Requirements to hold a teaching position: Everything that you have not been told

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Although it is true that when it comes to growing in your profession It is essential that you maintain certain legal, labor and professional statutes. This will result in good management within your business or company.

Secondly it is relevant to mention the impact and importance of education within an established society. One of the main reasons that lie in this is the good functioning and development that it brings to a country.

That is why today Teaching staff and educational facilities within a country are essential. Since these prepare and train the future generation of a nation.

However in Argentina it is necessary for the entire teaching union to duly certify their profession. Because this will allow a better and safer economic status, also allowing a better development in the exercise of educating the population.

In view of the importance of this topic, we have prepared a useful and practical guide for our faithful readers. Where you will find various information regarding this issue and its derivatives, as well as the procedures that it entails.

How a person who has the character of the owner is considered

To get a head start on this helpful guide we must start with the clarification of terms and general aspects. In this case, we must know when or how a teacher belonging to a titleholder is beginning to be considered.

Well, it occurs when the agents who, having taken office before the March 31, 2004 are declared or covered as interim. At the same time, at the time of enactment of current law.

In addition to maintaining a stay in secondary and technical schools and basic periods of occupational training together with the Directorate of Secondary and Technical Education. As well as the middle-level schools linked to the Directorate of Artistic Education.

Requirements to be confirmed as a holder

According to the statutes dictated by Argentine laws Certain documents are required to confirm the holder. Remember that These are adapted or changed according to new reforms that apply to the law, so we recommend confirming them before delivering them.

  • Carry out a review of the active situation at the time of enactment of the law in the positions or teaching hours required to be titled.
  • Possess a university degree or equivalent that certify the training or qualification to teach for the position or chair hour that they aspire to certify. If you still do not have a title, you can gather the following documentation:
    • Qualifying and supplementary title, with more than one year of issuance in the position or chair hour at 3/31/04.
    • Certificate of approval of the suitability exam and have two years of seniority in the position or teaching time at the 3/31/04.
  • Possess a request for a concept not less than very good to the venue where the degree will be carried out.

How do I enter teaching?

Currently, to successfully enter as a teacher, it is essential that you know the field or area to which you want to go. In addition to that at the beginning you will be positioned in a ladder that will measure your level of professionalism according to your development as a teacher.

At the time of starting You will be assigned academic hours no longer than the 16 hours weekly. This could increase according to different factors that could influence the development and development in the assigned area.

However, it is essential that to start you must bear in mind that you must meet certain requirements to process this application. If you want to have more information regarding this topic, you can visit the following web page Argentine Education.

What is the annual teacher movement?

Known as MAD is the movement made up of tenured teachers with final destination. Those who have at least 2 qualifications of health regime or care of relatives or minor children.

It is worth mentioning that this can select another establishment or study campus to work whenever there is a vacancy for the position. Which are appointed to the positions that do not have holders present for the impartation of any chair.

Maximum age to enter teaching

Previously within this country an age limit was established to apply as a teacher. Because of the improvement and development of education within this nation It has recently been imposed that there will no longer be an age limit for this process.

As long as you maintain a good appearance and mental clarity and you are still fit for this great work, you can do this exercise. However, another aspect that lies in the new reform is the fact of the high demand that the country maintains with respect to educators.

This fact is evident due to the possibilities that Argentina offers to offer quality and free education. As well as the economic development that it brings to the nation.

Who can be titled

As already mentioned above if you want to entitle yourself You must meet the previously mentioned requirements. Remember that To carry out this process it is crucial that you have carried out a study in teaching outside or within the country.

It should be noted that this process can be very laborious if you do not have the necessary documentation and information to carry it out. We urge our readers to visit the competent bodies to clarify any doubts in this regard.

Teaching positions

Finally, we will mention the teaching positions available in Argentina that are positioned differently, as well as the previous training for each of these:

  • Primary.
  • Adolescents and adults or Basic.
  • Secondary and Preparatory or Middle and Technical.
  • Special.
  • Artistic.
  • Socio-educational programs.

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