How to recover my progress scholarship user

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Surely many times you have asked yourself How to recover my progress scholarship user? Well this article is the right one for you. Here we will explain how to do this procedure, how to recover your password and much more.

It is well known that since the opening of the Registration for the Progresar Scholarships this 2021many people have seen the need to register on the official website of My ANSES to participate in this process.

However, this is a record that is made before filling out the Registration form and that requires a username and password for the applicant to enter the system.

In this sense, it is possible, as in any other situation, that the person forgets his data that allows him to enter said system. How can they be recovered? Keep reading this article that here we explain in detail what you should do.

How to recover my progress scholarship user

Now, if you are wondering what is the procedure that you should follow to solve this problem and retrieve your Becas Progresar usernamethen we leave you the explanation of how to do this.

If you want to recover your Becas Progresar username, you should know that this is a somewhat complicated process and it is not as fast as the one you must follow to recover a password.

The options you have to recover your user are:

  • You can send an email to the support area corresponding to the Ministry of Education. This may take a few days while the person in charge reviews your case and contacts you to help you recover your username, so we recommend you have a little patience.
  • You can also make a claim by phone by calling the Customer Service 0800 corresponding to this institution.

Once you are on the call, an operator will answer you and you must follow the steps indicated until you communicate with a person in charge who will help you with your user recovery case.

  • You can request help from the educational institution where you are studying.

How to recover my progress scholarship password

Secondly, if you want to recover your password for the Progresar Scholarships You should know that this is a much simpler process, as long as you remember your username. To do this, you must follow the steps indicated below:

  • The first thing you should be clear about is that it is essential that you have an electronic device with Internet access to carry out this procedure.
  • Enter the search engine of your choice
  • Then you must enter the official page of the Progress Scholarships
  • Now select the option called “Registration Progress Higher Level” or “Registration Progress Mandatory Level”.
  • Next, select the option to START SESSION
  • Now you must go to the option that will appear on the screen that says «I forgot my password». In it, the system will tell you to enter your username.
  • The system will proceed to contact you by another means (email, text message, among others) to continue with the process of recovery and selection of a new password.
  • Generate a new password. We recommend you keep it in a safe place.

How to recover my progress user by mail

As you may have noticed, there are different ways to recover your username in case you have forgotten it. One of them is through your email affiliated with the system.

for this only You must send an email to the email address of the support area corresponding to the Ministry of Education. In it you must indicate your DNI documentation number, your names and surnames and your affiliate email address.

This is a process that can take a few days, so take into account how urgently you need this information. Finally, they will respond with your user information.


The email address to which you should send your information is the following:

How to recover the key of my Progresar Card with the new user

Forgot your Progresar Card password? Calm! Here we will explain how to recover it and thus solve this problem.

Beneficiaries of this Mi Anses program receive a monthly payment if they meet certain requirements and submit all the requested documents. To enjoy this amount, each user is given a Programming Card.

However, it is quite likely that someone could forget the password for their card. For this reason, below we will explain in detail the steps you must follow to recover the key of your Progresar Card using a new user.

  • The first thing you should have is an electronic device with Internet access.
  • Then you must enter the official website of Becas Progresar.
  • Then you must press the option “START SESSION”
  • Then, in the pop-up window that will appear on the screen, select the option «I forgot my password»
  • Then you must proceed to enter your email address and the user data that the system requests.
  • A few minutes later you will receive a new password to your email to be able to enter.

How to delete my username from Becas Progresar

Many concerned students write asking for help to delete their Becas Progresar account because they have forgotten their username or password.

In this sense, it is very important that they know that it is not necessary to cancel your account for that reason.

Simply You must follow the steps that we have explained in this article. and communicate with the specialized staff of this institution to help you recover your data.

What are the Progress Scholarships

This is an assistance program of the Argentine Government that consists of educational scholarships intended to accompany students at all levels of training. It supports them during their academic career so that they can finish their primary and secondary studies.

Likewise, offers them opportunities to continue on to higher education or professional training.

The Argentine State offers this system of economic aid and personal stimulus through ANSES. This allows young people between 18 and 24 years of age who wish to continue their studies to be able to advance in their academic training until they complete it.

On the other hand, as of 2018, the Progresar Scholarship program expanded its support options for university, tertiary, professional training students and for all those who wish to finish their primary and secondary education. In that sense, below we will explain the 3 types of scholarships offered by this program according to the educational level that the applicant wishes to pursue.

  • Obligatory education: These are intended for all those who wish to finish their studies at the primary, secondary and special levels.
  • Professional Training Courses: These were created to help all those who are taking professional training courses that have been selected by the Argentine Ministry of Education.
  • Higher Education and Teacher Training: These are intended for all people who are pursuing a university, tertiary or teacher training career.


Likewise, it is important that you know that this institution has increased the amounts received, which means that they are going to constitute a real resource so that all the beneficiaries see themselves in the capacity to advance in their studies.


In another order of ideas, you should know that the main objective of the Progresar Scholarship program is to strengthen the entry, permanence and graduation of all students who benefit from this support system. As well as, they work hard to unify all the educational scholarships of the national government.

In this program they seek accompany all young people to finish their studies and get professional training so that they have a better personal development. That is why they also include in employment all those who until now could not do so.

Equally they seek to promote the option of charitable scholarships for those priority and strategic careers that each community needs. This in order to promote the development of priority areas that help the efficient development of the country.

In Becas Progresar one of their beliefs is that education is the best way to equalize opportunities. That each Argentine can join the world of honest work and can choose his life project. This is why they have made an effort and have worked dedicatedly to improve the scholarship program to enhance it with more and better benefits.


The National Social Security Administration It is an institution also known by its acronym ANSES. This is characterized by being decentralized from the National Public Administration of Argentina. Likewise, it is dependent on the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

This is responsible for managing social security benefits, such as family allowances, unemployment benefits, reimbursements, pension service. Also included is the system Universal Child Allowance and worker records.

It is an entity that was created December 26, 1991 by national decree (Decree No. 2,741) and is currently under the direction of Fernanda Raverta, who has been in office since April 30, 2020 by design of Argentine President Alberto Fernández.

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