How to recover SUBE balance: What is the Unique Electronic Ticket System or SUBE, what is the SUBE Card and more

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How to recover SUBE balance? Here we will give you all the information you need to carry out the restoration of your balance, we will also show you the necessary steps for registration and other important aspects. Continue reading!

How to recover SUBE balance

In case of misfortune, theft or breakage of your card, there is a method to recover the lost balance of your last SUBE card.

It is important: To request the recovery of the balance of your card it is important that it has been recently registered. In any case, it is highly unlikely that the balance will be recovered.

For people who have their card enrolled, the first step to regain credit on their card is to cancel their SUBE.

How to unsubscribe? Simple!

Whatever your case (theft, loss or breakage), the procedure for canceling the card is the same. For this we explain it to you in simple steps to make it quick and easy.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Enter the government page of the card goes up
  2. Log in to your account by entering your ID and your access code
  3. Once inside, select the option «Unsubscribe»
  4. Select the reason for the cancellation

Other options to unsubscribe

There are 2 ways of how to cancel the raise that are the most used. These alternatives are not as comfortable as customer service, which are also enabled to request the cancellation of your card.

In a SUBE care facility

By going to a SUBE service center with your ID, you will be able to request the cancellation of your card.

By telephone

You can call the number 0800-777-SUBE (7823), and having your ID and your access code go up, you can cancel the card. This line is open 24 hours a day.

Regardless of the cancellation method you choose for your card, you must justify the reason why you want to cancel your card. In this way you are already in a position to acquire another card and register the new card in your name.

What is the Unique Electronic Ticket System or SUBE

The SUBE is a prepaid framework that allows you to pay for transport, tram and train trips in the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires with a single card. It works by means of a contactless proximity card, with a fixed value, associated with a code that allows it to be recharged at authorized points.

The cards are free and are delivered one for each individual, after completing the registration structure and entering the DNI, personality card or report where they are expressed: first and last name, file type and number, and date of birth.

The SUBE card is personalized regardless of whether your details are not printed. Due to this condition, if a mishap or breakage occurs, the customer has the possibility to throw away the card, recover the adjustment and have it replaced by another unit at no cost.

The Unique Electronic Ticket System (GOES UP) was created by the National Executive Power through Decree No. 84/2009, to expedite the entry into the Public Transportation System of the country.

The framework of public passenger transport refers to the provision of the means that allow the mass transport of people starting from one point and reaching the next and that is controlled as well as worked by a state office, that is, it is seen as open from the legal point of view since it is an important assistance for society in general, it matters little who gives it.

At first, the System is carried out in the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires (public, common and civil sphere), to later join the rest of the huge metropolitan squares.

The Secretary of Transportation of the Nation, dependent on the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services, is the enforcement authority of the GOES UP.

On the other hand, the Bank of the Argentine Nationto, through Nation Services, awaits the role of director and head of the network. Make the bank clearing and credit the aggregate sum of the tickets sold daily in the financial statements of the transport companies in operation.

How to recover SUBE balance: What is SUBE Card

The SUBE card, It is a means that like any other card is used for financial means, where people can pay or pay for each of their trips on buses, subways and trains.

Like other types of cards, this one is available to any type of person who is in Argentina, regardless of whether they are foreigners or not. Obtaining it is very simple!

How to get the SUBE Card

What the framework will allow you to do is move the balance from the old card to the updated one. To do this, you will need to get another card and re-register it in your name.

Once registered, you will need to connect it to your old registry. This is done by entering the registry with your new card and tapping on the alternative where you can link it.

Once linked, you will want to demand recovery. You will receive an email with the means to follow to recover the balance of your old card.

Report to a SUBE care facility

To finalize the process, you must present at a service center upload with your ID. From there they will be able to help you recover your balance.

In the event that you cannot get close or the branches are not available, it can be done over the phone by calling 0800-777-SUBE (7823). Tap option 1 and have your personal information handy.

How to recover SUBE balance: Check SUBE balance

Check the balance of the upload online it is much easier than you imagine. We are going to show you the steps so that you can check how much credit you have left.

In order to verify the balance that you have available, you must have the card registered, your card goes up. Otherwise you will not be able to use this method. Still don’t have your upload registered?

To know how much credit I have available in the upload, we are going to enter the page of the goes up. Then they will request the following information:

  • Indicate that document type you have
  • Enter the Document number
  • Pay in the access code to your card account upload

Once inside you will appear many options related to your card, how to check your movements, recover the balance and more. Among them you will find the option to verify your balance


Card enrollment is exceptionally easy. We prescribe that you see our other article arranged to address each of your questions regarding the card enrollment rises and each of the questions that may arise at the time.

In the event that it is your first time, do not stress as we will clarify it in a basic way so that you do not make mistakes.

Although there are different ways to register the SUBE, we are going to clarify the least demanding and most advantageous way, which is through the Internet. To begin, you must enter this enrollment structure to complete your information and those of your card.

Complete your data and those of your SUBE card.

At the end of the enlistment, we will be asked to choose a secret key, which we will use every time we need to access our card data.

Upon completion of enlistment, an email will be sent to our mailbox with an affirmation connection to finalize enlistment. Tapping on this connection will end the initiation cycle, although it is not finished at this time.

Finally, you must take your SUBE card to any of the programmed terminals located throughout Argentina. By putting your card in one of these terminals, the enrollment of your SUBE card in your name will be completed.

How to recover SUBE balance: How to recharge SUBE balance

The SUBE Beta Load application allows you to credit the card balance from the phone without going through an Automatic Terminal. Android 4.3 or required higher.

On a day-to-day basis, there are several alternatives to accredit the SUBE. However, there is an option that allows you to credit 100% from the phone, even though it is only accessible for Android users.

  • In person, it can be uploaded to any of the SUBE points, and also with a debit or credit card in the Service Centers of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.
  • For electronic charging, it can be done through approved payment applications, home banking or ATMs. After accrediting the load, the SUBE must be supported in a Automatic Terminal, a device of Mobile connection or on a cell phone with the app Upload UP.
  • The application LOAD UP Beta It allows you to credit your card balance from your cell phone, without the need to go to a SUBE Point or an Automatic Terminal. You can also check your balance, last trip and movements.

How to know if my SUBE is registered

We incorporate a form so that you can quickly and easily check if your SUBE card is associated.
You have to enter your document number, and you will know which SUBE you have at home associated with your name. Or vice versa, enter the number of your SUBE, and the last digits of the DNI associated with the card will appear.


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