Requirements for the student ticket: Everything you need to know

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Do you want to know what are the Requirements for the student ticket? Well, here you can find out everything about the student newsletter and much more.

If you want to know more about the Student Ticket Requirements, read on!

What is the student ticket

The student ticket can be defined by right, as one of the parts where public education must give a document to each of the students. This means that the State is in full obligation to give the student ticket, in accordance with what has been included since the liberal constitution of 1860.

Likewise, the State is the one who must respect each and every one of the decisions made by the constitution that is incorporated in the Province of Buenos Aires. For this reason, the jurisdiction decided to report on each of the requirements that were decided to manage what is known today as Progresar Scholarships.

In general, complying with what the law establishes the student ticket, people are obliged to use it. The same ticket can be used by each of the people in a much more collective way, that is, at a linear level.

On the other hand, those people who for their part wish to comply with each of the Requirements for the student ticket, must bear in mind that this is a newsletter that will last all year.

NOTE: People who are waiting to start next year can also sign up.

This is one of the procedures that people usually initiate in a web portal; and in all cases a SUBE card is required.

This is a card that people use as a registration method in said portal, although not everyone has one.

That is why those students who do not have one, must choose a transport header so that they can give them one for free. Once individuals have a free card, they are the ones who can personalize it, put some covers on it if they wish, among other things.

IMPORTANT: It is usually used from Monday to Sunday.

1) Student ticket for initial, primary and secondary levels

Each and every one of the students who belong to a regular level of the first and second stage, as well as the initial level, must be clear about the steps that must be carried out.

This means that individuals are the ones who must attend some of the public or private management establishments with some state contribution.

They can also access some benefits that are by right or are within the parameters of the student ticket.

For this, people must comply with the Requirements for the student ticket:

  1. First of all, the individual has to be a regular student. It is also taken into account if it is in the first and second stages.
  2. They must concur with some of the educational establishments that belong to the same public or private management.
    1. Likewise, they must have some state contribution or that for their part contains a headquarters of the province of Buenos Aires.
  3. People must have a residence in the province of Buenos Aires. Preferably a distance from the educational establishments they attend.
    1. Among these are:
      1. At least 600 meters in case the person is a primary level student.
      2. 800 meters for people who are in a secondary level.

These are the Requirements for the student ticket.

This pre-registration form must be submitted by people through the web portal, using the SUBE card. For this card it does not matter if you got it for free or if you do not have one yet, you simply have to register at the website. So that you can complete each of the steps required for registration and thus obtain the student ticket.

The same students, father and mother must go to one of the restriction points they want to choose.

That is why they must present their ID and a photocopy, in case the parents go, if they do not attend it is not necessary to present these documents.

On the other hand, the student ticket is mainly characterized by allowing people to keep 50 trips for free.

These trips can only have a period of one month, respectively, where people only they can use up to a maximum of 4 per day.

NOTE: Each of the trips can be used from 5 in the morning until 11 at night.

2) Student ticket for university level

As the people are generally regular students, of some universities in the province of Buenos Aires.

Well, each one is allowed to process the Student ticket, it is only necessary that each one of them meet the Requirements for the student ticket.

Also, among the most important are:

  1. First of all, the individual has to be a regular student, it is also taken into account if he is in the first and second stage.
  2. They must concur with some of the educational establishments that belong to the same public or private management.
    1. Likewise, they must have some state contribution or that for their part contains a headquarters of the province of Buenos Aires.
  3. They cannot have a degree that is tertiary, that is, university.
  4. Likewise, they cannot count on any benefit that is identical to the purpose, that is, it cannot be a scholarship, etc.

For those people who are second stage students, and who are in a career.

Well, they must have at least 3 approved subjects from last year and at least one approved from the semester that is being taken immediately.

In order for individuals to use it, first of all they must enter one of the official faculty portals.

Other people know him as the SIU system Guarani, here people must enter their username and password, in order to complete the forms corresponding to said student newsletter.

These are some of the universities that for their part were able to add to the student newsletter for free:

  • The National University of La Plata, better known as ONE P.
  • National University of Luján, better known as AN I
  • The National University of Moreno, better known as UNAM
  • National University of Avellaneda, better known as A
  • The National University of Lanús, better known as UNALA
  • National University of Tres de Febrero, better known as UNAFE
  • The National University of the West, better known as One
  • Arturo Jauretche National University, better known as UNAJ
  • The Provincial University of Ezeiza, better known as UPE
  • Hurlingham National University, better known as AN H
  • The National University of La Matanza, better known as UNMA
  • National University of Lomas de Zamora, better known as UNALZA
  • The National University of Quilmes, better known as UNAQ
  • National University of San Martín, better known as UNASAN

Requirements for the initial, primary or secondary student ticket

For those people who want to process the student ticket, as they must comply with the Requirements for the student ticket.

These are:

  1. People should approach one of the national federations of national students, better known as FENAES, in the city of Colón 1700.
  2. They must request one of the forms to process the student newsletter, and complete it with their data and required steps.
  3. Pay at least the minimum cost of the card, the UA is approximately 2,900 guaranies.
  4. People must ensure that each of the forms are complete, they must be signed by the management.
    1. This document must have the seal of the school.
  5. Once the other documents are consolidated, people must take the return together with the amount to one of the offices of the Student Ticket of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
    1. This form must be submitted on August 15 between General Díaz and Víctor Haedo.
    2. It will be ready in approximately 15 days.

For those people who are living in other cities and / or provinces, it is best to make the payment through a national bank.

These are all the requirements that people must meet regardless of whether they are primary or secondary.

CABA student ticket

For their part, each of the students who wishes to attend one of the following establishments in the city:

  1. As for rooms 4 and 5, primary and secondary of public management.
  2. Rooms 4 and 5, both primary and secondary of private management with a subsidy of 100% and a fee of 0.

As for the students of the initial, primary and secondary levels, they are obliged to present:

  1. The CUIL certificate per student.
  2. A nominated SUBE card, regardless of whether it is free or not.
  3. Proof of one of the regular students.

For those who are studying completion and secondary school, they must:

  1. Present the ID of each of the students.
  2. The constancy of the CUIL.
  3. A passport-type photo.
  4. Constancy of regularity.

Thanks for reading!

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