Requirements to work in the Argentine Customs: All the information you need to know

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You may have a keen interest in running any type of organization. So, combining this with the great passion that many people have with trade or exchange in general, today you are offered many more options than just studying foreign trade.

Customs brokers are multitasking people, who with a lot of effort and dedication must be prepared for all kinds of activities. If you think you have what it takes to face this race, we present the requirements to work in the Argentine Customs.

What is a customs broker

A customs broker He is an auxiliary agent who provides his service in a customs office. They are mainly in charge of coordinating, organizing, controlling and executing the tasks that link the imports and exports of the private sector as a whole to the official institutions within the country’s Foreign Trade.

The functions of a customs broker make up the safe and correct development of the Foreign Trade of Argentina. Your task is not just to serve as a helper or helper in this area. The customs broker You must know tariff classifications to document merchandise, apply and understand customs, financial, exchange and other regulations, along with many other tasks.

The customs broker he must even act as an integral advisor within the system, knowing how to ensure the optimization of costs and time.

For this reason, the trade should not be underestimated, as it creates trained personnel for customs activities of the best quality. In this way, it is able to establish and maintain an optimal system within the Foreign Trade of Argentina.

Work like customs broker It is not only a very interesting activity and for which you need to achieve and perform different skills. It is also a very current occupation.

Commercial exchanges with the exterior are so present that the offers to work as customs broker they are almost endless, as long as the staff is trained.

How long does the customs broker career last?

The duration of the customs broker career It will always depend on the institution in which you decide to train. Usually it lasts a couple of years, but the length can be one to three years In most cases. This way you can ensure that you have all the requirements to work in the Argentine Customs.

The profile with which a student of the customs broker career It includes matters related to commerce, administrative management and other characteristics. Some of them are:

  • Enthusiasm for the administration.
  • Ease of performing procedures.
  • Ability for organization.
  • Strategic spirit.
  • Great capacity for interpersonal relationships.
  • Interest in the progress of a company or institution.
  • Business skills.
  • Talent for oral expression.
  • Ease of analysis and interpretation.
  • Ability to do the required calculations.
  • Good means of providing advice.
  • Commitment when giving and following instructions.
  • Interest in the regulations and laws to be known.

Of course, your training will not end here.

As the business procedures of Argentina with other countries go forward, the knowledge and interests that you must achieve will do so. A correct training will be able to open thousands of doors In a lot less time (but with a lot more dedication) than a standard race could do!

Requirements to be registered in the Registry of Dispatchers

A customs broker, after completing his career in a training institution, must obtain a license to clear in the customs service. When working as a representative of your importing or exporting company, you should know the requirements to be registered in the Registry of Dispatchers:

  • Be older than 18 years.
  • Checking to determine if you can trade yourself.
  • Have previously enrolled in the Public Registry of Commerce of Argentina.
  • Have the secondary degree approved in its entirety.
  • Prove your real address.
  • Get a special address within the urban radius of the customs office where you will provide your services.
  • Take the theoretical and practical exams to prove that you have the knowledge to work in the Argentine customs system.
  • Have the necessary solvency and the security guarantee of compliance with obligations in favor of the Directorate General of Customs Argentina.

What should we study to work in Customs control

To work in customs control you must study everything that within the academic training allows you to have the practical approach to regulate the different activities carried out in a customs office. It is there when you are prepared about the procedures, regulations and eventualities that you will have to face in your work area.

Although you can access one of the institutions determined for this purpose, since they fulfill the above functions, you can study some more conventional careers that will complement your training. Among them are:

  • International Trade.
  • International business or logistics.
  • Transport and logistics.
  • Administration and finance.
  • Warehouse organization and management.
  • Logistics, transport and international distribution.
  • Among other.

In addition to the previous training, it is usually required that you have a very good training in various languages. Although the main one is English, having these knowledge and skills will allow you to develop with infinite ease in your workplace.

Also, during your career years, you must learn how to control and carry out administrative, criminal and tax procedures, and know in depth the specific figures and terms within your work environment.

In general terms, the graduate of the customs broker career is acquiring different skills and knowledge, such as:
  1. Develop the customs declaration that is put in front of you correctly.
  2. Know the nomenclature of the inputs or products that pass through the service and the fee to be paid in each case.
  3. To be able to advise the participants of the foreign trade process on the issues of logistics regulations and procedures.
  4. Comply with the general customs clearance processes.
  5. Maintain functional communications between importers and exporters so that merchandise is marketed correctly within Argentina.

What tasks does the Customs control worker have

Between the most common tasks that the customs control worker or a customs broker has are as follows:

  • Comply with commercial advice for parties interested in making an import or export.
  • Carry out the formalities of tariffs, obligations and taxes for the exporting or importing entity or individual.
  • Classify the merchandise according to the customs codes of Argentina. In the same way, you must know all the regulations in force in the country, so you must keep yourself very well informed.
  • Ensure that the products and participants meet the requirements for the process, ensuring compliance with the controls established by law.
  • Control the merchandise that enters Argentina. This is usually a dangerous job, but you must detect any irregularity or introduction of illegal merchandise into the country. Among the material that can be blocked at customs control is:

Weapons or items that may threaten the integrity of citizens or the nation.

Capital not declared in customs, which means that they have entered the country without having paid taxes requested.

Medicines, narcotic or illegal substances not declared or allowed.

Unauthorized food or natural products or that violate health standards.

Merchandise that comes from the illegal market or that is false.
  • Guarantee the safety of ordinary citizens.
  • Give instructions and information that corresponds to the customs management of any merchandise that enters or is exported from the country.
  • Present in customs the documentation that is requested to complete the clearance of all merchandise. The process can currently be carried out thanks to the system of Electronic data interchange. This can include:

The Single Administrative Document for the traffic agent or carrier that needs it.

The tariff classification papers.

Customs regulations and any provision that is applied with respect to the merchandise that is intended to be dispatched.

  • Manage the following activities:

The physical inspections of the customs office where you work, including always being present during these procedures.

The requirements so that the customs can especially complete the dispatch of the merchandise.

  • Specify the collections and payments of duties, taxes and various payments on behalf of the owner of a merchandise to settle the expenses that allow it to be removed from the customs office.
  • Provide attention and awareness about the knowledge of the legislation of Argentina with respect to the country’s Foreign Trade system.
  • Give the necessary information to tourists who want to enter the country and accompany them during the process of entry and exit from Argentina if necessary.

Being a customs broker is a most interesting profession. We assure you that you will meet all kinds of people, you will face various situations. You will also learn a lot about trading, management, and the skills you need in your daily life.

Thus, Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create an incredible future for yourself!

If you are passionate about international trade and its legislation, bring together each and every one of the requirements to work in the Argentine Customs.

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