Procedures and Requirements for DNI Argentina

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The DNI is a National Identification document that all people residing in a country other than their country of origin need. The DNI is a document assigned by the National Government to all foreigners and to all Argentine citizens within the country.

This document must be obtained by every citizen residing in the country, in order to carry out any type of paperwork, studies, work responsibilities, and even for their domicile.

What is ID?

The DNI is a National Identification Document that all Argentine and foreign citizens residing in the national territory must possess. This document is issued by (Renaper) National Register of persons institution in charge and dependent on the Ministry of the Interior.

Through the Law of Identification, Classification and Registration of the National Human Potential issued in February 1968, a replacement was made to the enrollment booklets. And now the DNI are made of a modern and quality material.

Requirements to obtain DNI in Argentina

Applications to remove the ID may vary, both when being for the first time, due to loss, for foreigners or people with Argentine nationality.

For first-time applications you must have the following:

  1. Present birth certificate: This document is required of persons under 16 years of age. And it must consist of legalization and apostille, in addition to the Visa of the Consulate of the Republic of Argentina.
  2. Have permanent residence: With a validity of not less than 60 days. So that when you present yourself you do not have any difficulties.
  3. Identity: Present some identification document, either Passport or identity certificate.

by loss

  1. You must report the loss to the police authorities
  2. bring birth certificate
  3. Carry some type of identification document, such as a consular card or passport.

for foreigner

If you are a foreigner and need to have your DNI, you must present the following documents:

  1. Present birth certificate: This document is required of persons under 16 years of age. And it must consist of legalization and apostille, in addition to the Visa of the Consulate of the Republic of Argentina.
  2. Have permanent residence: Valid for no less than 60 days. So that when you present yourself you do not have any difficulties.
  3. Identity: Present some identification document either Passport or identity certificate.

How to get my ID

To obtain the DNI you must follow some steps in detail

  1. Request an appointment online through the web portal
  2. If you already have the residence, you must select the alternative of Hipolito Irijoyen 952
  3. If you do not have residence, you must obtain a turn to Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 where you can carry out these two procedures, both DNI and residence.

On the day that it is your turn to bring all the documentation, you go to the institution in charge of executing all the paperwork. At the end you will obtain the proof of DNI in process. Constancy is not something that guarantees your identification.

After a few days, the postal mail will send the document to your address.

By loss

  1. Choose the office closest to your municipality
  2. Take a turn to be attended
  3. Go to the office of your choice and start the process
  4. Save the voucher that they will give you to deliver it when the document arrives at your home.

By renewal

In case your ID is soon to expireyou will need an upgrade.

  1. Go to Migrations
  2. If you have temporary residence and want or have to spend more time in Argentina, choose to carry out the Permanent Residence process to be able to spend the necessary time in the country.
  3. All procedures for renewal must be carried out at the National Migration Delegation.

turn to process

  1. To start the process you must take a turn in the migration portal, then when entering the page we must click on the key that says Foreign passport or ID and make the request for your turn online.
  2. Click on the residence procedure turn. ID and certifications
  3. After we do this, a pop-up window will appear, which we will begin to fill. We must be honest and sincere when entering our personal data in this option. This section tends to confuse those who do it, so we must do it with great care and attention.
  4. Choose the option highlighted in red that is identified with the name of OPTIONAL DNI FILING. This same procedure is applicable to minors under 16 years of age.
  5. Next we must give the option to continue, immediately migrations will inform that to carry out the process we must have a criminal record. Without these documents, the process cannot be carried out.
  6. Again we click to continue, in this next step we will take care of filling out another form, in this case they will be boxes with all the information requested. The passport or ID document can be the numbers you use for this.
  7. When completing all these fields, the system will issue dates and times which we can select according to our available time.
  8. Once you choose the schedule, the system will ask you to add much more data and select a date in one of the offices where you can be attended and confirm the shift. In this way, a confirmation will immediately arrive in the mail, you must print it and take it to the immigration offices on the day of the appointment.
  9. When you go to the offices, they will ask you for a passport-size photo and the requested documents, they will ask you the reason why you want to settle in the country, if it is for study reasons, they will give you a turn where they will be called on the screen, and they will return you to your documents again.
  10. After a waiting time, they will verify your documents and you must go to the payment box office to cancel the procedure for an amount of $600 that corresponds to the procedure and $60 of the plastic DNI card.
  11. At the end of this step, you must go to the ticket office where you made the request for the shift and they are in charge of checking, verifying the payment receipt, obtaining the user a proof of payment from the ticket office.
  12. Finally, when the precarious loan is delivered, the officials in charge of carrying out the entire procedure will They will explain the use of the document, how long the document should arrive at your address and how long it is valid for use.

Costs of procedures for DNI

The vast majority of procedures in all countries have a cost. For the DNI, you have to do several procedures, either for the first time, lost or for Argentine citizens. It is important to be able to contribute to the growth of the country, paying for all the procedures that we carry out in the different institutional entities of any country.

Argentina is one of the countries within the MERCOSUR which is constantly in its development stage and making the corresponding payments that are requested. C.ow citizens we can contribute to its growth every day.

The prices of the procedures are classified as follows:

  1. Residence certificate S 1,000
  2. Certifications of migratory movements S 1,000
  3. Judicial documents except those originated in criminal headquarters S 1,200
  4. Certification of migratory aptitude S 800

The total procedure will cost $300. Those DNI that are processed at the fixed posts can only be canceled with a credit or debit card, those that are processed at the airports have a cost of $350, while the exemplary DNI will have a different cost of $450.

The DNI from one day to the next has a value of $1,000. Mostly, the people who request this document quickly, do everything possible to be attended to as soon as possible, and within their possibilities is to cancel this high cost for the processing of this document.

Finally, we are interested in being able to transmit all the necessary information to execute the entire procedure to obtain the DNI and each citizen can reside within the country legally. We always hope to be able to benefit all the people who request an orientation to carry out the procedure correctly and quickly and safely.

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