Requirements to obtain Italian citizenship: Everything you need to know

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Within the international and immigration policies that each country has, There must be various rules which will govern the administration of this. Which will help to control entry From one country to another, these are generally called immigration documents.

This will allow you either to travel from one country to another as a visitor or to migrate permanently. Currently Certainly, Latin American countries are suffering from different social movements of a migratory nature. due to poor economic circumstances.

Nevertheless It is important to mention that the time within a country can directly influence your stay within it. This is influenced by what we currently know as naturalization of foreigners.

Where you are granted the nationality of the country where you are or reside due to different aspects as are the length of stay in that country. As well as the economic progress that it has provided to it.

That is why we want to bring you an informative article about the easiest, fastest and safest way to obtain Italian citizenship. In turn, we will provide you with various tips and advice so that you can carry out this process efficiently and satisfactorily.

What is needed to process Italian citizenship in Argentina

It is currently very processed the citizenship application because it offers a wide range of opportunities for the nationalized. In this case, being one belonging to the European Union, Italy, you can start enjoying education in the country and have free transit in Europe.

Added to this we can mention the free exercise of the profession that you have studied. For Argentines this great opportunity is crucial since Argentina is one of the few countries to offer a free education.

Currently there are different ways of obtaining said citizenship the most relevant are three. These are through naturalization, by descent, and by marrying someone who is nationalized.

If I have Italian relative

We started with the first regime to process the citizenship application, through Italian relatives or disagreements. Remember that This descendant must have nationalized and verifiable ancestors.

This modality It is widely used due to the migration that they made years ago in the different Latin countries. It should be noted that if you want to apply for this citizenship you must belong directly and linearly to an Italian relative.

Remember that These European countries went through different wars and economic crises that forced their inhabitants to emigrate to other countries. However, this is one of the most used causes for the naturalization of new relatives.

Requirements of the documents to be presented

To start the process we will detail the documents you need according to your ancestor. The documents that you must deliver are the following:

If the relative is your grandfather:

  • Birth certificate of the grandfather or grandmother.
  • Marriage certificate of the grandfather or grandmother.
  • If he has already died, deliver the death certificate.
  • Certificate as a voting citizen of the Electoral Chamber.
  • The birth certificate of the father and mother.
  • Marriage certificate of the father and mother.
  • If he has already died, deliver the death certificate of the father and mother.
  • The applicant’s birth certificate.

If the relative is your parents:

  • The birth certificate of the father and mother.
  • Marriage certificate of the father and mother.
  • Certificate as a voting citizen of the Electoral Chamber.
  • If he has already died, deliver the death certificate of the father and mother.
  • The applicant’s birth certificate.

These in turn may vary depending on the level or generation to which you belong and the distance that you have with the relative. We urge further information within the entities in charge of this process.

Who can apply and what must submit

This application is submitted only for the citizen who wishes to acquire Italian nationality. It should be noted that these procedures must be carried out especially by authorized agents by the managing body.

In addition to following the instructions given by the competent authorities regarding this matter. However, with regard to the documentation that is required, it is essential that you have some proof that you are close to your family there is some Italian nationality.

At the same time, we urge our readers to find out about the different migratory aspects that it represents. Let us remember that it is possible that we have reached the limit of nationalities granted and we are forced to disengage from any.

Citizenship by marriage to an Italian citizen

This immigration regime is another of the most common when it comes to naturalization, this represents the union between an Italian and a person of another nationality. In turn, it allows immediate granting as an Italian citizen at the time of the marriage union.

It should be noted that according to Italian laws to be able to receive citizenship by marriage yes owns two years of marriage in Italy. AND three if it is not within the geographical area of ​​Italy.

This process continually merits meet certain requirements that will be crucial when processing naturalization. The documents necessary for this regime will be mentioned below:

  • Birth certificate apostilled and translated into Italian.
  • Criminal record certificate issued by the country where you come from.
  • National identity document or passport.
  • Cancellation of fees for citizenship application.

These requirements must be consigned by the persons or contracting parties who do not have Italian nationality. In addition to doing it only before the competent entities or agencies.

Italo-Argentina Citizenship Agreement

Currently Argentina has an agreement which allows native Italian citizens who naturalized as Argentines. Specifically after September 12, 1974 and before August 16, 1992 they will remain with their Italian citizenship.

This will allow them to continue enjoying the benefits offered by both the Argentine Republic and the nation of Italy. It should be noted that this will only be allowed sAccording to the parameters that Federal Judge, the entities in charge and the government establish.

However, the fact that the migration season by Italians due to different circumstances is assured is relevant. Since within these dates many Italians due to political disputes had to emigrate in search of a better quality of life.

How can I lose Italian citizenship

It is very difficult to mention a number of cases that can occur that lead to the annulment of Italian nationality. Since currently there is an endless number of cases which can only be known by reading these laws.

Finally, it is important to mention at least the most important reason why citizenship can be revoked. This is presented yes an Italian citizen marries outside the constitutional state of Italy.

This therefore instantly annuls the nationality agreement, since you marry a foreigner. In foreign geographic territory therefore this revokes Italian citizenship.

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