Steps and requirements to enter the Argentine army

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The Argentine Army is a means of training, formation, discipline, both in character and in academic formation. This institution is in charge of exercising Defense and Military Attack of a Nation.

This hierarchical organization by a group of military forces of the country, is in charge of protecting the territorial borders.

The army is made up of different bodies, services and institutional units. The training process brings a lot of learning for those who decide to be part of this great public service to the nation, offering not only the order, protection and protection of the country but also of each and every one of its inhabitants.

Requirements for the Argentine army

It is necessary that every person who wishes to be part of the Argentine army meets all the requirements that the institution requests as one of the essential steps to be able to enter it.

The requirements are detailed as follows:

  1. must be argentinian
  2. be between 18 and 24 years of age
  3. Have completed primary school
  4. Pass the Psychophysical exam
  5. Have authorization signed by parents or guardians.
  6. Marital status must be single / In case of having children, you must have a person legally in charge of the minor.
  7. Submit a certificate of good conduct issued by the national police force.
  8. To clarify any doubt you should go to the nearest army unit.

How to enter the Argentine army

  • To join the army You must complete a series of steps to complete the application process. The first thing we will tell you is how to do everything.
  • Make the request: The application process is very complex since you must enter the official website of the Argentine army UNDEF National University of National Defense, the institution in charge of executing all the applications issued by the applicants.
  • Carry out the tests: These tests are necessary since they will evaluate different points of the applicants, such as knowledge in Argentine History, Mathematics, linguistic competence, MERCOSUR and Argentine Geography.
  • Your ability and physical fitness: In this test, applicants will have to perform some exercises to assess their condition, exercises that have to do with forward bending, push-ups and aerobic jogging.
  • Medical exam: This exam will include the evaluation of applicants in the area of ​​traumatology, otorhinolaryngology, Oral, their Visual Acuity, Anthropometry.
  • Corresponding exam by the Psychotechnical institution: Through this test, the reason why applicants want to enter the military career, their emotional stability and verify that their physical conditions are suitable to be able to carry out this career will be evaluated.

The dates for the tests according to the registration period in the selection centers in the interior regions of the country such as Córdoba, Posadas, Salta, Tucuman, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Comodoro Rivadavia among others are:

On November 5 to 9, 2018

And to enter the Military School of the Nation will be matched on December 3 to 6, 2018

Voluntary Military Service

Voluntary Military Service is your own decision of each Argentine citizen who wishes to exercise this service in his nation, both men and women, whether native or by option or naturalized citizens.

Its purpose is to cover all the personnel requirements of sailors of those combat units and naval bases and the dependency of the Navy organisms.

Through the admission course, people as volunteers will be named Missionaries in this way they must sign a service commitment for a period of approximately 2 years exercising the position of Second Sailor; At the end of this period and being confirmed, you can renew your service by rising to the position of Missionary first, this position can only be exercised up to an age between 27 and 28 years.

Applicants may only enter the Navy Petty Officer School if they meet all the requirements. Thus, they will be discharged as a Volunteer Missionary and then as a Naval Aspirant.

Argentine Military Schools

Schools are an educational, teaching center, educational institutions and inclusion centers, likewise a military school executes all the corresponding functions that Education deserves anywhere in the world.

Military schools in Argentina:

  1. General Roca Military High School: Located in Comodoro Rivadavia, for all applicants from this region who wish to enter the Military School.
  2. Argentinian army: This is located in Nauquen Argentina and offers a high level of teaching and preparation service.
  3. UNDEF-Army Faculty: Located in CABA Argentina, it is one of the best universities in Argentina where many students go to take the best preparation.
  4. War College: It is located in Buenos Aires Argentina, this school is one of those that has the library of collections of military histories.
  5. Military Mountain School “Tte. Gen. Juan Dominguez Perón” having professors and teachers of high academic and professional performance
  6. Military Lyceum: In San Martín Argentina where young people will have their military and disciplinary preparation to practice this profession with high physical and academic demands.
  7. Naval college: It is located in Buenos Aires Argentina and is an ideal place to develop the vocation as a Military Marine.
  8. Sergeant Army NCO School: It is located in Campo de Mayo Argentina and has a large group of students preparing to serve as Sergeants within military institutions.
  9. Dr. Damaso Centeno: In Buenos Aires – Argentina there is training for all students entering each year, to execute the preparation in their military career.
  10. Military Aeronautical High School: In Funes, Santa Fe is always renewing its academic preparation content to give the best to all men and women who want to prepare for office.
  11. General Mirror High School: In Mendoza, he is in charge of preparing young adolescents and training and indoctrinating them in adequate and formative academic training.
  12. Military Riding School: In Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires, there are high-generation teams, where young people and adults will learn disciplines in defense of the nation.
  13. Río Santiago Military Naval School: Its location is in Ensenada. Its staff is guaranteed and of high professional quality.
  14. Military Aviation School: Located in Cordoba. This school includes academic demands, preparing men and women with discipline, love for the nation, and fidelity.
  15. Military College of the Nation: Porlamar has decisive academic functions for all its students.

Salary of the Argentine Military

A few months ago the Argentine Government issued that the increases in military salaries would have to be corrected to decompress discontent within the Armed Forces.

Currently, the Government of the Argentine Republic unofficially made an increase of at least 60 thousand pesosyes, staying at approximately 13,038 and 59,938 pesos. With this information issued by the National Government after the decision of the President of the Republic of Argentina, military personnel are left with the new balance as follows:

  • Second class sailor 13,098 pesos
  • Second Class Volunteer 13,098 pesos
  • Lieutenant General 59,938 pesos
  • Brigadier General 59,938 pesos
  • Admiral 59,938 pesos

The pink house established the allocation of a remunerated sum in salary and not a bonus of two thousand for all military personnel. The executive power seeks to encourage and recognize the work of an adequate hierarchy in relation to the capacity, responsibility and dedication that the activity demands and that they must exercise every day.

Every soldier has his benefit for the Government of the nation.

Not only does he have his base salary, but he also has medical protection for him and his family. As well as bank benefits, loans, ease of purchasing items, and thus be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Argentine Military Armed Forces.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare in one of its Training Schools, in order to receive each of the bonuses, salaries and access to benefits for the institution and its staff.

Not leaving its function of protecting, caring for, and maintaining the order of the nation, and ensuring the defense of the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, the notion is linked to its members, facilities, and institutions that are part of the Armed Forces.

The dedication, service, discipline and loyalty for the Argentine people is of the utmost importance, since the function of the institutions of the Armed Forces is in charge of maintaining the national and citizen care of all those who make life within the country.

Through the official website of UNDEF You will be able to be up to date with all the changes and information that are carried out in the Argentine Army in terms of bonuses, salaries, rules, registrations, preparation institutions, requirements, test dates and among other information.

For all those with aspirations to be part of the Armed Forces that prepare every day for the defense, care and protection of their nation. Taking into account the ethical, moral and national values ​​that are required to practice this profession, dedication, honesty and firmness. To be a representative of the Republic of Argentina, we hope this article has been useful. We are here to help you!

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