Requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina: Everything they haven’t told you

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The requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina It is one of the searches that most Argentines do on the internet when they leave the country. And this is something extremely logical since each country has its requirements of entry and exit for foreigners who are visiting it.

Even more so when it comes to two neighboring countries in which it is normal for there to be a daily traffic of people passing between its borders. Do you want to know more about the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina? Are you interested in knowing what are the necessary procedures?

Then here you will find everything you need!

Requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina

For all those people who have no idea what the requirements are to travel to Chile from Argentina here is a complete list:

  • The first thing you should have if you want to travel to Chile is the passport up to date and valid until the end of the stay.
  • You may also be able to travel to Chile using only the National Identity Document, as long as it is current and in good condition.
  • In the case of entering by air, you must have the round trip ticket already bought before your trip.
  • It will also be necessary that demonstrate financial solvency to be able to make the trip and finance their stay from start to finish in the neighboring country.
  • In the event that it is an invitation for business reasons must show the letter of the company or the company that invited you.
  • You may be asked to teach reservations at the hotel in which you are going to stay during your stay in the territory of Chile.

Required documents

Once all the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina are known, it is common for people to start asking the necessary documents.

And the truth is that this is something very logical because each nation asks for certain documents to allow access to its territory.

In fact there are some nations in which request a large quantity of documents to be able to even request the visa, not to mention the income.

However, this is not the case of Chile with Argentina because, as they are neighboring nations, migration is very common.

In case you have any questions about which documents are always requested to enter Chilean territory here we tell you:

  • First of all is the National Identity Document Argentine, having to be in good condition to accept entry to this southern nation.
  • The passport It is the other document that the border and customs authorities of Chile will request to allow you to easily enter their national territory.

Under 18 years of age

In the event that the minor is traveling with both parents You must carry the following requirements to enter Chile without any problem:

  • First of all, you must carry the Civil Family notebook, in good condition, and containing all the necessary affiliation data.
  • You must also bring a copy and an original of the Birth Certificate of the minor in which all the necessary data are correct.
  • In the same way you must bring the Birth Certificate in original and in copy, although it does not matter what was the date of its issuance.
  • Finally, it is necessary to have the National Identity Document of the minor in which are the filiation data with their parents.

In case the minor travel with only one parent It must carry, in addition to the comments, written consent of the missing parent.

If the minor going to travel alone You will need all the aforementioned documentation and also a permit granted by the competent legal authorities.

What do I need to leave the country

A question that some people ask themselves when they talk about the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina is what they need to leave the country.

And the truth is that this is a question you have tremendous importance depending on the type of trip that is currently going to be made.

In this sense, reference is made to the idea that Argentina is a born of open borders, which is why anyone can go out.

However, it will be requested in any of the cases ID and passport of the person who is going to leave the national territory.

The reason for this is something very simple: keep proper control of people who have emigrated or gone on vacation abroad.

In the same way it is also necessary to prevent human trafficking that is currently leaving Argentina for other countries in the world.

At the same time it is also useful for fight effectively against drug trafficking that can occur between any of the borders of the nation.

What do I need to enter the country

Once you are out of the country, a question that people ask very often is how to enter the nation again.

And the truth is that, regardless of whether you travel from Chile to Argentina or vice versa the requirements are the same that were mentioned above.

The only two requirements that the nation’s authorities will request at all times are passport and ID for easy entry.

The reason for this is something very simple, being the fact that keep track on all persons who enter the nation legally.

And it is that, at present, one of the problems that countries have the most in the world is the issue of illegal immigration.

In this sense, Chile is quite strict because suffers from a high proportion of illegal immigration from the different countries of the southern cone.

Despite this, due to the agreements and pacts it has with Argentina, almost always only the DNI is requested to enter the country.


Another question that worries many of those who seek the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina is the luggage issue.

But the truth is that there are very few restrictions Regarding the products that can enter Chile without problems from Argentina in general.

This occurs above all with the theme of clothes, Well, there is no type of clothing brand that is not currently accepted.

Despite this you have to be careful with the food because certain types of fruits are not allowed in the Chilean territory.

The reason for this is that it is considered that can be harmful for the flora of this country, as well as for parts of the population.

This is the same case of some food that can be confiscated at customs or at the border for being illegal in the nation.

Nevertheless all electronic devices are allowed and they can be transported in luggage without any problem in any of the customs.

Is it possible to enter objects bought in another country?

The answer to the question whether objects from another country can be entered is a resounding yes depending on what is entered.

As mentioned in the previous section it depends a lot on the object that their entry is allowed by the customs or border authorities.

However in the case of inedible objects the truth is that there are practically no restrictions on entry.

The reason for this is that, regardless of whether you travel to or from Chile, are not considered different or even dangerous these objects.

One One of the clearest examples of this is that you can travel with cell phones or laptops without there being any kind of problems currently.

The same happens in the case that an electronic device has been purchased just like a television to be passed through the border today.

Of course, it must be taken into account that for this road travel recommended since by air there are many more limitations.

What should I know if I travel with pets

In case you want to know the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina with your pet you should know that it is a bit complicated.

The reason for this is that, in the case of traveling by air you must buy the pet’s ticket along with yours.

In the same way you should also take into account that you will have to get a series of permits to allow entry into Chilean territory.

Of course, in most cases, all these permissions easily handled by your vet or you can recommend someone to do it quickly.

In general it is recommended that, if you are traveling with your pet, I did it by road because there are fewer complications.

As you can see the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina they are easy to get.

And with our guide you will have them quickly!

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