Procedures and Requirements to Sell a Car in Argentina

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If you need to sell your car but you can’t find what to do, here we leave you a very complete and simple guide so that you know all the Procedures and requirements to sell your car.

This process usually requires a lot of paperwork, but don’t worry, nothing you can’t handleThe process is something very simple and fast.

However, it never hurts to have a little advice, either with a lawyer or with an expert in car transfer.

Requirements to sell a car in Argentina

In the first place, what you must do to be able to carry out the successful sale of your car, is to verify that you have all the pertinent documents, up to date and in the order that they are required by the authority in charge.

Generally, the person who wants to sell a car has to present the following documents:

  1. Vehicle Title

    It is also known by the name of «Green ID». This document offers the registration data of the Car and the personal data of its owner.

    Among the data of the Car, we can find the license plate number, date and place where it is registered, engine and chassis serial number, model, brand, seal and signature of the registrar.

    Among the Data of the Holder, we can find the ID number or Identification Document, place of residence or address, among other things.

  2. Bill of Sale of the Automotive

    It is more than anything a form to fill out with your data and the person who wants to buy the car. This must also bear the corresponding signature and seal of a notary public.

  3. Police Verification

    A police check must be carried out on the vehicle, so that it can be verified that you are selling a certain vehicle, with a certain engine and chassis number.

    In addition to this review confirming that the vehicle complies with the safety standards required by Argentina.

  4. Form 08

    It is a form that functions or acts as a vehicle contract. It varies according to the jurisdiction, since this can be that of the seller or of the buyer.

    The estimated cost of the form is between 100 and 120 Argentine pesos

    This document, in principle, can only be signed by the vehicle owner himself, but also if he is married, his husband/wife will have to sign it, even if he is not recognized as the Auto owner. This, because the sale of said vehicle, affects the patrimony of both persons jointly.

  5. Form 11

    This form is made with the purpose of informing the authorities of the DNRPA (National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits) that the transfer of the vehicle to a new owner has already been carried out satisfactorily. Regarding This return or form must be delivered, the original, together with two photocopies.

    It must be signed and sealed by a notary public or DNRPA clerk.

Procedures to Sell a Car in Argentina

In order to transfer your vehicle, you must follow a series of steps, which we will mention below:

  1. Identify where you should register your vehicle

    To check where you have to register the vehicle, to transfer it, you will need to go to the DNRPA page.

    Where, by entering data from your car, you will be indicated the place of the office to which you must resort for this procedure.

  2. Request an Attention Shift

    On the same web page, you are given the option to obtain a service ticket and thus save time in your schedule.

  3. Request the Transfer of the Car

    You must go to the corresponding office on your assigned shift, and report the reason for your presence.

  4. Submit the documents

    You will have to present the required documents that we have indicated previously.

  5. Payment Cancellation

    Once the documents have been delivered, the payment cancellation will need to be formalized, either by check, bill of exchange, transfer or any other method as long as it can be verified by the notary public.

  6. Vehicle Delivery

    Once the process is finished, the seller will deliver the Car, along with the corresponding keys and Green and Blue ID still in his name.

  7. Delivery of Title

    After 48 business hours have elapsed, the buyer may go to the office, deliver the old green and blue IDs, and receive the new ones in his name.

    Formally becoming the new Car Owner.

Cost of Procedures

When we talk about the process in general, we must consider all the procedures that are involved in it and the cost of them.

So if you need a budget of what it will cost you to transfer your car, here we leave you the estimated costs.

Regarding the forms and forms that you will need for this process, we can estimate that each one will cost you between 100 and 200 Argentine pesos.

The Vehicle Inspection varies in price, depending on the model of the Car and its Cost, but we can say that it is approximately between 400 and 700 Argentine pesos.

So from there, we can already establish our budget between 1300 Argentine pesos.

Then we have, as such, the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, this rate is 1% as established in Argentine regulations.

And the valuation table approved by the DNRPA will be taken as a reference.

Although this amount can also be established, in Form 08 declaring it at the time of delivery.

In such case, that the value of the amount cannot be exactly determined, the lowest or minimum rate will be applied within the provisions of the DNRPA.

Recommendations before Buying a Car

The emotion of the moment, when acquiring a new Car, sometimes plays tricks on us.

When you go to buy a car, you must first make sure that everything is in order, so that in the future, a problem does not arise in the registry.

So here are some recommendations to take into account before starting the process to buy a car or even consider doing so.

Take note!

Check that the Car is Free of Fines

We are not telling you that it is a mandatory step, that a car does not have fines, because you can well buy a vehicle with fines or traffic violations.

But think about it, do you really want to carry someone else’s debts, for mistakes that you did not do?

It is much more advisable to take your time, to be able to investigate if the car of your dreams, is within a regime of fines, thus avoiding future debts and possible impediments to renew your license.

Once the transfer of the Vehicle is done, the fines will be yours to face.

For what we simply ask you to review, it is not that difficult to do it either, since everything is found on the DNRPA website.

You will enter some basic information, either from the current owner, or from the vehicle itself, and it will provide you with the history of fines that have accumulated.

However, if you are about to finish the process and you did not know that your car has fines.

You can pay them voluntarily, online or at the register itself, unless you need to visit a transit agent for cancellation.

Check that the Car is Free of Patent Debts

In this specific case, this type of debt can damage all your negotiations since an Auto cannot be transferred if it is owed in patents.

But don’t worry, if you find yourself in this case, you can still fix it.

For this you will need to find the creditors and settle the debt, before the transfer process is completed.

Domino Report This report is also in a very important position, since it indicates whether the Auto is being claimed as a pledge or if it has any judicial restriction, among other things.

They could also ruin your deal with the vehicle, since they prevent the sale of it.

How to Quote a Car to Sell it in Argentina

If you want to sell a car, the first thing you will need is to quote it.

That is, look for the price of a certain or said car in the current market, so that in this way you can have an idea of ​​how much you want to obtain for it.

Due to technology, Being able to appraise your car is much simpler and more practical than before.

Currently, many reliable web pages offer you a quick, easy and above all free price, depending on your country of residence.

But if you are still not totally convinced, you can go to other types of pages such as forums, where various users through scores will help you determine the price of the car.

Another option is to go to web pages that function as online stores and verify for yourself the prices at which your vehicle is around.

And if you want to go traditional, you can go to a dealership, and ask a sales advisor directly to help you with the sale of your car, he will carry out and determine the rate or value of your car.

He will know how to tell you the current offers for your car in the practical market.

Although it is recommended, resort to all of the above, to achieve a more exact criteria about what you are looking for.

Hopefully this article has helped you, you know, you can leave us any questions in the comments!

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