Procedures and Requirements to enter the police in Argentina

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One of the most demanding and at the same time honorable jobs in the world, the protection of the nation. If you want to join the police, stay, you are interested in Requirements to enter the police And if it is your vocation, we hope the information will serve you.

requisitioncough to enter the Argentine Police

The requirements to take into account to be able to join the ranks of the Argentine Federal Police are:

  • Being a native Argentine or by option.
  • Duly completed 18 years of age upon admission and not exceeding 30 years of age.
  • Secondary courses approved.
  • Demonstrate psychophysical skills that go with the function and the duties to be performed.
  • Possess a conduct in accordance with the performance of the public exercise and the specific function regulated by Law No. 5688.
  • Comply with the conditions established in Law No. 5688 and abide by the regulations of the regulation.
  • That he has never been discharged for misconduct or lack of essential disciplines for the institution, in any of the country’s police institutes.
  • Pass the training tests and exams at the NCO School.
    You will be required to complete your services in any sector of the country

Those who:

  • Persons who have been sentenced for committing acts against the institutional order and the democratic system, even when they have benefited from pardon or withdrawal of sentence.
  • Any citizen who has records of crimes against humans.
  • Citizens who at some point were penalized for an intentional crime of any kind.
  • Citizens who are dismissed for the exercise of public office.
  • Individuals who have been sentenced or dismissed from the National Public Administration.
  • Citizens who are included in other dismissals of the Agency, in accordance with what is established in the regulations and the specific function regulated by Public Security Law No. 5688.
  • The postulates that have been punished with dismissal or equivalent sanction in the federal security forces or Intelligence.

Documentation to present

The documents that you will need to submit are the following:

  • Proof of secondary, university or other studies, certified by the Ministry of the Interior of the Nation.
  • Professional Summary of the applicant (if any)
  • RENAR papers. (in case of possessing)
  • Certificate of work or provision of services.
  • Degree identifying credential (if possessed)
  • Opinion of summaries, processes, imputations and disqualifications (in case of possessing)
  • Originals and photocopies.
  • Entry Form.
  • 4 Photos (with a white background, of recent issue and formal clothing)
  • Signed Curricular Synthesis.
  • Validation of personal records: Delivered by the National Registry of Recidivism, criminal and prison statistics issued by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, Issued by the Argentine Federal Police.
  • Proof of residence.
  • National identity document of the citizen, and change of address. (in case you need it)
  • Birth certificate of the citizen.
  • Proof of CUIT or CUIL.
  • Driver’s license (if required)
  • Marriage certificate, Civil Union Act, (issued by the competent authority) or Certificate of Coexistence.
  • Identity document of the cohabiting spouse.
  • Divorce sentence. (in case you need it)

Onboarding process

Applicants must request their formal admission using the form below: Registration form.

Within the form, you must specify your personal data and all the pertinent information, which is an affidavit, and you must respond to all the information requested therein.

When the entire form is completed, you will automatically be provided with a summons clarifying the day and time of submission of Stage 1 of the process of joining the police.

This process is divided into 4 fundamental stages:

  • Period 1:
  • Institutional Exhibition.
  • Psychotechnical test 1.
  • Period 2:
  • Psychotechnical test 2.
  • Period 3:
  • Reception of documentation for preparation of the file.
  • Preparation of affidavit.
  • Medical exam.
  • Physical fitness test.
  • Period 4:
  • Interview.
  • Evaluation of cultural and intellectual level.

Police Schools

The Argentine Federal Police Cadet School is the institution where citizens are trained in purely police on-board issues, in charge of training security forces, firefighters and communications forces, evaluating factors such as the rational use of force.

How long do you study to be a police officer?

Students graduate to the 3rd year with the hierarchy of Assistant Police Officer and with an academic degree of Higher Technician in Public Safety.

These can continue their studies in different other ranks of the institutional level that exists for each specialization of the Argentine police.

how much does a policeman earn

If we talk about the average monthly payment for Argentine Federal Police Agents, this is ARS $24,063/month in the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) company.

This value was obtained thanks to a study carried out on a total of 35 salaries of federal agents of the Argentine police.

Benefits of joining the police forces

The benefits of belonging to the federal police force of Argentina is that it allows you the possibility of developing and growing professionally and educationally, having a wide range of specializations, courses, and academic careers linked to work, which will be able to develop a quite curricular synthesis. complete.

Apart from job stability provided by a fixed and stable salary, which compensates for some of the risky traits that being an active police officer entails.

The benefits will be linked to the development of your studies and the quality of student that you are, since in these institutions individual commitment and discipline are highly rewarded. Contrary to what many think, the training to be part of this respected institution is arduous and tedious, so much so that many give up.

If that is not your case and you want to continue in the adventure, we hope it has been of interest to you and has served you the Requirements to enter the policeand you achieve your goal.

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