Steps and Requirements to be UBER in Argentina

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Are you looking for a freelance job? Do you want to be your own boss? Perhaps you have contemplated the idea of ​​becoming an Uber driver. Do you know where to start? Here we bring you all steps and requirements to be an Uber in Argentina. But what does it mean to be an Uber driver? It means that you will provide private transportation to people, through a digital platform. You can command the amount of time you dedicate to work.

Do not think that it will be an easy journey either, since the process to become an Uber driver is a bit complicated and has its little trick. It’s not that serious, you just have to be aware of all the information we collect for you, so keep reading!

What is Uber?

If at this point in life, you still don’t know what UBER is about and you feel lost, calm down, you shouldn’t worry, we will explain everything to you so that you can integrate into this new tool or means of transportation of the 21st century.

Uber is a tool that has innovated the usual Transport Services, through technology, where by downloading and using an application, people who need to be transported can have a fast, efficient and cheaper service. It connects private drivers with users in need of transportation.

This tool offers this service through drivers associated with your company, who work around the city, giving you a safer and more comfortable service.

Uber Types

Likewise, you must understand that there are different types of UBER, to adapt to your needs, among which we can find:

  • Uber-X: This Category refers to the cheapest Automobiles, which are found within the Everyday.
  • uber suvs: This Category refers to Large Cars, in which more than 5 People fit. Ideal if you are going to a party with several friends.
  • uber lux: This Category refers to the Automobiles, which are within the Classification of Elegant, Ideal to take you to Gala Parties or Important Meetings.

Requirements to be an Uber driver in Argentina

Some of the main requirements to be able to work as an Uber driver in Argentina are:

  1. Age, To be Uber, the minimum age required is 21 years. Which refers to the legal age to start driving.
  2. The means of transport or work toolUber requires you to own your own car or that of a third party, in order to fulfill your daily tasks.
  3. In addition to that you must have a Bank account enabled in any bank of the Republic in order to receive Uber payments.
  4. have a smartphone either Android or iPhone, to be able to access the application and customer orders.
  5. Finally, a hedriver’s license as well as the green, white or blue ID and a cobligatory minimum insurance that are in force.
  6. Have a valid ID

How can I work at Uber

In order to start working at UBER, you must meet the aforementioned requirements.

Ready? Well, in addition to that you must follow a certain number of steps that we will explain in detail below.

  1. You must register on their platform and fill out a series of forms that the Page will ask you to enter.
  2. Once you have successfully registered and filled out the corresponding forms, you will have to conbecome a partner. You will get other forms to fill out, and a policy of terms and conditions.
  3. The page will then ask you to upload the Driver’s license and insurance policy of your car for a quick verification. That way, they’ll check that the car is in your name, that you’re qualified to drive, and that you’re not lying about the car’s requirements.
  4. From there you will have to wait for the UBER company to give you Verification. This process can take an average of 1 to 3 days to receive a response.
  5. The last step is to download the UBER Application on your cell phone and enter the application with the data provided by the company to perform your new job.

After having followed these simple steps, you will already be able to consider yourself a UBER driverand perform when you want.

What Kind of Cars Does UBER Accept?

It is not that UBER is a company, especially demanding in terms of clothing, hours or work itself.

But really, there are some specifications and requirements regarding the types of cars that are accepted for the service as an Uber driver to be fulfilled.

Since as such the type of Car that you drive would be like the «face» or the «image» of UBER.

So they try to have a specific car prototype that adjusts to the quality that they want to represent as a company.

Here we bring you the Requirements that your car must meet in order to be part of the UBER Family.

The Requirements for the UBER Car are:

  • The car can be gasoline, diesel, CNG.
  • Must have a Green or Blue ID
  • Specifically and Without Exception, Car is required to be a 2007 Model Year or Later
  • That it is in good condition
  • Doesn’t Really Specify As to Size
  • But if it requires that it have 4 doors
  • Have air conditioning
  • And Count on Room for Luggage.

Tips and Recommendations for UBER Drivers

When people use UBER, they look for a top quality service, so the Driver must take this into account and take the expectations of the clients and make them come true.

So in this part, we will give you some tips for managing a VIP service:

  • Say hello, is essential advice. Manners are necessary to perform well in this job.
  • Open the Door to the User and if necessary help him with the Luggage
  • Ask the User about his Musical Tastes, so that the trip becomes more enjoyable.
  • Inviting Water or Sweets to Customers is an Absolute Yes. Everyone is already used to that kind of treatment at UBER. More than advice, a requirement.
  • Smile, the impact of a Smile is very strong, it creates a domino effect. You can brighten the User’s day.
  • Keep the Weather in Consideration, always have an Umbrella on hand, in case it Rains you can help your Client and not get wet.
  • Always carry a Phone Charger with you, of both types, for Android and Iphone. You can save the User’s day.
  • Every time you finish with a Client, Check your Car, in case he left something, you can return it to him.
  • Always bring a Copy and the Original of the Insurance Policy, in case an accident occurs.
  • At the end, the Customer must be thanked for having used the Service.
  • You should never Carry Packages, and if you are going to, check the interior. It’s not going to be that they get you in trouble.

Benefits of working at Uber

If you still do not find Working as an UBER Partner attractive, here we will leave you a short list of the benefits of working as a Private Driver in UBER:

  1. Be your own boss

    Are you Tired of having to render Accounts to other People? Well, in UBER you will become your own Boss. You can work at your expense, your car, your rules. Being able to design your schedules, dedicate more time to your family, to your new hobby. Decide the limit of your Earnings. UBER offers you all this and more.

  2. Earnings-Extras

    UBER gives you the possibility to manage your income. Depending on how much you work, you can increase your earnings. Do you need that New Phone in your Life? You will only have to spend a little more time Driving and in a few days you could collect the Necessary, without having to spend a Credit.

  3. Safety and Comfort

    This is one of the factors that influence everyone to switch to UBER. Since UBER will be monitoring you while you do your job. As well as you can also receive specialized assistance service, in case you have an accident. You can be Comfortable with the users you ride in your Car, since UBER performs a verification for you, so that you feel safe while you earn money.

  4. Your Ideal Schedule

    UBER is very flexible in terms of hours, you do not have to cover a minimum quota of hours, but you can decide how many hours you drive, how many times, at what time, where you work, etc. That way you can spend more time for yourself and your loved ones.

At what time is it better to go out for a drive?

The best time to work as an UBER is between 5 am and 10 am. Normally, many people need to get to airports or work and there are usually many trips, with highly fluctuating rates.

The second best time is between 1 and 3 pm, because everyone leaves for lunch or work, the traffic becomes denser and more units are needed to cover the Transportation fee.

The third time is between 6 and 11 pm, at that time, people go to parties, or want to return home from them.

If you keep this schedule from Monday to Saturday, you can find yourself well positioned in terms of earnings and without making much effort.

I hope it has helped you. Remember to comment and share if you liked it!

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