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He Form 558/Afor the request for debt determination and review situation, is a tool designed for self-employed workers within the YES CAMhe Information System for Autonomous and Monotributistas Taxpayers.

With this document, which you can obtain by entering the links that we will leave later, users (self-employed workers and holders of social services) can request information regarding their economic activities and their contributions.

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) They have created this service that has been operating since 2003 to facilitate the registration of system users.

Therefore, here we will show you how to consult and modify your tax information through your Form 558/A.

Form 558/A

He Form 558/A and their similar ones are documents issued by SICAM. Said forms fulfill the primary function of being issued at the time of beginning a procedure for the granting of a pension benefit for AFIP or ANSES on the whole.

It is a unique service for all those independent workers and monotributistas who work or have worked in Argentina.

It also works as a tool to verify your debts and magazine situation within the same system. Notifies you of the need to make any payment that you still have to make to the YES CAM or consult and include various economic activities in which you participate.

You form 558/A will contain the following information:

  • Your full name and surname.
  • The dependency number that corresponds to your address.
  • The numbers or codes of the accounts that the AFIP when entering the system.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The number and type of identification document that you register.
  • The regimes that you have registered in the system.
  • The social contributions you receive from public institutions.
  • The autonomous or monotribute activities in which you participate.
  • An affidavit that identifies you as the owner.
  • Your signature.
  • The place and date of your request.

If you are the holder of a social service plan, the data described here is added to the previous form:

  • Your personal data (date of birth, age and the date of death of the account holder, if deceased).
  • The type of benefit requested.
  • The characteristic data of the liquidation: the date of the partial debt request, if you are retired or not and if your current residence is outside the country.
  • Another small sworn statement that establishes your condition as owner. In addition to demonstrating that you certify the information presented.
  • Your signature.
  • The place and date of the request.

How to complete form 558/A

to complete your form 558/A and make your request, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Enter the AFIP website.
  2. Enter your Fiscal Code and enter the system.
  3. Select the login option YES CAM.
  4. At this point you are presented with the data included in the system. These are the name and surname of the user, your current and active CUIT and your account code. This code can be consulted by attending a dependency of the AFIP.

The system then shows you two options: inquiry and settlement. In the first you can view your history as an independent worker. In the second you can enter the information to calculate your debts.

  1. You must select, within the liquidation option, that you want to obtain the form 558/A Debt determination and payment validation. This through the category of “General Pension Debt”.
  2. There you can consult or fill in your personal data, the payments that are registered in the databases of the institutions and the date of the last calculated settlement. You must also include the benefit requested (advance benefit, pension, retirement, etc.).
  3. Record the answers to the following boxes: Partial debt request, Residence abroad, and, Are you Retired?
  4. press «Keep» to complete the registration information.
  5. Now you go to the “Magazine Situation”where you indicate your economic activities and the start and end period of the same.
  6. The liquidation is calculated, which will allow you to enter the plan of facilities of the Law No. 24476apply for your unemployment benefits and print your Form 558/A.
Important information

Always keep in mind that you Form 558/A corresponds to the details of your request settlement.

On the other hand, the models B and C of the same correspond to the validation of payments from the periods of action of each one. The first pertaining to payments up to July 31, 1993 and the second, payments after the August 1 of the same year.

Uses of the Form

All the information that your form 558/A It is related to your history of autonomous economic activities and verification of compliance with your social security contributions.

It allows you to consult any payment made and modify the information about it in case the payment is incorrect or not registered. However, you must try to change the information by going to any of the service offices of the ANSES or the AFIP.

Entering your information people and autonomous activities in your form 558/A, you will be able to request your liquidation (see retirement or early retirement) total or partial, depending on your performance in the registry. You will also be able to correct the information it provides, such as debts, and print the payment receipts that will help you modify your status in the system.

You are also allowed to consult your tax information, so that you can use it to request aid or services within both institutions.

This form, and the system itself, will give you access to the following aid within the Information System for Autonomous and Monotributistas Taxpayers (SICAM):

  • Access the procedure for entering the user’s personal and fiscal data.
  • The offset between the various fields and values.
  • The information referring to the payments registered in the databases of the AFIP and the ANSES.
  • The inclusion or correction of all unrecorded payments.
  • The modification of all payments made.
  • Debt settlement.
  • The settlement of the services in which the users are included.

What is SICAM?

He Computer System for Autonomous and Monotributistas Taxpayersabbreviated SICAM, is a tool developed for the web of the AFIP. It was implemented so that self-employed workers (individuals) include in the system the economic activities in which they participate.

It is the tool through which, along with many other procedures, you can make the request that corresponds to the form 558/A.

Through the system you can check the payments you have made. In case the information in these is not correct, you have the opportunity to modify it.

You will also be able to enter any unrecorded payments. You can resolve it by requesting its verification at ANSES or any AFIP agency, as long as it corresponds to your registered address.

Likewise, by entering your personal data and the economic activities you carry out, you can obtain your partial or total settlement. All this taking into account that you should not present debts. In which case the system will show you the payment receipts, through which you can make the necessary cancellations.

forms, such as form 558/A and their derivatives or similar must be presented in the ANSES Inclusion Support Units or in the dependencies of the AFIP-DGI.

This service is available both for self-employed workers and for those who wish to start their application for social security benefits.

To review…

All criteria regarding this tool YES CAM are established by the following regulations:

  1. The Joint Resolution No. 1415 of 2003 of the ANSES.
  2. The Joint Resolution No. 1616 of 2003 of the AFIP.
  3. The Joint Provision No. 1 between both institutions.

SICAM procedures

The procedures that you can carry out through the YES CAMBesides of form 558/Aare:

  • The request for retroactive registration in self-employed workers to declare periods. This through form 460.
  • The retroactive discharge in self-employed workers to declare periods late, thanks to form 460.
  • The Unique Tax Identification Code if you do not have it, by means of the same form.
  • You can also process your request for the Fiscal Code using form 3282.

It is time for users of the services offered by the largest administration entities in the country (the National Administration of Social Security and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues) begin to be aware of their tax processes.

Thanks to YES CAMall self-employed workers and settlement beneficiaries will be able to consult their payments and correct any difference they have with their true activities.

All this thanks to the use of this Form 558/A and how to get it online. Easy, safe and automatic, where you only need your name and your Unique Tax Identification Code.

You can trust this service even if you are just beginning your inclusion in the Argentine economic sector through independent work. The same as if you are the holder of any aid offered by said institutions.

What are you waiting for to include yourself in the Computer System for Autonomous and Monotributistas Taxpayers and access the benefits that these two institutions offer you?

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