Requirements to be a registered manager in Argentina: Advantages and disadvantages

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Do you want to know what are the Requirements to be a registered manager in Argentina? Well, here you can know everything about how to be a registered manager in Argentina.

Likewise, each person will have a much deeper visualization about what it means to be a registered manager. It should be noted that they know their advantages and disadvantages both in the workplace and in everyday life.

If you want to know more about the Requirements to be a registered manager in Argentina, you just have to keep reading!

What is the registered manager

It should be noted that taxes in general are those actions that generally have an impact on one of the great profitability of the business.

That is why people have to pay close attention to it, in fact it can be said that this is one of the calculations that most of the time makes difficult due to its complexity in terms of tax legislation.

Although, this is a means where many variables intervene, to categorize a taxpayer.

In the same way, people can get to know some of the guidelines in a general way that allow them to be more person-oriented and therefore pay as little as possible.

This is one of the ventures that was carried out online so that people could carry out the sale of products.

Where each of the people must make the decision to do it in a more monotax or responsible way as written.

The first thing that people should keep in mind is to consider obtaining the CUIT, in case they do not have it.

For those people who want to know if they really become a monotributista or register as a registered person responsible for one of the options, first they have to visualize and analyze what are the mandatory and necessary taxes at the national level:

These include:

  1. VAT.
  2. The earnings
  3. to social security and social work.

This is one of the facilities that is in charge of offering the Federal Administration of Public Revenues, better known as (AFIP).

Each of the small contributors is guaranteed to pay a fixed amount on a monthly basis. This payment can be made by the person when he wishes, except when he has to make some type of settlement of each tax, respectively.


Some of the main advantages that these people have are:

  1. It is not necessary for them to make any kind of affidavit that on their part contains VAT or earnings.
  2. It is generally cheaper for people who are called small taxpayers.
  3. The component is in a tax form, which causes the sale price to be much lower.


As for its disadvantages, it has to:

  1. People under no circumstances can take the tax credit.
  2. There are certain limits on the billing and the expenses themselves.


For those people who do not know, the monotax is usually divided into 11 different categories, which are determined by:

  1. Amount of income.
  2. Power consumption
  3. Rentals, which are independently managed.

It is also important that people take into account that when the concepts have an annual maximum that has been exceeded, it will require that some type of re-categorization be carried out on a mandatory basis.

For example, since January 2018, one of the categories, known as B, has a maximum of $ 165,000 in annual income.

If by the third month people have already exceeded this amount that is established, then they have to be re-categorized, as planned.

The same happens with those energy consumptions and rents that the person already has designated with a minimum of employees.

It should be noted that this is a monthly fee where each of them has a tax component.

It also includes a VAT and earnings that are related to the retirement components, which includes both social security and social work.

The proof that both have to use is denoted by the invoice with letter C.


For people who want to carry out this procedure, they must first comply with the Requirements to be responsible registered in Argentina.

These include:

  • Present a photocopy of the identity card.
  • Each of the people must have a DNI and a CUIT.
  • Those who do not have an identification card can present their passport.
  • For people who are foreigners, they must comply with each of the migration documents.
  • It is important that people have their personal documents current and in perfect condition.
  • Finally, people must have a passport-type photo, preferably on a white background.

These are the Requirements to be a registered manager in Argentina, with which people have to comply, for the same they are recommended to order them in advance.

Registered responsible advantage

For those people who do not know it, the registered person in charge is one of the people who is included in one of the regimes in a general way.

In addition, each of them has the opportunity to settle each of the taxes that in turn have been generated individually.

Some of them are mainly characterized by VAT, Earnings and Self-Employed, such as social security and social work.

So it can be said that some of its main advantages are the following:

  1. They have a wide probability of taking part in each one of expenses such as the tax credit or loan.
  2. Delaying each of the earnings, in relation to the payments that the same people want.
  3. Save each of the installments on a monthly basis, for the monotax.

Also some of its disadvantages are the following:

  1. Each of the people has the full obligation to be able to generate the sworn statement regarding the VAT and earnings.
  2. Submit a monthly settlement for VAT.
  3. Have a greater composition of tax form in the sale price.

How to calculate VAT

It can be said that for those people who are in the middle of this process, they must comply with the Requirements to be responsible registered in Argentina.

Likewise, the affidavit and VAT settlement is one of the circumstances in which people must carry out the process on a monthly basis.

In addition to this, individuals must calculate each of the processes as follows:

The Tax to pay = The Tax Debt – The Tax Credit – The Withholdings and Perceptions

It should be noted that the tax debit is calculated through some advantages, known as invoices B and C.

These invoices are characterized by the fact that they are mainly made by the end consumer.

In the case of invoices A, They are made in a more responsible way than the registered ones.

For the same reason, it can be said that each of them is calculated as follows:

Tax debit = Total invoiced – (Total invoiced / 1.21)

Advantages of Monotax

In the same way, it can be said that the monotax, has an infinity of advantages for those people who do not have high income.

For this reason, its activity becomes autonomous, some of them are the following:

  1. Pay each of the installments you need on a monthly and fixed basis.
  2. They can have up to 3 points of sale if necessary.
  3. Have access to each of social works, as long as they have a medical benefit.
  4. Have some contribution to the social security systems, that is, a retirement.
  5. It is not necessary for people to submit any type of sworn statement, either monthly or Annual, to the AFIP.
  6. Incentive to compliance, this is where people can have a refund of monthly payments, in case of complying in a timely manner during a calendar year, either with a debit or credit card.

These are each and every one of the advantages that people will have, as long as each of the individuals meet the Requirements to be registered in Argentina responsible.

Disadvantages registered responsible

The monotax have many advantages so that citizens can perform efficiently.

But just as it has advantages, it also has some disadvantages, among which the following stand out:

  1. They cannot get to take the different tax credits that belong to VAT. This occurs when people buy merchandise, raw materials, and other goods for personal use.
  2. Companies that are classified as regular, cannot have any type of access to the scheme.
  3. For some of the people it can be said that It is more difficult to access each of the credits that are carried out through banks.
  4. People can be found at 3 points of sale.

What is AFIP

The acronym AFIP refers to the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, This is one of the entities in charge of executing the political actions promoted by the executives.

Likewise, the National Executive Power is related to each of the taxes, its own and social security resources.

Thanks for reading!

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