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It is a universal right to have access to education. We all know that. However, not all levels of education are so easy to access, and even if they were, there are still many people who were unable at some point to get into educational institutions, either due to lack of resources or other reasons beyond the control of the government. individual.

Each country, especially the most developed ones, usually has a scholarship program that seeks to include all those young people who, due to different circumstances, do not have the necessary resources to do so on their own in the educational system.

Every advanced country needs educated people who are in charge of promoting it culturally and economically. We all know that too.

That is why the Argentine State has been in charge of creating a program that includes many of these unfortunate young people in educational institutions that allow them to advance year after year to levels of study that allow them to carve out a future for themselves by the time they die. finished their university level, or once they have completed the most basic levels.

This scholarship program is called Progress Scholarshipsand in this article we will instruct you on how to enroll in the scholarship plan through the Progresar forma simple, fast and organized tool that allows you to access all the benefits.

Progress Form

The process to enter the system is rather simple, but you need to be clear about it to access the benefits that this brings.

Therefore, if you meet the conditions that we outline below (in the Requirements section), you must fill out this form, issued by the National Social Security Administration or ANSES.

This organization (founded on December 26, 1991, under Law Decree No. 2,741.3) functions as an entity of the Argentine public administration, subsidized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security which is in charge of social security benefits, such as family allowances and unemployment allowances, among others.

Another of its functions is to assign and grant retirement and pensions, all financed by the National Employment Fund under competent planning to the country’s social security programs.

Even so, the resources of the organ are distributed by the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Pension System or FGSwhich allow it to guarantee the payments and maintenance of each of its competencies, through investments that seek to create a sustainable development of the Argentine economy, mainly through the issue that concerns us: the creation of study opportunities for all young people who reside in the Republic of Argentina.

It is desired to achieve, in this way, guarantee study places for young people who have grown up in situations of dissatisfaction with basic capital through State assistance.

The form that concerns us today works (called in the system Progress Form or Form 2.87) then as a tool to integrate these young people into the system.

You can access your own form by entering the link that we leave you below:

What is it for

The Progresar form is the instrument that allows you to enroll in the Progress Scholarships.

It is mandatory and allows applicants to submit to the State all the necessary data to include you in its youth aid system.

NOTE: there is a citizen service number for the program Progress Scholarships which you can call to obtain clear and precious information regarding your free form. Said number is 0800-999-1066.

How to fill in the form

To enter the Progresar Scholarship system, you must fill out the form and send it to the web portal of the National Social Security Administration as follows:

  1. Write your personal data: names, surnames, number of Single Tax identification, and your type and number of identity document.
  2. Add your Contact information: your exact address (with floor, apartment, tower, sector, block and street), town, your cell phone and home number, a contact email.
  3. now your education data, which you must fill in at the educational establishment, where they must sign the form. There they ask you if (as the owner) you know how to read and write, the name of said educational establishment, among others.
  4. Write the data of your incomewhere you must indicate if you have income or if you are part of a social plan.
  5. They then ask you for the data of the legal representative If necessary.
  6. Almost finishing you must write your family data, specifically if you have children and if any of them have a disabilitytogether with the social aid received due to this.

Once you have completed your form, you have two ways to proceed:

  • You can introduce yourself in a Comprehensive Care Unit in your community (where you can also request the form) by approaching and asking for your turn,
  • or you can send it via web in the section Progress Scholarships of «My ANSES»entering your Social Security code.

Progress Scholarships

The program of Progress Scholarships It is an integration plan for students who wish to acquire a higher education after leaving high school, and which seeks to accompany the student by giving them financial aid that ensures that they can access said education in the event that there is no monetary capacity to be included in a Curriculum.

Since 2018, the program accepts scholarships for students collegefor those young people who wish to complete their primary and secondary levels of education and for those who wish to continue their teacher training.

The resources assigned to each case have even increased, with which it is sought that there are no impediments to remain in an educational institution.


  • Your National Identity Document (DNI) or any other identity document that proves your stay in the country in case you are a foreigner.
  • Your birth certificate or certificate.
  • The registration form signed by the highest authority of the establishment where you study.
  • have between 18 and 30 years old (The age limit has been increased to include more citizens in this comprehensive plan.)
  • Being Argentine by birth.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must have a minimum of 5 years of legal residence in the country to be able to opt for the scholarships-
  • A note verifying that your income or that of your family group is not greater than value of 3 minimum wages.
  • not be included or be owner of a municipal, provincial or national social plan of any kind.


This program was created expressly for you to young people who have not been able to complete their primary or secondary school can do soand in turn access college or university studies that they can complement with training courses of their choice.

This seeks to create opportunities for all young people so that they can also integrate into the world of work in the way that they consider best, whether it is only with their basic studies or jobs at a more advanced level.

Most important of all, students can remain in the system throughout the course.

In this way, the expenses are ensured and it is prevented the abandonment by the least financially prepared of the selected areas.

For this reason, it is desired to promote a group of specific scholarships for priority careers in each region of the country, so that that strategic plans be created that adapt to the needs of each community through young people who wish to dedicate themselves to these branches.

Since the needs of each commune vary, it is difficult to specify which of these branches are the priority in each one, but they are data that the commune itself National Social Security Administration It informs the applicants.

The cost of the scholarships varies a lot depending on the type it is, although they are all delivered in a maximum of ten annual installments, but we can easily separate it into these groups:

If it is for higher education, there are…

  • The option for university degree: from 1,600 to 2,300 Argentine pesos.
  • By strategic university career: of 1,800 to 4,900 Argentine pesos.
  • By tertiary degree: from 1,600 to .1900 Argentine pesos.
  • By strategic tertiary career: of 1,800 to 2,600 Argentine pesos.
  • Or by teacher training: from 5,300 to 7,400 Argentine pesos.

If it is for professional training…

They are estimated at ten annual installments of 1,250 Argentine pesos delivered monthly.

If it is for compulsory education (primary or secondary)…

They are also estimated at ten annual installments of 1,250 Argentine pesos delivered monthly.

This money is deposited into your assigned bank account. You can use a debit card to make purchases and withdraw money.

When your application is approved you can start charging at the next 30 days.

Education is a good and must be available to all, since, in a modern world, It opens up a vast number of opportunities for the future that we are sure that young Argentines will know how to make the most of.

With this established, we trust that, if you comply with the statutes cited in this article, you leave here with the essential information so that fill out your Progress form and with this a scholarship to train you in any area that you are allowed.

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