Procedures and Requirements for tax code in Argentina

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The Fiscal key It is a password provided by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues that allows you to carry out different procedures such as: making payments, submitting sworn statements, requesting tax relief. It can be requested from any smartphone, PC or tablet with internet.

Join us and find out about the Fiscal key requirements that you must take into account to be able to remove it.

Requirements for tax code in Argentina

Today there are different ways to request the assignment and accreditation of the tax code, this will depend on the procedure you want to carry out. There is the possibility that this can be granted from the organization’s website, but there are particular cases where the accreditation of the same is needed in person.

Seeking to obtain the key, it is necessary to meet some parameters, this is done to develop a secure environment for the operations you perform.

Based on the selected mode, the security will depend on the level of your fiscal code:

  • Security Level 1:
    At this level, no special characteristics are required to complete the process.
    After having chosen this option, the system will request that you enter the code and will immediately issue Form F.3282, in this way the tax code will be enabled quickly.
  • Security Level 2:
    According to this level you will need to provide the information of a payment which has been made as an Affidavit (019):

    • With a margin of the previous 6 and 24 months from the current date, if said payment was made online.
    • A time of 12 and 24 months prior to the current date, in this case if it was paid in person. Particularly in this case, when the system validates the data as correct, it will ask you to provide a password and then it will reflect Form F.3282. In this way, your tax code will be fully enabled.
  • Security Level 3:
    In this option, the system will simply ask you to enter a code that you will use later to issue Form F.3282, this must be presented at any AFIP office or service center together with your DNI in order to enable the tax code.
  • Security Level 4:
    Particularly in this you will need to do the process in person at the AFIP headquarters, whether it is an agency, district, customs or service center, so that the personnel who are authorized to verify the veracity of the documents delivered in order to corroborate your identity. In this category, the way of authentication is the two-factor hardware, what this indicates is that you must provide a physical element and a biometric activation data. These must be verified by the agency.

Depending on the type of person requesting it, these are the requirements:

human persons

  • Multinote F.206 requesting the granting or laundering of the tax code.
  • Verify identity:
    • Native or naturalized Argentines and foreigners: original document and copy of the front and back of the national identity document, civic booklet or enrollment booklet. The foreigners
      They must also present the original and a photocopy of the identity document of the country of
      origin, passport or MERCOSUR ID (if it is from a neighboring country).
    • Foreigners residing in the country -including temporary or transitory- who do not have a national identity document: original and photocopy of the front and back of the identity card, or of the certificate or proof that proves the file number assigned by the National Directorate of Migrations, where the nature of your residence is stated.
  • Papers must be delivered in the following cases: attorneys in special situations (disabilities, persons deprived of liberty, inheritance), legal agents of legal persons, etc.

Legal person

As for legal entities, if their purposes are to manage the available computer services, they may use them through the tax code of their legal representative, who must have:

  • Level 3 or 4 tax code, with your biometric data in order, if you registered after May 26, 2010.
  • You must go to an AFIP unit, in order to process the «Relationships Administrator» of the company with the appropriate documentation.

where is it made

Next we will provide you with the data of the main AFIP agencies in the country where you can do your tax code procedures.

AGENCY 63Hipólito Yrigoyen 131604293-3257 / 3269drugged
AGENCY 12Av. Miter 6074201-0391 / 6271 (Fax.)avellaneda
AGENCY 100Las Heras 112/304224-5966Bernal
AGENCY 16Godoy Cruz 2066 PB4766-4658 / 5000Boulogne
AGENCY 1Av. Cabildo 9994706-5501CABA
AGENCY 10Hipólito Yrigoyen 2251 – 1st and 3rd floor4959-7002 / 09 / 12CABA
AGENCY 11Carlos Pellegrini 685 – PB – EP – 1st and 2nd P.4326-2147 / 9334CABA
AGENCY 2Av. of the Constituents 5833/354573-3170CABA
AGENCY 4Av. Rivadavia 10910 – PB4641-2478 / 4644-1352CABA
AGENCY 43Av. Rivadavia 2499 – 2nd Floor4953-3508CABA
AGENCY 46Castro Barros 7674932-1183 / 1864CABA
AGENCY 47Alvarez Jonte 23764582-0971 / 4584-6360CABA
AGENCY 49Lt. Gen. Juan Domingo Perón 13784378-7730 / 7732CABA
AGENCY 5Salta 1451 – 1st Floor4304-6868 / 1337CABA
AGENCY 50Hipólito Yrigoyen 2251 – 1st and 3rd floor4953-2647 / 4951-9379/4952-8496CABA
AGENCY 51Bartholomew Miter 8414328-4621 / 8491CABA
AGENCY 6Concepcion Arenal 34574556-0058 / 4552-9773CABA
AGENCY 7Baldomero Fernandez Moreno 12594433-3287 / 4431-8600CABA
AGENCY 8Hipólito Yrigoyen 2251 – PB and 2nd Floor4959-7064 / 7087 / 7091CABA
AGENCY 9Rivadavia 1355 – PB – 1st and 2nd Floor4124-6877CABA
AGENCY 41September 11 42234703-8405 4703-8424/32CABA
AGENCY 13Laprida 635/394292-7380 / 7384 (Fax.)Lomas de zamora
AGENCY 64Pte. Illia (Route 8) 3988 – PB4451-8287 / 8271The powder kegs
AGENCY 14Our Lady of Good Journey 7514629-6255 / 5574Hummock
AGENCY 54between rivers 29884441-6204 / 05 (Fax.)saint just
AGENCY 15Yapeyu 20794755-1182 / 4754-2329San Martin
AGENCY 66Av. Dogfish 2014731-1072 / 73Tiger
AGENCY 56Av. Del Libertador 14364718-0061vte. Lopez

Retrieve tax code

In the event that a person forgets the fiscal key, the procedure to recover it must first «launder» the key.

If you decide to do it for AFIP offices already mentioned, you will need to obtain an appointment online to perform the laundering and register new biometric data. This can be done at any of the AFIP offices, not only at the tax domicile.

If you do it for the self-management positionsthe AFIP has made available in the dependencies, some terminal posts in which only by providing your fingerprint you can do the laundering, before, you will have to have registered the biometric data which are: photo, fingerprint and signature.

In these two alternatives, after carrying out the laundering, you must enter the web and replace your password, accepting the biometric data; these keep the security level at 3.

For the cases in which it was carried out by Internet In the AFIP pages, you must go to the menu in «Access with tax code», in the option «Tax code laundering». Payment references or a certified statement will be required.

For those who decide to do it Homebanking, Instead of doing it through the AFIP website, you can do it through your bank’s website by entering your username and password.

In these last two cases, their security level will be reduced to level 2.

Finally, there is a new way that has been implemented since 2017, which would be the option of doing it by bank tellers, which each agency must implement. In this procedure, the security level can be maintained at level 3.

We hope this information has resolved your doubts about the Requirements to obtain the fiscal keyand you can carry out your procedures with complete confidence

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