How to recover the Progresar scholarship user: What is Progresar, what are the Progresar scholarships and their requirements

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How to recover a Progresar Scholarship user? Simple! Here you will find all the information you need about the progress grant, its requirements, steps for the user’s recovery and other important aspects that will undoubtedly be to your liking.

The Progresar scholarship program is a collaborative plan identified with students who need to formalize advanced training. Likewise, its fundamental brand is the reality of having the option of going with each of the students.

Don’t miss any details!

How to recover a Progresar scholarship user

In case you have forgotten your username, you will have to carry out a few more steps to be able to recover it. There are different ways to do it:

  • Send an email to the support area of ​​the Ministry of Education:

An email should be sent to the following address:, indicating ID, surname and first name and email address.

They will respond to you with your username and email information.

  • Make the claim by phone

Call the number 0800-999-1066, which is from the Ministry of Education. On this line, it is free to carry out the procedure to recover the scholarship user, progress or forget my username. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • Request help from the school or institution where you are studying

Progresar scholarships: registration

Option 1

  • Enter the portal official.
  • It must be selected if the request is for:
  1. Enrollment Progress Higher Level
  2. Mandatory level
  3. For Institutions
  • Once the data has been entered, the applicant must wait for the Ministry of Education to carry out an evaluation to see if it meets the requirements.
  • Within 60 business days, registrants will be informed if they have been able to access the Progresar Scholarships.

Option 2

  • Login from My Anses, select the tab «Progresar Scholarships«, Enter CUIL and personal password of the Social Security.
  • Download and print the Registration Form.
  • The institute where you are studying must complete and sign section 2 of the form «Education Data«.
  • Finally they must upload it to Anses from the Web page

What is progress

Since 2018, this program has begun to award various types of scholarships for college students. Only for people who have actually completed their essential and auxiliary instruction contemplates. Although this also applies to people who need to continue and be essential for more developed schooling.

It has even been possible to increase here and there each of the assets distributed to each case. The main objective is to stay clear of an obstruction. This way you have the option of staying in one of the instructive foundations.

What are Progress Scholarships

It is a complete program of Educational Scholarships that accompanies students of all grades of schooling during their school vocation, through monetary motivation and significant individual improvement, which will allow them to advance in their investigations until they are completed.

Beginning in 2018, they expand the grant alternatives for college, college and career readiness students and for individuals wishing to complete elective and essential school. Also with the sums obtained, so that they establish a true asset to progress in their investigations.

We accept that schooling is the most ideal approach to match promising circumstances. We need each Argentine to have the option of joining the universe of work and choosing their life project.

The objective of the program is reinforce the section, the change and the graduation of the students, pooling each one of the scholarships of instruction of the public government.

They need to accompany young people so that they can complete their essential and elective instruction, continue in advanced education or get competent preparation to help them in their self-knowledge, remembering for the job market each of the individuals who until now could not do it .

Requirements to obtain a Progresar Scholarship

The authorities’ program is focused on young people who have money problems and need to finish their essential, optional, tertiary, university and professional instruction classes.

Those interested in entering the scholarship plan must meet a progression of needs that include age, documentation and, among other things, the level of salary.

  1. Be between 18 and 24 years old, inclusive. For tertiary and university careers the limit is up to 30 years.
  2. Be argentinian native or naturalized with DNI, with 5 years of residence.
  3. Not be working, or do it informally or formally with an income of less than 3 minimum wages, vital and mobile (current SMVM amount: $ 16,875).
  4. The same conditions apply to the family group (father, mother, guardian or partner). Young people with children are recognized as an autonomous family group.
  5. Not perceive any other type of social plan from any state agency.


  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof of enrollment or regular student status.
  • For those who are married or living together: marriage book or certificate of cohabitation, respectively.
  • DNI of the holder and of the children, if applicable.
  • CUIL of the father or mother in case of being single, legally separated, de facto or divorced, or that of the spouse or partner.
  • Information about the educational institution to be attended.


  • Indigenous communities and / or belonging to native peoples in the line of «promotion of higher education«: Up to 30 years
  • Women with children up to 18 years of age who are in charge of a single-parent household, but in compulsory education, while for higher education it is up to 35.
  • Trans people and transvestites, on the other hand, there is no age limit.

How to recover a Progresar Scholarship user: What is the Form

The rationale for the progress scholarship program is to ensure young people of any age seeking advanced education to prepare as experts.

Also within its primary qualities is the reality of having the option to satisfy each of the monetary disappointments that the individual could be enduring around then.

The structure of Progresar Scholarships or also called structure 2.87, is filled as one of the fundamental devices so that young people, everything is the same, are important to the system.

People can download the form in the following tab: Click here.

Finally, the progress scholarship structure is one of the instruments that can allow the individual to assume each of the scholarship programs.

Therefore, it is required that each of the candidates can come to appear in one of the states, with all their own information, to be remembered for the provision of help to young people.

How to fill it

All students who, for their part, want to be part of the scholarship system progress, as it is necessary that in the first instance fill out the form found on the website of the National Social Security Administration .

This has to be completed as follows:

  1. Each of the personal data must be entered, such as: the names and surnames, the number of the unique key of the tax identification, as well as the type and number of identity document.
  2. The person has to add each of the contact information, that is, the exact address, the locality, have the cell phone number and the house must be provided. On the other hand, it is very important that the person has a personal email.
  3. Then the education data must be placed, this must be filled in in each of the educational establishments, where they must sign the form.
  4. The name of the educational establishments, where the person has participated, among others, must also be provided.
  5. Should be Write each of the income data, here the person has to indicate if they own each of the income or if on the contrary it is part of some type of social plan.
  6. On the other hand, each of the data of the legal representatives must be provided, as long as this is necessary.
  7. In the final part, each of the family members must be registered, which must be placed in a specific way if one of them has any type of disability.

How to recover a Progresar scholarship user: Benefits

This program was planned and carried out with precision for all young people who have not had the option of completing their essential and auxiliary training.

In addition, they must approach each of the tertiary or university contemplations. They can end prep rivalries depending on their inclination.

This is essentially about establishing several open doors for distinctive young people who need to be important to the workplace as well.

However, it does not make any difference for what level of study they need to have the option to advise their grant type, as this applies to fundamental and advanced education as well as occupations.

It is vital that each student can figure out how to stay in one of the fixed frames, throughout the course.

On the other hand, each one of the needs of the networks can change, so it can regularly seem somewhat difficult to quantify which of these repercussions are explicit for the National Social Security Administration.

If it is for higher education there are:

  1. The option for university degree is from 1,600 to 2,300 Argentine pesos.
  2. By strategic university career: from 1,800 to 4,900 Argentine pesos.
  3. One of the tertiary careers is approximately 1,600 to .1900 Argentine pesos.
  4. By strategic tertiary career: from 1,800 to 2,600 Argentine pesos.
  5. Or for teacher training: from 5,300 to 7,400 Argentine pesos.


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