Procedures and Requirements to adopt in Argentina

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Adopting allows thousands of girls, boys and adolescents who, for various reasons cannot be cared for by their family of origin, to agree to live in a home that guarantees the necessary care for their development. That is, after the State has determined that it is the best option to protect them.

There are three types of adoption:

  • Simple: The child does not lose the right to communicate with his family of origin, unless he refuses or does not want it.
  • Full: All legal ties with the family of origin are annulled.
  • integration: The child of the spouse or partner is adopted

Requirements to adopt in Argentina

Law No. 24,779 incorporated into the Civil Code of Argentina, expresses the points that must be taken into account when adopting. Some of the most outstanding are:

  • can adopt a single person or a couplewhether married or cohabiting
  • Be Argentine or naturalized (obtain nationality). If you are a foreigner, you must stay in the country for at least 5 years.
  • Between the adoptee and the adopter there must be a difference of at least 16 years of age. This does not apply if the person will adopt the child of their spouse or partner.
  • The minimum age to adopt must be 25 years. If one member of the adoptive couple is of this age, it is not necessary for the other to be.
  • be enrolled in the Single Registry of Applicants for Guardianship for Adoptive Purposes that corresponds to your address.
  • They will not be able to adopt ascendants, descendants or siblings of the child

How to adopt a child in Argentina

Currently, a child or adolescent enters into an «adoptability situation» when circumstances do not allow him to continue living with his family of origin. It is there, when the judge defines his situation, and he is sent to a home or a foster family.

Adopt a child

  • Where to sign up?: People who plan to adopt should consult the Single Registry of Applicants for Guardianship for Adoptive Purposes that corresponds to them according to their address. The process is free and personal, that is, it does not require intermediaries or lawyers.

    If you want to access the system and register, go to

  • Registration process: Those interested must go to the registry corresponding to their current residence address, where they will be asked for the necessary personal documents and later, they will be interviewed by a specialized team to measure their aptitudes and possibilities of adopting.

    The basic data of the interested persons (personal, family information, etc.) will be emptied in a format available on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation; it can be accessed with a key that each local registry will provide to the applicants who register there.

    Said information is sent to the judge, who carries out the selection and interviews with the applicants to know and evaluate them.

  • Ratification and update: After a certain time, you must report in the local registry if you want to continue registered, or any variation that requires the previously completed form.
  • Bonding and keeping for adoptive purposes: The selected family and the child to be adopted meet to begin to form bonds between them. This stage lasts approximately 6 months, and the «guardians», the new family, take charge of the care and upbringing of the adoptee.
  • Full Adoption: The previously assigned judge initiates the adoption trial. The girl, boy and adolescent are granted the status of son.

Note: Under no circumstances is the direct delivery of children and adolescents by any of their parents or relatives, other than through legal steps, allowed. If this were to happen, the judge would have the power to separate the child from his guardian (art. 611 of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation).

adopt a newborn

In Argentina, as in most countries, the request for children between 1 and 3 years old is much higher; however, it is the children between the ages of 6 and 17 who require the most care and attention.

The graphics of the National Directorate of the Single Registry of Applicants for Guardianship for Adoptive Purposesreflect the adoptive availability presented by the applicants registered at the national level, with respect to the girls, boys and adolescents who wish to adopt.

According to this, of a total of 5,412 currently registered families, 4,877 express their willingness to adopt girls or boys of 1 year of age. In contrast, when searching for 4-year-olds, the number drops considerably to 3,857.

On the other hand, the adoption of girls or boys of 8 years of age is reduced to 801 applicants, and only 50 express the will to adopt girls or boys of 12 years of age.

The fact of being the most “requested” age makes the process is longer and tediousHowever, the steps to follow are practically the same.

It is important to take into account that the baby is more likely to be claimed by its original parents in the first days of birth, so it is recommended to wait between 1 and 2 months to start the adoption process.

Other delicate cases are children who were given up for adoption with their siblings, or those who have a disability and/or illness.

Regarding the possibility of adopting siblings, out of 5,352 registered families, 3,212 expressed the wish to adopt siblings (but only 374 applicants would adopt three or more children and adolescents).

Out of 5,352 current registrations, 4,282 express the refusal to adopt children and adolescents with disabilities and/or illness, while 910 state that they would.

However, with the current system of public calls “We are looking for family”these amounts have been increasing and every day there are more parents who join this challenge.

International adoption in Argentina

Unlike some countries like Spain, China, Russia or Colombia, the Argentine State is not related to international adoption. The registration and the evaluations in the Registry of Applicants for Guardianship for Adoptive Purposes are valid only for the Argentine Republic.

Orphanages in Argentina

There are different facilities, adoption centers, houses and homes for orphaned children, such as the Aleluya Children’s Home (Buenos Aires), the María Madre Teresa de Calcutta Home (Córdoba), the Betesda Home for Children and Adolescents (Tucumán), among others. others.

However, it all depends on the province where you want to apply. There are some that have an open adoption system, that is, it is not required to live in said province to adopt, as is the case of Misiones or Chaco; but there are others where this is not allowed.

To consult in detail some of the provinces and residences that facilitate the process, press here.

Selecting the “Provincial Records” option will request a username and password; the interested person must be previously registered.

Argentina adoption law

In the Law No. 24,779 of the civil codesanctioned on February 28, 1997 and promulgated on March 26, 1997, expresses in detail all the aspects that must be taken into account when adopting a child or adolescent, among them:

  • General disposition.
  • Full and simple adoption.
  • Nullity and registration.
  • Effects of the adoption conferred abroad.
  • Transitional provision.
  • Who can adopt?
  • Which children can get full adoption?
  • The prerequisites already mentioned.

There is also the Law No. 25,854sanctioned on December 4, 2003 and promulgated on January 6, 2004. It is focused on the creation of the Single Registry of Applicants for Guardianship for Adoptive Purposes, the requirements to integrate the list of applicants, the preferential procedures and the provisions generals.


  • Registration is required for the application, but this does not imply that all applicants are selected.
  • The process is not easy. Thousands of applications are sent daily by families who want to adopt. This will not be a problem if you are committed and willing to achieve the desired goal.

  • Young children are the most in demand, yes, but older children, siblings, or those with some type of disability, They also need a home.
  • The first days of breeding can be difficult for both the child and the family. Always remember the initial motivation, and make him feel that he has your full support.

“There are no ideal families, the only onesnicas familias are the ones that are built every day”

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