Procedures and Requirements to retire in Argentina

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Next we will provide you with the pertinent information on the aspects that you must take into account to carry out the Requirements to retireand be able to have a quick and adequate retirement, after a few great years of work

Necessary requirements to retire in Argentina

These are the general requirements that an Argentine must meet in order to retire:

  • The minimum age required to access the retirement benefit, as a result of the date of termination or presentation, is as follows:
Year of Cessation or FilingDependency Relationshipself employedDependency Relationshipself employed
1994-95 62 years65 years57 years 60 years
1996-97 63 years 65 years 58 years 60 years
1998-99-00 64 years65 years 59 years60 years
2001-onwards 65 years65 years 60 years 60 years
  • The number of years of service or the respective contribution required to qualify for benefits is at least 30 registered years, in one or several regimes established in the retirement reciprocity system.
  • If the situation arises that at the time of requesting retirement, you do not meet the required number of years with contributions, you will be able to:

In the event that you exceed the minimum required age, you can compensate it with one year of service for 2 years of excess age.

  • You will also have the option of using the Affidavit for tasks related to dependencies or autonomous, carried out before 01/01/69. The number of years that you can register will depend on the year of cessation or presentation, which is shown below:
Year of Cessation or FilingAffidavit prior to 1969
Year 1994-957 years
Year 1996-976 years
Year 1998-995 years
Year 2000-014 years
Year 2002-033 years
Year 2004-05 2 years
Year 2006-071 year
  • Argentines enrolled in the Public Pension Regime may begin the process that grants retirement with 12 calendar days, from 03/01/2002 in advance to the date on which the age required to obtain the benefit is met.

How to get retirement

To start the process to obtain retirement, what you must do is:

  1. You must have a password that will be provided by social security, if you do not have it, you can enter this link and create it.
  2. With the password already created you will be able to enter MY ANSES and verify that your personal data is registered correctly, in the event that they are not registered or there is an error, you must approach the ANSES offices with the respective documents in order to solve the problem.
  3. Make sure that your contributions are duly registered in Work/Employment History of Mi ANSES.
    In the event that there are contributions that are not duly registered, gather the documentation that proves the periods in which you worked, in the area of service certifications.
  4. Reaffirm the documents and requirements that you have to take into account to retire, these vary according to the activities in which you worked throughout your career, your personal characteristics and the area where you reside.
  5. In the event that you meet the aforementioned requirements and have everything in order, all that remains is to start the process and REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Early retirement

Early retirement is the alternative used by many Argentines who for some reason have the diatribe of stopping work before reaching the official retirement age. Generally speaking, at the age of 61 you can opt for this early system, For this, workers must meet a series of special requirements to be able to have this alternative.

Despite this, since 2013 some reforms have taken place that have substantially modified the conditions of access to early retirement.

for disability

Those who are affected by an illness that prevents them from doing their job are acts to retire due to disability. Your age or seniority is not taken into account. However, a retirement contribution will be requested to have this benefit.

If after 3 years of living in these conditions, according to medical examinations it is determined that he has been rehabilitated, he will automatically stop collecting benefits.

In the event that information is provided indicating that it can be rehabilitated, the benefit will continue to be collected for 2 years and finally, if the conditions determine that it is not in rehabilitable terms, the definitive retirement due to disability is ruled.

In order to enter this stage, it must be proven through the relevant documentation that what you suffer does not allow you to carry out your work, according to this purpose, the following documents must be presented:

  • Your identity document.
  • The studies, diagnoses and medical certifications signed by the doctors who treat you.
  • Documentation that proves your level of education.
  • Within 15 calendar days, the Medical Commissions analyze the documentation and summon you for a review.

These procedures can be carried out by a person authorized by the beneficiary, in case he cannot.

In addition, the initial application and the complementary studies that the medical commissions can request are free.

Retirement without contributions

In order to have a retirement, the main requirements must be met, which are: the necessary age of 65 years for men and 60 years for women and having completed 30 years of contribution.

Due to the fact that there were many workers who, throughout their working careers, mostly had informal jobs, could not register their years of work and their contributions, this pension modality was implemented for those people who did not reach the age of 30. of labor or who did not have any contribution made.

Through this moratorium, these people who have not obtained any contribution, or do not reach the goal of 30 years, could meet the required years, in the case of those who have incomplete and for those who have not made any contribution, be able to acquire the 30 needed to retire.

Those who retire by this method will have two discounts to their credit:

  1. In the payment of social work. This in itself is done to all retirements, not especially to this one.
  2. A Moratorium. The amount that corresponds to the monthly installments of the social security moratorium is deducted from each credit, the one that has agreed for the missing contributions, this rest is carried out for a period of 60 months.

Said persons, when wanting to acquire the pension by this modality, may not be receiving any additional retirement, social plan or non-contributory pension.

In such a case that there is a collection of any of these types of benefits such as widow’s pension, you must renounce it in order to count on retirement.

Retirements and pensions

  • Pension for death of a retiree:

    Upon the death of a retiree, spouses, cohabitants or unmarried minor children may opt.

  • Universal Pension for the Elderly:

    Aimed at people over 65 who do not have the benefit of retirement or pension.

  • Non-contributory old-age pension:

    Implemented for people at least 70 years of age or older, in a vulnerable situation, without coverage of any kind.

All retirement is a necessary and deserved help for each Argentine since it is a percentage of all the time, money and projects that I help to carry out in the country, if you are a pensioner, you have a relative and you want to help them with the Requirements to retire This article will have been very helpful to you.

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