Procedures and Requirements to be a senator in Argentina

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A senator must be a fervent defender of the laws and a great recipient of the needs of the person he represents in order to rule on the legal foundations of each new doctrine or issue that represents a significant problem in the nation.

Below we will present the Requirements to be a senatorso that you know what are the powers and obligations of those who represent you.

Requirements to be a senator in Argentina

Any Argentine citizen can be elected senator according to the National Constitution if:

Article 55: The conditions to be elected senator are: to be thirty years of age, to have lived for six years as a resident of the country, to have an annual income of $2,000 strong pesos or an equivalent amount, and to be a native of the province to which one is running, or with at least two years of attached residence.

functions of a senator

They are in charge of intervening in the development of laws, international treaties, being part of the appointments of the most important public offices, their function, unlike the Chamber of Deputies, is to participate as a jury in the reported violations.

The functions of a senator are given by the National Constitution itself:

  • Article 59: a The Chamber has the power to publicly judge those accused by the Chamber of Deputies, taking into account that its members must be under oath for this fact.
    In the instance in which the defendant is the President of the country, the Chamber will be directed by the president of the Superior Court.
    No one will be found guilty until a two-thirds majority of the members attend the Chamber.
  • Article 60: His sentence will have no more consequence than the direct dismissal of the accused, and as a consequence declare him incapable of holding any honorary, trustworthy or salaried job in the country. Whoever is convicted will remain, subject to accusation, trial and sentence in accordance with the laws, tried before the common elections.
  • Article 61: They also have the duty to authorize the president of the country, to declare an emergency regime, one or several points in the country in case of external attack.

How is the Chamber of Senators composed?

Article 54: The Superior Chamber will consist of three senators for each district and three for the city of Buenos Aires, selected directly and as a group, with two spaces corresponding to the political party that declares itself with the greatest number of votes in favor, and the one that remains, to the political party that follows him in number of votes. Each senator will have one vote within the senate.”

The Chamber of Senators in force until today is composed of the following members:

Interblocksblocksblock presidents
let’s change
(President: Luis Petcoff Naidenoff)
Radical Civic UnionAngel Rozas
Front ProHumberto Schiavoni
Civic and Social Front of CatamarcaOscar Anibal Castillo
move forward st louisClaudio Javier Poggi
Production and WorkRoberto Gustavo Basualdo
Fuegian Popular MovementMiriam Ruth Boyadjian
Argentina Federal
(President: Miguel Ángel Pichetto)
JusticialistMiguel Angel Pichetto
La Pampa Justicialist PartyDaniel Anibal Lovera
Justicialist ChubutJuan Mario Country
Chubut We Are AllAlfredo Hector Luenzo
Front for Victory – PJMarcelo Jorge Fuentes
Federal Parliamentary
(President: Juan Carlos Romero)
Neuquén Popular MovementGuillermo Juan Pereyra
Justicialista October 8Juan Carlos Romero
Santa Fe FederalCarlos Reuteman
PeersMaria Cristina del Valle Fiore Viñuales
Justicialist UnitAdolfo Rodriguez Saa
Civic Front for SantiagoAda Rosa del Valle Itúrrez de Cappellini
MissionsMagdalena Solari Quintana
Peronism TucumánBeatriz Graciela Mirkin
OthersPopular frontGerardo Antenor Montenegro
South Project – UNENFernando Ezequiel Solanas
Rio – Progressive FrontMagdalena Odarda

Who do the senators represent?

The Senate directly represents the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires. There is a balance between the deputies and senators, since the deputies directly represent the Argentine people and for the senators it is divided into provinces to better capture their demands.

How long does a senator last in office?

According to the National Constitution it is said that:

Article 56: The legislators have a period of six years in the exercise of their functions, with the opportunity to be reelected indefinitely; with the condition that at least one third of the electoral provinces will be renewed every biennium.

Immunities of senators

This immunity is known in legal jargon as Parliamentary Jurisdiction, which corresponds to deputies and senators, as partial immunity from prosecution, except for the cases determined by the constitution.

In the case of wanting to prosecute a senator or a representative, they must be stripped of their respective immunity.

For this matter, the Constitution states that:

  • Article 68 None of the members of Congress can be charged, questioned, or bothered for the opinions or speeches that they issue while carrying out their mandate as legislators.
  • Article 69 No member of the legislative Chamber, from the day of his election until the day he leaves his protocol acts, can be deprived of liberty; excepting the occasion to be surprised red-handed in carrying out an action punishable by law that deserves a death, degrading, or other afflictive sentence; of what will be discussed in the Senate respectively with the information provided of the fact.
  • Article 70 On the occasion in which a written disagreement is formed before the ordinary courts against any legislator, after examining the merits of the summary in a public trial, each House may, with a two-thirds vote, suspend the accused from his functions, and place him at the disposal of the competent judge for their respective trial.

How are senators chosen?

The Chamber of Senators is renewed, a third of it for two years.

The members of the Chamber are elected with a direct vote of the people, with elections every six years, those who manage to serve as senators may be re-elected in their functions indefinitely.

Each province corresponds to 3 senators, granting two seats to the party that wins the most votes, and a third for those who came in third place.

Being a senator is a legal position directly committed to the people who represent them, who are the inhabitants of each province and of the City of Buenos Aires, legislate and judge based on improving the quality of life and improve the laws for the proper functioning of the democratic system taught in the country ruling which laws are important to implement in the new doctrines that appear in the advancement of the world, we hope that the Requirements to be senater have inspired you to be one.

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