Requirements to cancel a stolen car: All the information you need

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Canceling a car, for whatever reason, is just one of the many procedures that we can (and sometimes have) to carry out when we have a vehicle.

In those moments when your vehicle does not stop, you want a new one or another reason, we accompany you by showing you the requirements to cancel a stolen car in Argentina.

What does it mean to cancel a car

Canceling a car means that the owner of the same informs the Automotive Property Registry of Argentina that is going to withdraw it from circulation.

In order to deregister a vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, it must have been stolen, disassembled, burned, hit or directly totally destroyed. The loss of aging may also occur, and in less common cases, due to definitive exportation.

This is an irreversible process. In other words, once you have processed the cancellation of a car, you will not be able to re-register it in the Registry.

There are two types of cancellation that you can request for your vehicle. The first is the temporary withdrawal and it can be given for different reasons that allow the right of movement of the car to be reactivated. However, the other loss, the definitive one, makes it impossible to circulate the vehicle again on the streets of Argentina.


The first of all requirements to deregister a car on Argentina is that the person requesting it is the owner of the same. In this way, that person will be able to take care of all the procedures and documents related to it.

If you are the owner of a vehicle and you want to cancel it for one reason or another, the requirements that you must present are:

  • The title of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Your green card.
  • The printed certificate of CUIT or CUIL.
  • Form 08.
  • Form 381. This must be used when the vehicle has a price higher than 25,000 pesos.
  • The police fiscal verification. It is requested through form 12, which has a cost of 252 pesos. For more information about this you can enter this link.
  • Form 13 of the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry.
  • The documentation processed at the police station where you took your case, if the vehicle was dropped due to theft.
  • Form R-219 of the DPA in case the withdrawal is due to disarmament or destruction.
  • Form 04 of the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry if the cancellation is due to disarmament or destruction.
  • All vehicle identification plates.
  • An order, testimony or document that allows the withdrawal in case there is a legal issue about the vehicle.
  • The judicial assent if the owner or holder was married.

You must show up with all of these requirements to an office of the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry and the Revenue Directorate of your province within Argentina.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm You can have the process completed between ten and fifteen business days, so it is quite fast and soon you will have the cancellation of your vehicle completed.

NOTE: The requirements to cancel a stolen car in Argentina they are the same for both permanent and temporary leave.

Legal regulation 34, 235. Fiscal Code

The legal regulations within the Argentine Tax Code has two articles that allow us to learn a little more about the process of deregistering a vehicle.

The first of these is the Article 234 It establishes that for any cancellation made due to the change of location, advance payments and installments due before said date will be requested. Likewise, if one expires later, there is an opportunity to liquidate it until the day the cancellation becomes effective.

On the other hand, the Article 235 determines that this same treatment must be given when the withdrawal of a vehicle is requested due to theft, total destruction, disarmament or theft.

Also, if in case of theft the vehicle is recovered after having been canceled, the owner must request a re-registration. This process is accompanied by the tax obligation to pay the advances and fees established in the rest of the regulations.

Causes for deregistering a vehicle

As we already explained, there are two types of cancellation that you can give to a vehicle of your property. Within these, there are also different reasons why you request this procedure, of which you have to give reason in front of the Registry. The causes to cancel a vehicle in Argentina are:

  • When the vehicle is a year or more without having any use or utility for the owner.
  • The death of the original owner and the decision of the relatives or heirs not to continue using it.
  • When you want to buy a new car and register it in your name without problems.
  • If your vehicle is stolen or stolen and the whereabouts are completely unknown. Unfortunately this is quite frequent, so it is best to ensure that you are terminated after the owner’s complaint.
  • When you want to dismantle the car because it is a very old model and causes a lot of waste that pollutes the environment.
  • In the event that the vehicle suffers constant breakdowns if we have had it for more than ten years and its maintenance becomes inconvenient.
  • When you want a vehicle that has been abandoned to be removed from the public highway. To do this, you must contact the authorities of your province so that they can process the cancellation without the consent of the owner, if this is not known.
  • In case you are going to travel abroad for a certain period.
  • If you have an old car or vehicle that you no longer use and from which you want to get the benefits of dismantling.

Regardless of the cause, if it is due to theft or other reasons among those mentioned above, it is important that you look for the requirements to deregister a car when it is no longer useful to you. In this way you can get rid of many of the inconveniences that have it active but not functional, such as the payment of fines and others.

How can I report a car theft?

Now we get to the heart of the situation What should you do when your vehicle is stolen?

Once the initial annoyance or fright is over, the owner must go to the police station to be able to report a car theft. From this, by filing the complaint, you can ensure that an investigation is raised and the thief is unable to use your car or vehicle.

After making the report, you should contact your insurance company to be able to solve your situation depending on the circumstances. We hope they can help you!


It is normal for confusion to exist, but robbery and theft are not the same. Theft is when you are stripped of your property being the owner of the vehicle being present. On the contrary, it is considered theft when the owner is not present and there are no signs of violence that demonstrate the forced removal of the car.


The requirements to file a report for theft of your vehicle are as follows:

  • Be the owner of the car or a third party authorized by a power of attorney or similar.
  • A type 04 request.
  • An identity document. This can be your ID, passport, permanent residence document, identity card of the country of origin of a foreigner or civic or enrollment booklet if you are older than 75 years.
  • A request of type 13I if the vehicle had a fine or infraction placed at the time of the robbery or theft.
  • If there is a pledge on the vehicle, you must notify what happened. This can be done by means of a telegram, letter document or the same application type 04 with certified signature.

Steps to follow

As we already said, after the initial blow that you may suffer (it should not feel very good to realize that your car has been stolen), you should follow the next procedure to file a report for theft of your vehicle:

  1. Go to the police station more close as soon as possible. In the place they will give you an original and a copy of the complaint form, with which the information is entered so that the police system can identify the stolen cars.
  2. Contact your insurance company. Find out if the policy you purchased can cover the total or partial theft of your vehicle to see if you will be compensated for this unfortunate event.
  3. Register the complaint with the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry of Argentina. You can do it in person (by delivering the previous documentation and waiting two days for your triplicate application type 04 and proof of ownership) or online (by completing the electronic application that you must present at the office).
  4. Ready! You have already completed the steps to file a report for theft of your vehicle.

Either because you want to definitively cancel your vehicle (despite the affection that these great companions take) or just for a while (for a trip or any other reason), you should know that the process is not complicated at all.

So get out of that old vehicle and complete the requirements to cancel a stolen car in Argentina.

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