Make your medical certificate in Argentina

Make your medical certificate in Argentina, The issuance of this document entails an act of compliance with the Law, and every citizen has the right to become a bearer of it, complying, of course, with the obligatory steps that allow the medical professional to attest to the condition of his health condition.

In the certificate, the doctor will describe the state of health of the person, in accordance with the required medical information purpose, or, where appropriate, will deny the claimed aptitude and exhaustively explain the reasons that support his decision.

What is the medical certificate?

The medical certificate It is a document that guarantees the health condition of a personis performed by a medical professionalauthorized by their knowledge, expertise and union to give veracity of what is reported in the certificate.

This record is legal in nature and the person signing it could be penalized by law, in those cases where there is inconsistency and discrepancy between reality and what is confirmed in the document.

What is it for?

According to the content of the medical certificate, it may serve as diagnosisfor one therapeutic functionfor the realization of new examsto confirm a specific job aptitudeas well as a sports fitness.

In short, it could be used for an infinite number of procedures, these depend on the motivation of the request, where the doctor must carry out the recognition that he deems appropriate according to his expertise and knowledge.

It also represents a Opportunity to complete a comprehensive health examinationeven if the reason for the request does not warrant it.

What information does it contain?

The medical certificate must contain as faithful and exact as possible the health condition of the person, Through the application of specialized examinations and techniques, this situation must be reflected in the respective medical documentation, either in the patient’s clinical history, in the establishment’s duty book or in the office file, as evidence that supports the issuance of the medical certificate.

According to the Law, medical certificates have mandatory characteristics:

  • Must be endorsed by a medical professional
  • Written clearly, precisely and truthfully
  • Indicate place and date of issue
  • Name and signature of the medical professional who signs it
  • Number of your identification document
  • Registration number in the medical association, as a guarantee of its formality
  • Name and identification data of the patient
  • Health status of the patient

How to get it?

The medical certificate can be processed in several places:

  • In the health care centers of the hospital network of the district or municipality.
  • In health provider entities, which have the option in their portfolio of services, complying with their procedures.
  • In private health centers, which have accredited personnel.

In addition, there are certified web pages that issue this medical certificate, one of them is on the website

  • The interested person must request an appointment by calling the telephone number found on the website personally to their offices located at Av. Callao 420 8va, it can also be requested online, by filling out a form found on the website mentioned above.


The law of professional practice establishes that they must be carried out on printed forms, duly written in handwriting by the doctor, with clear and easily legible handwriting, in Spanish, dated and signed by the specialized professional.

You must have the information of the doctor:

  • Full name
  • Profession
  • Registration number
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Technical positions or titles that are registered with the relevant authority

To this must be added the following data:

  • Place, date and time of issue
  • Patient’s first and last name
  • Identity document (ID)
  • patient age
  • Other information that is of interest, as the case may be.

Steps to follow

These steps vary depending on the means chosen to request the certificate.

Generally in most health institutions should:

  1. Go to the chosen health center
  2. request an appointment
  3. Show up on the day and at the appointed time
  4. Attend the indicated day with a blood, urine and feces test, obtained in private or public laboratories
  5. Wait the period indicated for the issuance and signing of the certificate
  6. Withdraw the medical certificate

Instead, if it is done via Internet shall follow the steps that each website has for the issuance of the certificate.

If you wish to process through the aforementioned website, you must:

  1. Enter the website
  2. Call the phone that appears on the screen, or go directly to the place or fill out the form

Where can I get it?

It must be issued by a health professional in medical institutions or organizations, such as:

  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • ambulatory
  • Private Services

Frequent questions

Question 1: How long is the validity of this certificate?

Answer 1: It has a duration of one year

Question 2: What exams does it include?

Answer 2: A good medical exam should include:

  • Checking a person’s height, weight, and vital signs
  • Medical examination of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Question 3: Is it the doctor’s obligation to issue a certificate?
Answer 3: By law, birth and death certificates are mandatory.

Question 4: What should a good certificate look like?

Answer 4: It must be truthful, legible, descriptive, coherent, documented, formal and limited.


  • The Medical Certificate is a legal document that must be given the importance it deserves.
  • With the exception of the aforementioned cases, the law does not oblige doctors to issue a certificate.
  • The medical professional must recognize his limitations as an examiner and not make certifications in areas in which he is not competent.

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