Procedures and Requirements to Travel to Spain from Argentina

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Are you thinking of having a crazy adventure through the streets of Spain? But you don’t know where to start? Do you have the slightest idea what the Requirements to travel to Spain?

It is one of the most touristic countries internationally, it has a great gastronomy, tourist places and an unparalleled culture.

It is perfect if you plan to distract yourself for a while.

If you are thinking of living there for work or study reasons, it is also a very good option, since it has a very stable economy, as well as belonging to the European Union.

In this section we will explain everything you need to know to be able to travel to Spain, without so much trouble!

Requirements to travel to Spain from Argentina

The only requirement that does not vary according to the reason for which you arrived in Spain or the type of Visa, is recognized as:

The passport

This must be valid and current at the time of travel.

At least to be able to circulate within Spain, you must have twice the validity period of your passport.

This way, if a problem arises, you are not in the rush of having to renew it.

Traveling to Spain from Argentina as a Tourist

In the case of the tourist visa, you will be asked for certain requirements such as:

  1. A Document that proves the reason for your trip or justifies it.

    Normally, in this case, we are talking about a letter of invitation from a Spanish citizen, confirming that he will provide help in the event that you cannot stay in the country.

    In most cases, he will expose his willingness to host you in his humble abode.

    In addition, it is common for this Invitation letter to be issued on a form provided by the police station, corresponding to the place of residence. The citizen who issues this letter is responsible for you, so be careful what you do, you may end up harming one of your relatives or friends, if you are not very familiar with Spanish regulations.

  2. The PTrip planning:

    It is necessary that before you go to Spain and explore, you take a guide of what you want to do. You don’t want to arrive there one day, be at the airport and not know where to go, especially if you plan to visit various parts of Spain.

  3. Confirmation of the reservation of an Organized Trip, with Itinerary:

    Not all Migration officers will ask you to show them your schedule to the letter, showing what you are going to do in Spain.
    However, it is preferable to have it on hand.
    You never know, plus this gives the officials confidence, because that way they will know that you only came to Spain to have fun and explore, and not to stay illegally.

  4. Travel and Return Ticket

    As we mentioned before, it is not necessary, but it would be a recommendation. It gives the officers peace of mind to know that you have already planned how long to stay and have confirmation that you will leave.

  5. Minimum Resources

    By this we mean that at the airport they will ask you if you can cover your expenses during the time you stay in Spain.
    Normally, it is required that per person take the minimum amount of 65 Euros for each day of stay. This will assure the officers that you will not be a burden to the Spanish State.

Traveling to Spain from Argentina for Work

In the case of the Work Visa, you will be asked for certain requirements such as:

  1. A Document that proves the reason for your trip or justifies it.

    Normally in this case we are talking about a letter of invitation from a Spanish company that requires your services.
    In which you confirm that she will provide for you, during your stay for work reasons.
    In most cases, they will explain the reason for your visit, which can be business meetings, an interview before hiring you because you are a specialist in a certain project, etc.

    The company that issues this letter is responsible for you, so be careful with what you do, you may end up harming one of your work, if you are not very familiar with Spanish regulations.

  2. Document proving the existence of rbusiness relationsindustrial or professional type.

    That is, some type of contract or agreement that the Spanish company in question has made with you. In which the reason for which you were chosen as lucky to travel is specified.

  3. Official access cards to fairs, conventions or others

    This is an optional requirement, since the company with which you work will not always provide you with them. However, if you have them and can show them, do so, it inspires confidence in the officers.

  4. Invitations or reservations indicating the name of the inviting organization as well as the duration of the stay.

    Usually here you can show the round-trip tickets, the hotel reservations that the company made for you, some kind of flyer about a convention, among other things.

  5. Other documents indicating the purpose of the visit.

Traveling to Spain from Argentina as a Student

In the case of the Student Visa:

  1. A Document that proves the reason for your trip or justifies it.

    In the case of the Student Visa, this document would be the registration of an Educational Institution or Certificate of Study, where the courses in which you plan to participate or currently participate are exposed. Either theoretical or practical training you plan to receive.

  2. Certificates related to the courses followed

    It means that they should check if you have the aptitude to be able to go to those courses. That is, if you have already completed the previous grades or relevant workshops.

Cost of Travel from Argentina to Spain

About the Ticket or Plane Tickets

Well, in the first place, we could say that the price between the air tickets, which will be occupied in the trip from Argentina to Spain, could vary between the €310.00 Y €400.00 counting only the outbound trip.

While if we start looking for a round trip (that is, round trip).

It lies approximately between €500.00 and €616.44. We could say that it is a little cheaper than buying both tickets separately.

This rate includes your luggage of approximately 40 Kilos per Person depending on the Airline and 2 handbags.

On top of that, it also includes all applicable government taxes and fees.

We must clarify that this budget is made based on Tourist Class, if you are looking for something more luxurious, you will have to have a little more budget.

About the hotel

Secondly, if we start to analyze the hospitality situation, there is also talk of a somewhat affectionate budget.

Normally a night in a good hotel in Spain could cost between €118.00 Y €190.00.

That apart from considering the hotels according to their number of stars (that is, their quality and popularity), the cost also varies according to the Zone in which you are, it will depend on whether the zone is Tourist or not.

As an example, we can take into account the regions of Lleida, Murcia and Zaragoza, which are generally in the range of 60.00 on average, since they are the cheapest areas for tourists.

Madrid, remains a statesman among €99.00since although it is a tourist city, it is still accessible.

While on the other hand, there are sites like Saint Sebastian, whose cost in hospitality can reach on average about €189.00, becoming the most expensive city to stay.

We could also talk about Palm, whose average cost in hospitality does not drop below €164.00.

After the city of Barcelonawhich is established with an average cost of €160.00.

It is also found Cadizwith a price of €144.00. average.

Another factor that you must take into account when establishing your budget, it’s the season.

Believe it or not, this greatly influences hotel prices.

Since, for example, there are seasons like Summer, where there is a greater flow of tourists, and because of that, the hotels are more crowded and charge more.

It would not be the same as when autumn begins, when there is already a lower flow and greater discounts are beginning to be made in luxurious hotels that you could not even dream of paying in the summer season.

About food

The food will be based on your budget and your tastes.

Obviously a plate of food in an a la carte restaurant will not be the same as two hamburgers in a fast food restaurant on the corner.

If you are going as a backpacker who just went to explore Spain a bit, well food really shouldn’t be a problem, you could easily get by with €60.00 diaries.

That price will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two desserts.

On the other hand, if fine dining is your thing, and you don’t feel comfortable visiting fast food places.

Your budget could be between €140.00 diaries.

Counting that you go to places where they offer a la carte service and other luxuries.

That Budget includes breakfast, lunch (with appetizer, main dish and dessert) and dinner.

Of course, everything we tell you here is an assumption, it is always suggested that you take more money than you plan to spend, you never know when an unforeseen event will arise.

We hope you liked this article. Leave a comment if you have any questions and share!

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