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Argentina is a fascinating country. From Patagonia to the Coast, the countries, the people, the food, the parties, that modern style of the capital that gives you an air of Metropolis, everything you can imagine, Argentina will soon offer it to you. There are even those who compare Buenos Aires with Paris.

It is not strange, then, that many individuals from all over the world want to enjoy such a wonderful pleasure. There are those who even decide, voluntarily, to stay the rest of their lives, and in general, reside to continue or begin their studies, accept or create the work of their lives or spend the rest of eternity with their great love within the country, which he gladly gives them the opportunity.

Of course, establishing yourself from scratch as a foreigner may not be an easy task. And even more so if you do not have knowledge of how procedures work within the country, which often causes confusion because it is different from what you are used to wherever you come from.

For all those readers, dreamers and lovers of this country, we have a list for you to know Create and process your residence certificate in Argentina.

What is the residence certificate?

First we believe that the concept must be made clear:

The certificate of residence is a document that supports you possession of a home with a specific address within the national territory without describing if it is a house, apartment, if it was bought or rented, and general data of the transaction.

In the case of foreigners, it is a document that demonstrates to the concerned authorities their status as a legal resident and owner of a residence in any location within the country.

Being a foreigner there are several types of residence for which you can opt:

  • Permanent, say a certificate of residence without limit or need for renewal, in which you rectify the decision to settle permanently within the country. It is necessary first to spend some time
  • Temporary, which is a permit granted by the Argentine State to reside within the territory for a limited time in the country (in this case 2 years) to work or study.
  • Or the transitory one, which allows you to stay in the country by invitation, regularly for sports, professional, technical, medical or artistic activities, for those who enter as tourists.

How is it obtained?

You can obtain it by presenting the requirements mentioned below at the nearest office to the National Migration Office of the town where you are, by appointment. There you will be given a receipt and a summons so that you can withdraw the disposition of your permanent residence.

The cases in which permanent residence is granted are:

  1. When you are a relative of an Argentine citizen (father/mother, son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter, spouse).
  2. When you are a relative of a foreign citizen who already has permanent residence.
  3. When you are the holder of the temporary residence (current) for 2 years if you are a citizen of any of the countries of the MERCOSUR.
  4. When you are the holder of the temporary residence (current) for 3 years if you are No citizen of one of the countries of the MERCOSUR.
  5. When you served as a diplomat in the past.


  • Original (virgin) of your DNI, identity card, passport or nationality certificate with photo.
  • DNI, Birth or marriage certificate, depending on the cause of filing (either having an Argentine or naturalized child or spouse), duly legalized by the Argentine consulate or apostilled.
  • Your criminal record certificate (for those over 16 years of age), which is a document that shows that you do not have criminal proceedings in your country of origin for a period of more than one year, during the last 3 years at least.
  • An affidavit that you do not have a criminal record in other countries, which will be carried out at the time of making the application at the National Directorate of Migrations.
  • A certificate of address or invoice with a service in your name (electricity, water, gas, among others).
  • An up-to-date 4×4 color photo, half bust, with a plain white background.
  • The stamp of entry to Argentina in the passport or migratory card.
  • In the case of opting for permanent residence, you must bring proof of legality of your previous temporary stay within the country.

Steps to follow

In case you come from abroad, the steps you must follow are left below.

  1. Register in the system of the National Directorate of Migrations. The State entity will associate the email you enter with a personal account from which you can carry out the procedures to obtain your residence. Details about the process and the date of your appointment at the immigration office will be sent to this account.
  2. Send your information and documentation required according to your type of residence, even including your family group in the process (children under 18 years of age will not pay the migration fee).
  3. Attach images of all the documents that are requested, it does not matter if they are scanned or taken with your cell phone camera.
  4. Process the request for the Argentine criminal record certificate if this is your case.
  5. Make the corresponding payment, in cash (which takes 5 business days to become effective) or by credit card (which is immediate). Find out about the documents you have to pay for, for example criminal record certificates are paid at Bapro Pagos or at Banco Nación, and the National Identity Document at Banco Provincia or Provincia Net.
  6. Remember that the process can be closed only when the payments have been completed and made effective.
  7. Be attentive or attentive to your account! It is the only way by which the official assigned to your case will be able to communicate with you. If there is any omitted data or document, you will be contacted immediately.

What body issues the certificate?

The residence certificate in Argentina is processed by the National Directorate of Migrations of the Argentine State in case you come from abroad.

On the other hand, if you are Argentine and need it for procedures not related to your entry into the country, you can get it through:

  • The community or neighborhood board that corresponds to your residence.
  • A notary, where you must make an affidavit of your address (a note with your personal data and where your apartment, house is located…, with your signature), which is a document that no public or private entity can deny you.
  • The Communal Unit of Neighborhood Meetings if necessary.

What is the certificate of residence for?

This is very important!

When you are a foreigner in unknown lands you should know the privileges that certain certifications give you and how to have them online and up to date. The certificate of residence not only accredits your address in Argentine territory, but also acts as a key for many other procedures, among which are:

  • Obtaining credits or scholarships.
  • The drivers license.
  • Documents to make the change of address.
  • Any tax required by social security.

Frequent questions

Where and how should I present my documentation?

You can go to the window of the Management or the corresponding delegation if you wish to do so in person or you can send the forms and certificates to the email in charge (

Do I need to legalize or apostille any document?

Any foreign document mentioned above issued by an Argentine Consulate should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, if it is not part of the countries of the MERCOSURand if instead the country belongs to the Hague Conventionyou shall apostille it

And if any of my documents is not in Spanish?

Well, in that case it must be translated by a national public translator, verified and legalized by the Association of Translators, except in the case of Brazilian Portuguese.

What is the cost of the procedure?

There are two fixed rates:

  • For the MERCOSUR countries it will be 1000$ (not counting the 60$ of the DNI)
  • And to the non-MERCOSUR countries it will be 2000$(without counting the 60$ of the DNI).

How long will I have to wait for my application to be processed?

Don’t worry! It is the duty of the State that the paperwork be delivered to you immediately. Even so, arm yourself with patience, we are not responsible for the lines you have to go through to be served.

Although it cannot be denied that this is what most motivates you to make a decision as big as going to live on the other side of the pond, on the continent or a few thousand kilometers away, before thinking about everything you want to do, we advise you to be clear about the usefulness of all the information that we already present to you.

Argentina is a country that throughout its existence has received people from all corners. If you want to be one of those lucky ones, it doesn’t cost you anything to reread this article and take note about how to get your residency certificate!

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