Steps and Requirements for Pregnancy Assignment in Argentina

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Do you know what is Universal Allowance for Pregnancy? Who is to receive it? how much is it? which are the Pregnancy Allowance Requirements?

Well, don’t worry! Because here, we will explain everything you need to know about the Universal Pregnancy Allowance in Argentina.

The pregnancy allowance in Argentina refers to a type of special economic aid for pregnant women, a Social Protection service offered by ANSES and seeks to help the largest number of women, who are not in a position to pay for their pregnancy alone. This Pregnancy Allowance program has been helping Argentine women in economic decline for several years now.

Requirements for Pregnancy Allowance in Argentina

Actually, to be able to qualify for this type of Credit, you do not need many requirements, since this service offered by ANSES seeks to serve and protect the largest number of mothers around Argentina.

Among the requirements demanded in the ANSES offices, to access this Social Protection, are:

  • Nationality

    It is a requirement to be able to access the Pregnancy Assignment Program, to have the Argentina Nationality. In case of being a foreigner, you must be naturalized.

  • Place of residence

    It is a requirement to be benefited by the Pregnancy Allowance Credit that the pregnant woman resides in the Argentine Republic. In the case of being a Foreigner, you must have at least three years of residence in the Argentine Republic.

  • Pregnancy time

    It is a requirement to be able to access this type of Social Protection to have at least 12 weeks of pregnancy, since it is considered that after that stage of pregnancy, the pregnant woman is no longer in a stage of latent danger of abortion.

  • Registration in the SUMAR Program

    It is a requirement to be able to be part of the Program of Pregnancy allowance, be enrolled in the SUMAR Program. With the exception of domestic service workers, social monotributists, seasonal workers and among others.

  • Medical controls

    It is a requirement to be able to access this type of Social Protection Program, comply with all the necessary medical controls and keep them up to date. At the ANSES office, they will ask you for a folder with all the records of your pregnancy, in chronological order.

Documents for Pregnancy Allowance in Argentina

At the ANSES office, they will ask you for a series of documents, which prove your quality as pregnant and justify why you need this type of credit help from the Pregnancy Allowance Program.

Next we will give you a list of the necessary documents to be able to access this service:

  • Identification document

    You must take your DNI or National Identification Document with you, with its respective photocopy.
    In the event that you are a Naturalized Foreigner, in addition to carrying your DNI or National Identification Document, you must also carry your Passport and the document by which your naturalization is certified, with the corresponding photocopies.

  • Proof of Residence

    This document is requested to verify that you are still residing in the Argentine Republic.

  • Form

    In addition, you must carry the PS Form 2.67previously filled in with your personal data.
    This form is used to Request the Pregnancy Allowance Program.

  • Medical Control Records

    This Requirement is requested to verify that you are still pregnant, and that everything is normal with your pregnancy.

  • Marriage/Cohabitation Certificate

    This requirement is requested in the event that your family ties are not up to date.

  • Family Group ID

    This requirement is requested in the event that your family ties are not up to date.
    In addition, you must bring the corresponding photocopies of each of the National Identification Documents of your Relatives.

  • Proof of Registration in SUMAR

    This requirement is requested to verify that you have enrolled in the SUMAR Program

Procedures for Pregnancy Assignment

  1. The first thing you should do is make sure you meet all the personal requirements that are required to be able to access this Pregnancy Allowance program.
  2. Then you must collect all the necessary documents, previously described.
  3. Go to the nearest ANSES office
  4. Submit all required documents
  5. From there, your request is made, you will only have to wait a period of maximum five business days for ANSES to give you a response to your request.

Who should receive it

This Pregnancy Assignment Program corresponds to receive it to women who suffer from some type of unfavorable economic situation.

That for one reason or another they cannot bear the expenses of their pregnancy and upcoming delivery.

Below is a list of the situations contemplated by the Pregnancy Allowance Program:

  1. Unemployed Women.
  2. Informal workers.
  3. Those Women Who Have Income Equal To The Minimum Wage Or Less Than The Minimum, Vital And Mobile Wage.
  4. Women who belong to the social monotributistas section of Argentina.
  5. Women who are in charge of Domestic Service Work.

That are within any of these plans:

  • Argentina Plan Works
  • Hands on Work Plan
  • Program They Do
  • Or some type of Ministry of Labor Program that is compatible.

Amount of Allowances for Pregnancy in Argentina

The amount of the Pregnancy Allowance is charged for the number of children. For each child, approximately, the program assigns you a total amount of $1,493 Argentine pesos.

Which will be distributed as follows:

80% of that amount, that is to say 1194.40 Argentine pesos, will be divided to be collected each month.

20% of that amount, that is, the remaining 298.60 Argentine Pesos, may be received by the pregnant woman, once the child is born, or in the event that the pregnancy has been interrupted.

This amount varies, especially if you live in certain areas, the amount usually increases.

For example, the amount of the allowance is a little more considerable, if you are residing in «Zone 1».

«Zone 1» Corresponds to the provinces of Chubut, La Pampa, Río Negro, Neuquén, Snatan Cruz, Antartida, Tierra de Fuego, the South Atlantic Islands and the Patagones Party, in the southernmost part of the Province of Buenos Aires .

The allocation is increased to this zone to 1941 Argentine pesos.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any pending questions, leave them in the comments.

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