Requirements to enable a gastronomic place: Everything you need to know

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What are the requirements to enable a gastronomic place It is one of the searches that are carried out the most by entrepreneurs throughout Argentina. And it is that, among the possible types of entrepreneurship, one of the simplest is to start with a place dedicated to gastronomy.

To a large extent it is because of this and because of the love that many have for the food that more and more who are interested. Do you want to know more about the requirements to enable a gastronomic place? Are you interested in knowing some tips in this regard?

Then you have to keep reading because here is everything!

Requirements to enable a gastronomic place

Given how delicate the subject of food handling is several requirements need to be met to enable a gastronomic place.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that in many cases each province It has its own minimum requirements to qualify the gastronomic premises.

In the same way, it is also important to note that these may vary depending on the type of premises that you want to establish and the particular business.

In any case, if you have no idea what the requirements are to enable a gastronomic place here is a general list:

  • The first thing you should have is a deposit well ventilated where you can do the storage of raw materials.
  • The store must have a designated space only to the preparation of food.
  • In the same way it should be had with a place for empty containers where they are properly stored and cleaned.
  • The premises must have three bathrooms intended for men, women and the disabled.
  • In the same way you must have adequate changing rooms for each gender.
  • Finally you must have an access area for loading and unloading of goods.

What aspects should I take into account

Once you have these minimum requirements it is also necessary that you know certain aspects that you must take into account in order to request authorization in a timely manner.

In this sense, one of the necessary aspects is keep all accounts up to date regarding the tax system in general.

It is also important that you have all municipal and provincial regulations with regard to the preparation of food in commercial premises.

And last but not least, it is necessary to know what kind of gastronomic place you want to open and will operate in the place you have decided.

This is very important because there are certain regulations that govern each of the different types of gastronomic places that can be opened.

In fact, there are even requirements that change depending on whether you choose or request to start with one or another type of gastronomic place in particular.

Types of gastronomic places

In actuality there are six types of gastronomic place main, which are the most requested and used by people interested in starting this business.

If you have no idea what the types of gastronomic place are here is a guide:

  • Fast food: They are those places in which food is quickly prepared and generally quite cheap.
  • Buffet: in this case the customer is served directly what he wants to eat, from a variety. These premises have special requirements for their authorization.
  • Foodtruck: This type of premises is currently very fashionable, being the same in everything as a commercial premises, but they must have greater sanitary care.
  • Thematic: They are those places in which there is a theme around which all the dishes that are served revolve.
  • Gourmet: These are the places that require more processes and demands, but they are also the ones that charge the most for their dishes.
  • Pub: in these places there is, in addition to food, liquor sales, for which they must also have the permits for this.

What do I have to take into account to have a good gastronomic place

There are many things that must be taken into account when having a good gastronomic place in the Argentine Republic today.

The reason for this is that there is a lot of competition and in general, customers are used to being given a quality service.

And it is that, in general, Argentina is considered worldwide as one of the countries in which it is best eaten in the restaurants.

Anyway there is some points to take into account in order to have a place that is successful and in the following sections we will explain it.


Although they are not requirements to enable a gastronomic place, it is recommended that all these fulfill the following for them to be successful and prosperous:

  • Shall have a trained staff and with good training both in the culinary part and in customer service.
  • It is advisable that professionals be hired for the kitchen area.
  • In the same way, it is also recommended hire a personnel manager.
  • It is also important to take into account the distribution of spaces so that the client feels comfortable in the premises.
  • The paintings on the walls they must be of good quality so that they resist daily use and continuous touch-ups without problems.
  • It is recommended that have good lighting so that the customer can see in all its splendor what they are eating.
  • In the event that the premises are transferred it is recommended to do a new qualification in order to avoid problems.

What is a general qualification of gastronomic premises

It is likely that many people do not know it but when talking about the requirements to enable a gastronomic place there is also talk of general authorization.

And this is one of the most important points and at the same time of the most overlooked for very different reasons.

One of them is the simple fact that many people confuse it with the simple requirements to enable a gastronomic place that are requested.

However, general clearance is actually what allows the business to can work legally within the legal framework currently in force in Argentina.

And it is that this type of qualification is something similar to a business permit class so that the establishment can fulfill its economic functions.

If you have no idea how you can get this type of qualification in the next sections We will explain everything to you in a simple way.

How to do the procedure

The truth is that this procedure it was one of the easiest to perform until some time ago, since everything was done online.

Nevertheless lately there have been problems to access the different pages of the provinces in which this simple procedure was previously done.

This is why it is recommended go personally to the offices of the entity in charge of everything related to commerce in your province.

In the event that you do not know which entity is you can always go to the mayor’s office or to the municipality for information.

However in either case the procedure is made up of the following:

  1. Introduction of the documentation.
  2. Observation of the documentation that has been delivered.
  3. Approval of the process that is being carried out.

The requested documentation is as follows:

  • The right form for your type of premises.
  • You must deliver the Certificate of Food Debtors.
  • Have to carry original and copy of DNI.
  • It is important to add a Prontuarial Form.
  • A certificate of conduct.
  • Of the electrical installation you must bring a report.
  • Report correct operation of gas.
  • You must wear a interior design plan.
  • Certificate of approval of the Food Institute.

What training do I need to have to handle food in CABA

A question that many interested in the requirements to qualify a gastronomic place are asked is what is the necessary training to be able to handle food.

And the truth is that this is something very simple because it is only one course in which it will be taught how to treat food.

In this sense, it is important to note that the Government Control Agency offers this course for all those interested in the gastronomic area in CABA.

Of course, in addition to this there are different places that have the approval of the AGC to dictate these courses to all those interested in taking them.

However, the fact of doing it directly in the AGC grants increased government reliability that the certificate is valid and not a forgery.

Most searched items when opening a business establishment

There is currently a a whole series of items that are highly sought after by Argentines to meet their different needs, highlighting the following:

  • The cafes and bars.
  • Toy stores and bookstores.
  • The Kiosk
  • Tourism and Real Estate Agencies.
  • All food and beverage stores.

How you will have been able to verify the requirements to enable a gastronomic place they are not difficult to find for no one.

And with this guide you will get yours easily!

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