Request Cordobesa Mastercard Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, Benefits and MORE

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The Request Cordobesa Mastercard Card It is a process that is usually requested very frequently among the argenitos. It is for this same reason that we have decided to provide you with all the information you need to know about this same procedure. The purpose of all this is to inform you, as widely as possible, as much as possible about obtaining this card.

Through several sections we have placed the key data to inform you about how Request Cordobesa Mastecard Card. So one of the first things to know will be what this card is and the types of it. Also, there is the point of the benefits that it brings with it and the requirements for its due application. Finally, we will tell you how you will make the request and where you should do it.

Now yes, we invite you to continue reading so that you find out about this and much more about this card!

What is the Cordobesa Mastercard Card?

Well as we have already indicated in the introductory part of this article, initially we are going to explain everything about the card and its definition. The truth is that before explaining the how Request Cordobesa Mastercard Card you must know what this is.

Read with great detail and attention each of the points to be discussed in this section of the article so that you know what it is going to be about. Now, this is a card which the same bank will be providing you with a request.

This itself is a instrument that is directed, most of all, to all those expenses that are prepaid. These can be, for example, a telephony card. It can be used at all points where Mastercard is available and accepted in the same way.

By the very fact of being a card with services that are prepaid, it must be understood that what can be consumed of this same is limited. That is, the amount that is destined for it is limited since it is an amount that is transferred to said card.

Another thing to say is that there are also purchases reduced and adjusted to the balance that you have at your disposal on the card. You will have to try to adapt what you spend from it to what you really need and do a good administration and distribution of the amount.

Cordovan Card Types

This entity offers a wide variety of cards to offer to its customers, it is important to say that each of these is going to adapt to what you are looking for. You have to inform yourself well what each one is going to offer you. Now, we are going to present you a small list that will be useful to locate each of the types of cards.

  • The first card they have at your disposal is the master debit.
  • Next we have the card Cordoba Visa.
  • Another thing we have here is the card Cordovan Celeste.
  • Among the types of card that this bank has to offer you is also related to the card Cordovan debit.
  • Then there is the card Cordovan black and the Cordovan gold.
  • To finish with this list of cards that Cordobesa has for you, we have the respective cards Cordoba International and card Regional Cordovan.


Now that we have been able to talk about the points that we have already mentioned and deepened, now we want to come to talk about the advantages that you will have when Request Cordobesa Mastercard Card. These are provided to each of the users who are in the system of this bank.

It is very important that you read these benefits in detail so that you too are encouraged to be part of Cordobesa. Next, we present a list of advantages that this bank has for you by being affiliated with them:

  • The first benefit that we are going to mention in this list is the one related to the purchase limits. These are greater in relation to other banks.
  • The following is regarding all the information that you need in detail, you can find it, and clarify each of your doubts, in the Web page from Cordobesa (click here).
  • In those cases in which you want to share any of these benefits, you are given the opportunity to request a extra card.
  • You also have the possibility of going to an ATM and ask for a season ticket in advance. This same you will be able to pay the month that follows.
  • Another advantage of this entity is that it gives you the possibility of having coverage abroad. They have a travel assistance service.
  • You are offered a financing system in terms of fees, up to a maximum of 20 fees.
  • You can carry out your processes of buy online without any problems.
  • By using it you can go adding points in the Club Bancor membership.
  • You have a great variety to to pay, from making a total payment of your summary or some minimum amount.
  • They give you the option of being able to receive some kind of alert or notifications so that you always stay informed regarding the use of your Cordovan card.

Requirements to Apply for the Cordovan Card

For Request Cordobesa Mastercard Card You have to collect a series of requirements that are basic to be able to obtain your card. In this section of the article we will take care of giving you all the information you will need in relation to these requirements. This so that you have them clear by the time it is your turn to carry out this procedure.

Here we are going to take care of clarifying each of the doubts that may arise in relation to this simple and important topic. The truth is that the requirements that are requested for this type of process are the same as those requested for any other card. This for the Banco de Córdoba.

You can be both for those national and international cards, for both cases you have to specify certain things. We are going to specify these for you and detail them in a list that follows:

  • In order to start with what this process is, the first document requested is what is related to the identity documentation. What relates to your Argentine DNI.
  • You must also take into consideration being over eighteen (18 years.
  • In case of being a employee that are related to any dependency. You will have to present, for this case, a receipt by means of which a justification of salary that you have received lately.
  • For those cases in which you are monotributista or autonomous, you are going to present all the necessary documentation. This is for you accredit each of the income.
  • Finally, you will also deliver all the documentation that is necessary for it to be certify the address where you are currently. This can be a bill for a service, a summary of a card, or among others.

After you manage to start the process of what is the procedure to request your card, it will be granted to you under the same qualified accreditation. That is, by evaluating and checking each of the requirements that you have submitted.

How to Apply for the Card?

Now that you know the requirements that you are going to be asked to Request Cordobesa Mastercard Card we are going to explain here about the procedure to follow. It must be remembered that this is a process that has its steps to be carried out under an online mode.

The purpose of this modality that is improve the relationships you have with customers and users of your services. Prevention and time savings are also sought so that they do not have to move anywhere. You will be allowing the person to do everything they have to do through the web portal (click here).

  1. You can make this request through your debit card, depending on the balance in the affiliated account.
  2. As for the accreditation, this is related to the limit that is had at the time of paying with the card.
  3. Another aspect to consider is that it will be recharged according to the amount indicated when it is prepaid.

When you enter the web page that we have offered you previously and the rest of the steps will arise on their own, the page will indicate what you should do. And you will only have to wait to be notified that your card is ready to be withdrawn.

Where to Make Payments to Credit Cards?

For those cases in which the person is living in the province of Córdoba, this banking institution is very well known. This is not the only bank entity or institution that is available in the area, but it is the most frequented.

The truth is that this is one of the banking entities that offer a certain type of support, economically, to people. This so that they can remodel their company, make a purchase and other needs that they wish to meet. Also, you should know that this is a bank that has at your disposal the possibility of opening a bank account with them. These will be available to all types of public and in what is their digital banking.

Now, what about the various payment channels You can count on these are the following:

  • BENCH (click).
  • Savings account debit.
  • ATM.
  • Self-service terminal.
  • Rapi Payment.
  • Bancor Branches and Service Centers.

We hope this article has been very helpful. We are reading soon!

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