Procedures and Requirements to be president in Argentina

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If when watching the news either on television or on the internet, or if chatting with your friends, the topic of how someone can run and be elected arises Argentine Presidentout of curiosity or by vocation for such a position, how about an article that tells you the Procedures and Requirements to be President in Argentina?

Is it of interest to you? Keep reading! Soon you will find in easy answers everything related to such an important political office, from the postulation, the election, the inauguration and the powers that the elected person will carry out from the Pink Househeadquarters of the Executive Branch of Argentina.

Requirements to be president in Argentina

The first and most important thing is that you familiarize yourself with the Constitution of the Argentine NationSince it is the magna carta of the state, or the highest legal document in a legal system, it will guide you throughout your investigation.

Reading the constitution, in his Second part upon Nation Authoritiesthere is a chapter dedicated to the Executive power; which says like this:

Article 89:

“To be elected president or vice president of the Nation, it is required to have been born in Argentine territory, or to be the son of a native citizen, having been born in a foreign country; and the other qualities required to be elected senator.

In other words, you must be an Argentine citizen. Among the other qualities required to be elected, we find that it is also required:

  • Have reached the age of thirty (30) years,
  • To have been six (6) years a citizen of the Nation
  • Have residence for two (2) immediate years
  • Have an annual income of two thousand strong pesos (2,000.00 $F) or an equivalent income.

If someone you know or yourself meet these requirements, it is possible that you could also be a candidate in the next presidential elections, because according to the constitution, these would be the main characteristics that the law requires of that individual who holds the title of «President of the Argentine Nation“.

Documents needed to be president

Beyond the requirements described above, only a legal document that certifies your Argentine citizenship and your current age, and another that certifies your annual income, will suffice, such as:

  • Identity Card or National Identity Document (DNI),
  • the formerly Enrollment Book (LE) for men or the Civic Book (LC) for women,
  • birth certificate,
  • Certificate of Residence in Argentina,
  • Annual Income Tax Declaration.

The number of documents required is small, and once they are accepted by the National Electoral Justice of Argentina, and only little would be missing to start your path in the political events of this country; Or at least you already know how applicants for such a position begin.

How long is a president’s term?

Mentioning again the Constitution of the Argentine Nation, we see that it is also mentioned how long the term of a president in said position of executive power lasts. To be exact, the document states the following:

Article 90:

The president and vice president hold office for a term of four years and may be reelected or succeed each other for a single consecutive term. If they have been re-elected or have succeeded each other, they cannot be elected to either position, except after one term.

That is to say, the current president will have 4 years to achieve his political objectives, continue developing state policies and fulfill the functions inherent to the position, and that we will soon be mentioning to you.

It is also possible to repeat a term, but only for one consecutive time, and in case of seeking a third term in the presidency, the candidate or you, you must wait for a presidential interval period to be able to achieve this last goal.

How is the president of Argentina elected?

Now here the good part begins!, and it is how the Argentine president, that although you can count on all the prerequisites; you still have to take into account how you will be elected to that position.

To do this, you must be directly elected by the people, through their vote, during the first and second rounds if necessary. This must occur during the last 2 months prior to the end of the current presidential term.

When the candidate is elected by more than 45% of the electoral roll, only in the first round, he will be proclaimed as president of the nation. But if the aforementioned number of supporters is not reached, a second round of elections will be held with the two most voted candidates in the entire electoral process.

It should be noted that each affirmative vote that the candidates have must be validated by the National Electoral Chamber of Argentinabeing the government entity with the legal capacity to formalize the lessons, the ballots, validate each participation and publicly announce the results obtained in each electoral process in the country.

functions of the president

Another very important issue, and one that should be taken seriously, are those functions of the President of the Argentine Nation. These functions or attributions appear in the same Constitution of the Argentine Nation that we mentioned earlier. In fact in his Article 99, a list of 20 attributions to fulfill appears, and in a very brief way, we tell you some of them, here. Take note!

  1. To be the political person in charge of the general administration of Argentina,
  2. Issues instructions and regulations necessary to execute the laws of the country,
  3. Participates in the formation, promulgation and publication of laws within the constitutional framework,
  4. Appoints the body of magistrates of the Supreme Court in conjunction with the Senate, in public session and called for such,
  5. It grants retirements, withdrawals, licenses, and pensions in accordance with the law,
  6. Appoints and promotes the diplomatic corps in conjunction with the Senate, and on its own can also appoint or remove other members whose appointment is not regulated by the Magna Carta,
  7. Annually it opens the sessions of the congress, to account for its management and recommend necessary actions and agree for the country,
  8. Supervises the chief of the cabinet of ministers in the collection of income of the Nation and its investment,
  9. Concludes and signs treaties and negotiations necessary for good international relations,
  10. Directs the Armed Forces of the Nation by being the commander in chief,
  11. Declare war or retaliation with the authorization of Congress,
  12. Declares a state of siege in one or more parts of the country, with the agreement of the Senate or Congress as necessary,
  13. You can ask the head of the cabinet of ministers for the reports you deem appropriate,

That being said, it turns out to be quite a long list, but considering that being President of the Argentine Nation, you will have to carry the weight of the obligations that the executive power deserves. This task, of course, is supervised by Congress and its members, by the other powers of the state, and by the citizens.

Steps to run for president in Argentina

In order to run for president, you must always have the support of a political partywhich will become your work team during the elections and later, during the exercise of your new political position.

This work team must be made up of people just as committed as you are to the Argentine Nation, they must have leadership skills and must be experts in various areas, from economics, law, taxation, and more. All this following a government policy or ideology that seeks to benefit the country.

Once this political party is formed, you must register it in the National Electoral Chamberthrough theirAdhesions Submission System online. There you will indicate the basic data of the grouping, such as name, location, members, and other data requested by the system.

The return that you obtain from said online system, together with the requirements indicated there, must be presented to the National Registry of Affiliates to Political Parties summoned for that year. When the adhesion of your political party is approved, you will only have to wait for the following presidential elections in Argentina.

The next votes will be in the year 2023, so there is time! Once the calls for presidential candidates are announced, all you have to do is appear before the National Electoral Chambertake your IDand one Sworn declaration which displays the following:

I declare under oath that the information stated on the front of this letter is true; that I meet the constitutional and legal requirements of the position for which I am running and that I am not subject to any of the grounds for disqualification provided for in the National Constitution, in the National Electoral Code, in the Organic Law of Political Parties and in the Law of Financing of Political Parties.

That is, do you meet all the requirements already mentioned throughout this article? Congratulations!. You are in the legal capacity to be the next President of the Argentine Nation. You would only need the support of millions of Argentine supporters to achieve it.

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