Requirements for Orange Card: Steps to follow

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Every day more people search the internet for what they are the requirements for Orange Card throughout all of Argentina. And, in fact, many are interested in getting this card not only for the convenience of it, but for its advantages.

In the same way, many of the people who are interested in getting this card are the young who have just come of age. Do you want to know more about the requirements for the Orange Card? Are you interested in knowing more about this company and the facilities they provide?

Then keep reading why this is the ideal article for you!

What is the Orange Card

Before starting to talk about the requirements for the Orange Card, it is necessary to know a little what is the Orange Card in reality today.

And the truth is that the Orange Card is a type of card, which can be acquired according to the needs of the client.

This means that it can be acquired a credit card, which is the one that is most requested and delivered, or an Orange Visa card.

In any of the options you choose an account will be opened for you in which you must deposit a variable amount of money.

This amount will also depend on the type of card that is acquired, because in the case of credit cards it will be a fixed amount.

Usually if you use another type of card or account any amount can be deposited that the user has at his disposal.

In the same way, it is important to note that all these cards are delivered by The Orange Card company, which is currently a subsidiary of Banco Galicia.

It is for this reason that it is one of the most prestigious entities and strong in terms of granting cards and accounts.

Requirements for Orange Card

As in most procedures that involve money there are certain things that are needed, being the requirements for Orange Card all of the following:

  • You must present the original of the National Identity Document that it is currently current and that it does not have any type of damage to it.
  • At the same time it will also be necessary that present a pay slip stating all current assets in the last continuous months.
  • In the case of employees in a dependent relationship It is necessary that they have a minimum salary of 1,500 pesos, as shown in their last four receipts.
  • For monotributistas and for the self-employed They will have to bring the payment receipt and also the last three payments of the Tax Declaration.
  • Yes they have a credit card They will have to bring a summary of the account with more than six months and a limit of at least 1,500 pesos.

It is important to note that, even carrying all the requirements that are necessary they will not have to accept the request if the company does not consider it appropriate.

In the same way, the fact that the company will decide the credit limit you will have the person’s card.

Steps to follow

Once all the requirements for the Orange Card are met, another question that almost everyone generally asks is how can i get it.

But the truth is that it is not something very complicated because it is sought that more and more people use them.

In this way in almost all the procedure is done online, It is only necessary to have the required documents in digital form, which may simply be photographs.

If you have any questions about the requirements to obtain the Orange card here is a small guide so you can get it:

  1. The first of all will be to enter the page of the Orange Card form, for which you can simply click on this link.
  2. After this you will have to complete with your data all the sections that are requested and simply click on the «Continue» option.
  3. Once you have done this you will need to fill out a second form in which you must place all the requested work and address data.
  4. Finally you must send the photos of the DNI and of the documents in the event that they are requested by the online system.

How do I activate my Orange Card

One of the questions most asked by those who already have their card is something extremely simple: How can I activate my Orange card today?

But the truth is that this is a process that no need to perform in a manual way by the user who is interested.

And it is that, in the vast majority of cases the card is activated automatically after 72 hours (three business days) have passed.

The reason for this is that generally this is the time that the Orange card system takes in validate all data.

Of course this time is counted from the moment you receive the card, that is, when the person already has the plastic in their possession.

There are cases in which it is necessary activate the card before which is why certain methods have been enabled to achieve it without problems.

In this sense the first method is something as simple as enter the Orange Card account and from there do the activation you need.

If you can’t do it by the online method you can always call by telephone to the Tarjeta Naranja service line, this being 0810-333-6272.


Depending on the type of card you have you can access different benefits that gives you the simple fact of having an Orange card in your possession.

In the event that you have no idea what benefits you can get with your card here we mention them all:

  • First of all is that you can get up to 30% discount in online reservations of certain hotels of the Naranja group.
  • It will be possible to buy online with a credit that you can pay in twelve installments a large number of objects and services.
  • In the same way you can also obtain benefits in tourism activities as well as in the purchase of flights in the selected travel agencies.
  • You can get both benefits in some brands fashionable as in the areas of jewelery, mattresses and furniture in many establishments of great repute.
  • It is also possible that get discounts at the moment in which you are going to buy tickets for the different music, theater or football events.
  • Finally, it is striking to mention that it is possible get a card for your kids That they can use with the amount that has been deposited.

How to enter the Orange Card account

Once you have met the requirements for the Orange Card and have the card in your possession you will be able to enter your open account.

In fact the process is something extremely simple and that anyone with an internet connection can perform in a few steps by following these steps:

  1. The first of all will be to enter the official page of the Orange Card, for which you can simply click here and it will come easily.
  2. Once there you must click on «Recover or obtain your password» which is the option found at the end of the page in question.
  3. When you have done this you will need to insert your National Identity Document number in the specific place that it is destined to do this.
  4. After this you will have to complete all data ask for the account to be able to verify your identity in the appropriate way.
  5. At the end of this you must enter your email address use the most so that an email with the correct validation link is sent to you.
  6. When you finish doing it you have to enter your email and click on the link that will have been sent to you to enter your account.

What is the closing date of my Card

Another question frequently asked by users of Orange cards is when is the closing of the card in each month.

This is something very important to know since only through this information known when available the total amount to pay.

And it is that, in fact, if the appropriate payment has not been made at the time of closing it can be blocked.

However, it is important to clarify that the closing date is the day 25 of each monthregardless of the day it falls or the month.

It is in this way like every day 26 of the month you will be able to properly pay whatever is owed on the card.

In this way fast payment is ensured and also that the card is not blocked.

How you can see the requirements for the Orange Card they are not complicated to obtain.

And with this guide you will be able to get them very quickly!

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