explain what you should do if you made a transfer to the wrong account. We will indicate the steps to follow if you want to cancel the transaction and we will give you some tips to avoid making this mistake again.

What do I do if I made a wrong transfer?

Mainly, it is important to note that It is not very common to make a mistake when making a transfer. However, no one is safe from this happening.

In that sense, in case it happens to you, you can communicate with the beneficiary and try to get the money back on their own account. You can also try to void the transaction, but keep in mind that this is a more complicated process.

How to recover money deposited in another account Argentina: Can a transfer be cancelled?

In case that happens to you, you will surely ask yourself Can it be cancelled? Well, here we tell you how to cancel a bank transfer in the event that it has not yet been paid to the beneficiary.

If the situation arises where the money has already been deposited into the bank account of the beneficiary, the correct terminology to define this process would be «return».

Now, if you have made a mistake when making a transfer, the most important thing you should do is try to correct it as soon as possible.

To carry out the reversal of the error, you must know that time is a determining factor.

Likewise, it is important to note that the terms will depend on the modality and type of transfer made.

Transfer modalities:

  • Transfers made from an office: In these cases, it is convenient that you go to it as soon as possible or you can contact the Telephone Service to try to correct it.
  • Operations carried out through the Online Service: If the error occurred through the online banking service, the ideal procedure is to contact the personal manager immediately. You should know that each client is assigned one by the banking institution and you must do this before the operation has been fully executed.
  • Transfers made by phone: In the event that the operation has been carried out by telephone, you must immediately contact the Telephone Service.

In any of the above cases, and trying to facilitate the management to cancel a transfer, You must provide all possible data of the operation to qualified personnel, who will help you solve this problem.

Transfer Types:

Made to an account of another bank other than the origin:

The cancellation of a transfer made to an account of another bank other than the one of origin has a maximum term of one business day in the case of electronic transfers. and two business days for all those that were made from a bank branch.

You must take into account that each bank has a «Cutting time»so the operation can be canceled on the same day only if the transfer has not yet been sent to the exchange.

Secondly, when you do not arrive in time to cancel the transfer, the ideal is to resort to the personal manager so that it initiates a process to request the reversal of the money from the other bank. You should know that the deadline to request it is ten business days and the beneficiary must authorize their bank to reverse the transfer.

Transactions between two accounts of the same bank

If it’s a transfer between two accounts of the same bank, the operation will be effective immediately and, therefore, cannot be reversed. In addition, it must have the approval of the beneficiary.

In these cases, it is advisable to contact the person who received the money and agree on the most appropriate way for both parties so that the receiver returns the amount transferred to the sender.

Also, it is important that you know that in the event that you do not have the necessary data to contact the recipient, you can communicate with the bank personal manager to contact the other party. You can do this because both are clients of the same bank.

Secondly, if there is no willingness on the part of the beneficiary to reverse the operation, you can take advantage of the judicial route. The beneficiary who refuses to return the amount can be convicted of misappropriation and can face a sentence of between three to six months in jail.

Immediate Transfers

Under the modality of immediate transfers you can carry out banking operations that reach the beneficiary instantly. These accounts do not have the possibility of canceling the transfer since it is completed after ten seconds, so if you have made a mistake, you can only communicate with the beneficiary and agree on the way to return the money.

If you cannot recover your transferred amount, you can request a refund to the other bank for the same reasons as ordinary transfers.

What happens if the other person does not want to return the money?

In case the other person does not want to return the money, you can make a claim through the Federal Single Window for Consumer Protection. You can also resort to this instance for any other commitment that the company makes at the time of the sale and is not complying.

You need your ID or passport number, a telephone number, Social Security number and a contact email address so that you receive the answer to your claim. You must also provide the name and location of the beneficiary for whom you are making a claim; as well as the basic information of the transaction (screenshot, printout of the summary, among others)

The steps you must follow are the following:

  • The first thing you should take into account is that you must have an electronic device with Internet access.
  • Then enter the Federal Consumer Single Window Form.
  • Proceed to complete the information requested by the form with your personal data, the data of the claim and those of the beneficiary.
  • Next, you must submit your form. You should know that the National Directorate for Consumer Defense will proceed to refer your claim to the body in charge of assisting you.
  • Then you must wait for the answer that will come to you through one of the means of contact that you specified in the form. Once you have the answer, you will be specified how to proceed with the claim.
  • You must appear on the day and at the time agreed upon at the meeting instance in order to resolve your claim satisfactorily.


On the other hand, you must be clear that today, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, reconciliations are being carried out virtually.

How to recover money deposited in another account Argentina: Tips to avoid making wrong transfers

now that you know How to recover money deposited in another account Argentinawe consider it important to leave you some recommendations accounts.

We invite you to take them into account time to make bank transfers.

  • One of the most common mistakes when making banking operations is doing them in a hurry. This is why we recommend that you review in detail the digits corresponding to the receiving account and the amount you are going to transfer.
  • Before making the bank transaction, take the time to thoroughly review the summary of the operation. The bank will show it to you on the screen just before asking you for confirmation.
  • We recommend that you write the recipient’s name in the box provided for this. In this way, in case you make a mistake, you will be able to more easily show who you intended to send the money to.
  • Also, we recommend that you never make a bank transfer to a person you do not know personally. Even if they tell you that they work for some government agency or reputable company, press you to make the payment immediately, or tell you that the only way to pay is with bank money transfers.

We advise you to avoid falling into possible scams.

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