Requirements to teach in Argentine secondary: Required documents

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Education is one of the fundamental pillars for the comprehensive professional development of a person. This will help you to form yourself as a thinking and critical being in the face of the different situations that arise in your day-to-day life.

That is why the world education is seen as one of the fundamental issues for the socio-economic development of a country. In addition, it is of vital importance for the person who is being educated.

Thanks to the growing demand for professors within this country, it is imperative that different personalities apply for these positions. Since the growing demand and shortage of teachers can be a negative factor for the development of the nation

Thus, a certain percentage of the population does not obtain or does not enjoy proper education and literacy. Before this Different world organizations have joined the fight of this circumstance, such is the case of the NGO.

In Argentina, the government has proposed to provide its citizens with a dignified and complete education. That is why we want to share with you this informative article on how to teach secondary school in this country and the requirements that it entails.

What is entering teaching in Argentina about

Each country it has a very different way of governing the rules when it comes to education. These are reflected within the socio-economic development of a city.

However, within the Argentine Republic, its position towards secondary education has different aspects. Which govern the entire educational system of the nation, to make it the most optimal and appropriate for the population.

Within these statutes you will find different characteristics and legal aspects that must be met to exercise the teaching career. In addition to providing legal information to teachers graduated from foreign universities.

What do I need to teach high school

Like a large part of the formalities and educational processes, it is essential that you have the necessary information. This is seen as necessary because the government or managing body must maintain a rigorous inspection of the files or requests for teaching.

Remember that these adhere to the different laws in what it confers on education within the country. Which makes it the reason why these requirements may vary depending on your location.


Below we will quote you the necessary requirements to teach classes at the secondary level:

  • The title of teacher, issued by a university.
  • If the title has not yet been granted, submit a document stating that it is being processed.
  • If you are still in training as a teacher, have half or more of the Credit Units of the pension approved.
  • Be of Argentine nationality by naturalization or by birth granted for having more than 5 years in the country.
  • Speak and understand Spanish fluently.

Required documentation

The process to register it’s simple, you just have to fill out an application form with personal data and add the required documentation. Which will help the application process, the documents necessary for said application will be detailed below:

  • Authenticated copy of the title.
  • Documents that clearly certify the experience as a teacher.
  • Document that you claim from other training studies.
  • All documents that affirm his performance and teaching aptitude.

Remember that these documents must be delivered together with the previously mentioned messages. Before the competent body or bodies responsible for managing said requests.

Training for teachers without teaching qualifications

Maybe true context A professional, does not have the title Right for teaching but he still exercises it. This case occurs more and more within the Republic of Argentina. Which is one of the countries with more teachers in these conditions.

Faced with this situation, the government of Argentina has proposed to normalize such cases of educators. In this way, government entities have designed a system that resides in this situation in a positive way.

This program called Pathways of Pedagogical Strengthening of the National Institute of Teacher Training It is structurally composed of three paths:

  1. The Teaching Staff for Secondary Education is intended for those university professionals who teach subjects related to their university degree.
  2. The Pedagogical Certification for Secondary Education is intended for primary-level teachers who, being superior technicians or university professionals, dictate subjects not related to their career of origin.
  3. The Jurisdictional Pedagogical Certification for Secondary Education, this path is intended for people over twenty-five years of age, who have a secondary degree, as the highest academic certification achieved.

The way of teaching this training is based on modernization in reference to studies didactic-pedagogical. In addition to making the proper organization for the presence in the Higher Institutes of Teacher Training.

Specialization in Secondary Level Teaching

The diplomat is directed for all those education professionals who belong to institutions of public and private education of Buenos Aires. Furthermore, it was organized and sponsored jointly with the Secretary for Academic Affairs of the UBA.

For purposes of modernize knowledge and provide them with an exceptional reflection on the wonderful world of teaching. In addition to being one of the most satisfying and highest paid careers in the world.

Regarding the type of work, currently it is possible to study in person and at a distance. Which are held every three Saturdays, during 3 semesters that apply or that lasts.

The requirements to enroll in the specialization or postgraduate course are:

  • Deliver or show the university degree obtained, or alternative studies of at least 4 years duration.
  • Give classes as a teacher to secondary school, within a public educational institution.

It is pertinent to mention that to receive the corresponding accreditation, you must comply with at least 80% of classes face-to-face of each period. In turn, the successful approval of the evaluations you have applied.

However, it must be recorded or elaborated a teaching project, as a final grade assessment, from its preparation to the defense before the people of the assigned jury.

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