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All Argentine students of the different levels of preparation can opt for the benefit of student ticket as long as they meet the requirements as the case may be that we are going to mention later. On the other hand, you can download the form and fill it out from your computer if you want.

student ticket form

If you know of a child who is a student of initial, primary or secondary education at a 100% subsidized public or private school or «0» quota, a Special Education school or a Vocational Training Center, register it so that this benefit is granted.

What is it and what is it for?

is a credential that allows Argentine students to travel in buses, subways and premetro in a free way.

Applies to students who take the initial, primary or secondary level in public and private institutions with contributions from the State and also for regular students of the Public universities that are part of the list of beneficiaries.

What you must use to be a beneficiary of the system is the SUBE card.

Download and print the form

From Monday, February 19, 2018, the possibility of printing the form is available. Do it from this address: STUDENT FORM

Raul Retamozo, transport delegate of the government of Córdoba for the south, made it known that the beneficiaries of the student ticket can go to the Transport Delegation in the Civic Center to print the form or also do it from the website of the Government of Córdoba.

How to obtain the Educational Ticket?



  • Be a regular student.
  • Live in the Province of Buenos Aires as long as it is at a distance greater than six hundred meters (600 m) from the educational establishment for preschool and primary, and a distance greater than eight hundred meters (800 m) for the secondary level.
  • Go to a public or private school with a contribution from the state, based in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Registration and next steps

If you have not processed the free student ticket in 2018 in the Province of Buenos Aires, you must follow these steps to enjoy this benefit:

1. Enter the website and fill out the registration form and thus you will obtain the procedure number that you have to take to the selected registration point.

NOTE: If there was an error or you are not satisfied, you can make a modification of the registration point by entering the registration form, complete your information and indicate the registration point you want again.

2. Go to the registration point you chose in the form (transport headers or branches of Correo Argentino SA) with the following documents:

  • If you are over 18 years old: ID and photocopy of ID,
  • If you are under 18 years of age: the legal representative must bring your ID and a photocopy of it, as well as a photocopy of the student’s ID.

For the two cases described above, you must have with you the procedure number obtained, if the registration form declared the GO UP card of the student must have it as well.

3. Activate your benefit at any SUBE Automatic Terminal.

If you want to see the list of the Terminal go up, enter the following link:

4. Print your credential by filling your information in the registration form again. Do it at:

It is necessary that you present your credential together with your SUBE and let the driver know what type of study level you are studying if initial, primary or secondary.



  • Be a regular student of one of these universities:

National University of Avellaneda, Provincial University of Ezeiza, National University of Hurlingham, National University of José C. Paz, National University of Lanús, National University of La Matanza, National University of La Plata, National University of Lomas de Zamora, National University of Luján, National University of Moreno, National University of the West, National University of Quilmes, National University of San Martín, National University of Tres de Febrero.

  • Living in the Province of Buenos Aires at a distance greater than two thousand meters (2,000 m) from the educational center.
  • Go to a public or private educational establishment with a contribution from the state based in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • As minimum the beneficiary must have passed three subjects in the previous year of studies and a subject in the immediately preceding semester or similar academic activity. For students who are in the first year of the degree, they have to prove that they finished the intermediate level, without debts of the subjects at the time of delivery of the documentation.
  • Not have any university or tertiary degree.

Registration and next steps

If you have not processed the free student ticket in 2018 in the Province of Buenos Aires, you must follow these steps to enjoy this benefit:

  1. Register your SUBE card at
  2. Enter the “SIU guaraní” system or the website of your Faculty with your username and password.
  3. Fill out the web registration form of the Undersecretariat of Transportation.
  4. Recharge the balance of the precharge by:

A SUBE Automatic Terminal holding the SUBE card until the message indicates that you must withdraw your card.

In an electronic device with an Internet connection, going to the option “Credit loads“.

The Undersecretariat of Transportation will notify each month when the preloads are available to carry out the accreditations.

Student Ticket Benefits

  • If I have a student benefit and you have run out of trips, you can use your SUBE card to travel with discounts of NETWORK UP.
  • Students who use the SUBE with student benefits also have access to the RED SUBE discount when combining with another means of transportation.
  • With the student SUBE you have 4 daily trips (50 per month) in force during the school year.


I have a student ticket, what should I do to be part of the SUBE NETWORK?

If you have a student ticket, you will not have to do any paperwork to access the RED SUBE benefit.

How do you use the benefit of the Free Student Ticket 2019?

If you want to opt for the free student ticket benefit, you must have a registered SUBE card that will bear the student’s name and have registered to print the 2019 cycle credential.

When you get the benefit You will be able to use the card from Monday to Friday from 5 in the morning to 11 at night. You can make 50 trips in the month and a maximum of 4 trips per day.

Can my SUBE ESTUDIANTIL card be used by a friend or family member?

No, the card card is non-transferable this means that it can be used only by the holder. If another person uses the student ticket card, it could lead to a crime according to what is established in article 172, Chapter IV «Scams and other frauds» of the Penal Code. If the beneficiary does not accept the warning and uses his card improperly, the use of it can be suspended.

Can you verify if I have applied the benefit?

Yes. You can make this query by bringing your SUBE card to an Automatic Terminal. You can also make sure you are applying by entering the UPLOAD site or by his SUBE Mobile App.

I have finished the process at the Registration Point and I still do not have the benefit on my SUBE card

Enter the page and check the status of the benefit, if it is pending, you must pass your SUBE card through an Automatic Terminal to apply the benefit.

It may also be that you have not completely completed the process at the registration points, so you must go again carrying the necessary documents.

Do I have a deadline to request the Free Student Ticket 2019?

No There is no deadline, registration through the website is open throughout the year.

Is there a way to reprint my badge?

Yes. By entering the registration form and completing your information, the system will show you your credential so that you can print it. You can reprint it as many times as you need.

Do not think twice and buy your student ticket now and you will have great savings. Thanks for reading us!

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