Procedures and Requirements for VTV in Argentina

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Update VTV! Keeping it current ensures that your vehicle meets the safety levels necessary for responsible circulation, in addition to complying with the law, you protect the environment.

In the following article, we will detail the Requirements to carry out the VTV (Vehicle Technical Verification), (Law 2265 – Compulsory Vehicular Technical Verification (Vehicles and Motorcycles registered in CABA))

The VTV consists of the periodic review of the mechanical state and emission of polluting gases from motor vehicles, this mechanical inspection is mandatory in the City of Buenos Aires.

Who should carry out the VTV? Private vehicles residing in the City of Buenos Aires, older than 3 years or older than 60 thousand km. With a weight of up to 3,500 kilos, and private motorcycles that are 1 year old.

Heavy vehicles such as school transport, commercial cargo, people transport, taxis, remises or large vehicles, must process the Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV) only in SACTA (Av. Roca 4590).

Vehicles that do not reside in the city of Buenos Aires may carry out the Vehicle Technical Verification voluntarily. In the authorized plants of the province, it is not considered a replacement for the one that could be required by the location of said motor vehicles.

Requirements for VTV in Argentina

Simple. Present yourself at the verification plant, on the date and time chosen with the following documents:

  • Proof of shift or appointment
  • Green and/or blue card of the vehicle
  • valid ID
  • Current driver’s license
  • Current vehicle insurance
  • Proof of payment of the procedure
  • For the first time, the vehicle ownership document must be presented

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 8 and 18 o’clock, and on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

For the Heavy vehicles, the only requirements are: DNI and the vehicle’s green or blue identification card. Show up at the plant on the day and time chosen, without having to take a shift.

You can be attended from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

In approximately 20 minutes the review will be completed for all cases.

Steps to perform the VTV

  1. According to the final number of the license plate or license plate of the vehicle, check in the schedule the month in which the vehicle technical verification is due and the month to take the turn for VTV. This distribution throughout the year was created with the intention of making vehicle inspections fluid.
  2. Complete the request for the shift or appointment by the Web Shifts Portal.
  3. Pay the procedure choosing the option at your convenience: pay online or in authorized payment institutionsace indicated on the portal.
  4. Go to the verification plant, on the date and time chosen, with all the requirements.
  5. The procedure will be complete once the vehicle technical inspection is carried out and approved, a Certificate will be granted stating the detailed summary of the inspection/verification carried out and a decal (stickers, wafer) will be issued, it will be adhered to the vehicle windshield glass by accredited technical personnel; in the case of motorcycles in the same certificate.


Those who for some reason did not carry out the VTV in the month that corresponded to them, can do it in December and January, months to which no specific number was assigned for verification. If you are circulating, you may be subject to sanctions, since the situation described above does not free you from carrying out the verification according to the planning.

If you carry out the verification with the expired decal (sticker; wafer), it will be valid for the month that corresponds to you according to the last number of the license plate or patent, according to this same number, you can carry out the vehicle technical verification or VTV in the 30 days of the corresponding month.

How to take a turn for VTV

To request the shift, you must have an email address (e-mail), have the information on the title of ownership of the vehicle at hand, enter the Web Shifts Portal of the City Government and place the corresponding information according to the field to be completed, after having reserved a date and time, you will receive at your email address: the reservation code and the link to pay, which you can access with the reservation code, confirm the request and done! Don’t forget to mark your appointment on your personal calendar.

Important: The turn is confirmed with the payment of the procedure and the verification plant cannot be changed once selected.

VTV cost

You have the option to pay online or at the entities indicated on the portal.

In the cases of loss of the certificate, breakage of the windshield, loss or damage of the decal (sticker, wafer), it must be presented at the plant where the vehicle technical verification was carried out with the receipt that proves said circumstance, free of charge and in the Documentation will be returned to you at that time.

The following are exempted from paying the procedure:

Retirees or pensioners: presenting the last document of payment in original and a copy, as long as the vehicle does not pay patents.

The disabled con certificate: taking into account that the data of the green card are the same as those of the certificate of disability.

The copy of the following documents must be sent to the e-mail for request the exemption of payment:

  • ID on both sides
  • Green card on both sides
  • Certificate of Disability or
  • Proof of Minimum Payment.

Carry out the vehicle technical verification within the period established by law, for the enjoyment of thethe bonuses.

Where is it done?

The plants authorized to carry out the VTV are the following:

If the VTV is not approved

The positive result of the Vehicle Technical Verification or VTV, is that of Suitablewhich indicates that no serious or minor damage was detected in the vehicle, it meets the optimum level for driving, without risk to the driver and his companions and therefore to the rest of the citizens.

You will be given the verification approval certificate and the technical report detailing the conditions and the decal (stickers, wafer) will be attached to the windshield of the vehicle.

The no positive results of the Vehicle Technical Verification or VTV are:

  • Conditional (one or more minor defects detected, but may circulate) or
  • Refused (one or more serious defects were detected, it is not in a condition to circulate).

may process a shift free of charge to carry out the reverification, with a maximum period of 60 business days. In case of exceeding this time, you must pay the full fee and perform the verification again.

To verify without having to take a turn and without paying for the procedure again, the same day of the initial verification you must solve the observation or improvement proposed.

In both results, the reverification will be carried out in the same plant that carried out the initial verification.

As you can see, the Requirements for the Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV)Most of them are documents of our daily life, such as the DNI, the main identification document, both for the Argentine and for foreigners residing in the country, or the green and blue IDs, documents that allow you to prove ownership of the vehicle, and what to say about the Driver’s License, which enables you to be behind the wheel. Keep them up to date!

We hope that for your next verification you will have the clearest steps.

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