Procedures and Requirements to be a flight attendant in Argentina

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The hostesses, also known as flight attendants, police officers and hostesses, are professional girls who work in the world of aeronautics, always giving their best, and offering a quality service to all users who constantly travel from one region to another.

Among the functions that flight attendants must perform is interacting with passengers and ensuring safety of each of them and their belongings. In the past, the stewardess was known as the queen’s maid. Her role as a flight attendant should be the best for all users.

Requirements to be a flight attendant for Argentine airlines

Currently the requirements to become an airline stewardess is not so complex, since the attacks against the aviation industry have been one of the strongest in recent times.

Thus, the airlines understand that providing a good quality of service is the key point that makes them have a large group of passengers.

In this way we detail the requirements to apply to become a flight attendant:

  1. You must have completed your stage as a High School and University student: This requirement is minimum and mandatory for all applicants to become part of the work that is carried out in the airlines.
  2. It must include an area of ​​specialization: Proof of a university degree either in the area of ​​Public Relations, Psychology, Sociology and the different areas of communication. This requirement is essential because it makes the airline aware of the abilities and skills that applicants may have to communicate with users and evaluate their ability to interact interpersonally with their fellow passengers.
  3. Take flight attendant course: The courses must be taken at one of the entity’s authorized schools.
  4. Practice a language other than your nationality: Mostly English should be sufficient in any country, but it is important that applicants are fluent in other languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian, among others.
  5. Height, age and weight: The airlines have their requirements and specifications about height and weight, even if this has to go against international labor regulations.
  6. Have medical exams: That they verify their auditory and visual condition, blood pressure, blood pressure and mental state of those who wish to gain entry to the institution.
  7. Comply with all legal aspects: That any person who wishes to be part of the institution in a labor way must comply with the following essential requirements such as: Passport to enter each country where it is requested by the airline and can enter without any type of impediment, You must also have your criminal record, without any type of crime.

Procedures to be a flight attendant in Argentina

To expedite the selection process as a flight attendant, it is necessary that you first make sure that this is really what you want, since the procedures that you must carry out take time and you must be willing to invest time and many other things in it.

  1. Go to the corresponding airlines
  2. Take a preparation course
  3. Collect all your personal documents: Passport, records, primary school titles and university degrees.
  4. Flight attendant certificate.

Where to study to be a stewardess

Would you like to start your preparation as a hostess, flight attendant or cabin attendant? Also better known in Argentina as Hostess. This relevant information will help you decide in which part of the city you want to start your training as a flight attendant.

  • In the Federal capital you will find the Study Center of Buenos Aires where you can develop your career as Flight Attendant-Stewardess.
  • In the Capital of Cordoba It is available to those who wish to prepare themselves in this career to carry out their exercise in it. The Aeronautical Training Institute allows you to develop your career as a cabin crew member.
  • In the Federal capital There is also the Air Navigation Service Study Center where you can train and qualify to perform your obligations at the time of your position. Obtaining the title as a cabin crew member graduate
  • In the North Zone there is the ASG Training Center. Here you can take an intensive course to prepare yourself as a cabin crew
  • In the Atlantic Coast Instituto Superior Bristol is located, this training may refine the student to take their responsibilities and skills to perform their performance as a stewardess and stewardess on board
  • In Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires Coast atlantic The Air Navigation Service Study Center is also located where you can receive your indoctrination to carry out the corresponding position, and finally obtain your title as a cabin crew member.
  • In the Federal capital The National Center for Aeronautical Studies is located where you can develop this essential career for those who want to know this adventure and obtain their title as Passenger Cabin Crew as a reward for great effort.
  • In the Federal capital There is one of the renowned institutions to prepare you as a flight attendant in Argentina and it is the Instituto de Formación Aerocomercial and receiving the title of cabin crew member (Hostesses and Commissioners on Board)

TCP certification

TCP is an abbreviation for Passenger Cabin Crew.

It is named in such a way, because its main function is to monitor the safety of each flight and that of each of the passengers.

Not everyone can perform such a function, but the personnel in charge of this must be highly classified by the airlines, complying with the corresponding preparation requirements and among them is being a CLASSIFIED student to be able to perform the functions of a flight attendant within the airlines. airlines.

Formative courses

A stewardess, cabin attendant or flight attendant must receive constant academic training that leads to the greatest possible growth. For that, you must attend a School or Academy to learn about the excellence of a protocol, airport security, events, execution and organization of trips and public relations.

The courses to perfect this career are the following:

  1. Hostess and Public Relations
  2. Stewardess
  3. Cabin Crew Passengers
  4. Flight Attendants or Flight Attendants
  5. Airport Operations Technician
  6. Congress Hostess and Public Relations with Internship
  7. Flight Attendant for Private Flights for Executive Aviation
  8. Congress and Public Relations Hostess and private degree.

How much does a flight attendant charge?

This profession is very demanding in terms of the preparation and professionalism it requires.

One of the great benefits it has is that it allows you to travel, get to know different cultures and languages, but it is also a highly paid profession thanks to the levels of demand, professionalism and dedication that is required, a flight attendant can currently earn in the Republic of Argentina consists of:

  • The position of the position and function that it occupies within the airline.
  • Flight schedules and routes where the flights take place
  • The airline where you work.

His salary is currently in a minimum amount of 1700 dollars per month, in some nations this amount of salary is profitable but in others it is not.

Benefits of working as a flight attendant

Since everything we do has advantages and disadvantages, here we will share a short list with the advantages and benefits of being a flight attendant.

  1. A friendly work environment
  2. Places constantly to know
  3. Adequate and flexible hours
  4. discounts
  5. A wage above the minimum wage

The world of traveling is something pleasant, in addition to the pleasure of being able to serve all the users who day by day live in all the airlines authorized to take you to your destination.

You can fully enjoy the world of learning about the different cultures of each country and region, its food, its beaches, its rivers, nature and the landscapes of each place you visit. destinations to go. There is no doubt that the world of hostesses brings an infinity of privileges that will change your life.

That is why we encourage you that if your interest is to be able to pursue a career, take this as one of your great options, since through it, you will be able to grow professionally, serve and finally get to know a large part of the world. In this way you can enjoy all the benefits and the greatest advantages offered by this profession that will also favor your creativity, learning and performance.

On each flight you will be able to experience a different experience, by meeting different types of people, and always offering the best so that the airline is increasingly recommended by its customers, and thus be able to grow as one of the largest companies in the country in terms of to flights from one country to another. Recommending not only the airline but also its high quality staff, service and professionalism.

We hope that this article is of benefit for all the information that you are requiring to undertake this beautiful profession in the aerial world. and that the airlines, companies and organizations dedicated to the transport of passengers or cargo by plane can always be within your reach.

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