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Form 731this instrument is used to make the value added tax (VAT) declaration, the VAT declaration for commercial activity is mandatory and is subject to regulation by the AFIP.

Being up to date with our obligations with the tax is vital for the operational and financial health of our business, so if you want to know more about what to do to comply with form 731, we invite you to continue reading.

Download Form 731

As we already know, it is obligatory by law to declare and pay before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues what is received by way of value added tax.

The AFIP establishes a group of obligated subjects to comply with the determination and payment of the lien through some of the channels listed below:

Taxpayers who, due to their characteristics, require the entry of specific data and/or have certain characteristics related to:

  1. Promoted companies.
  2. Suppliers of goods or services for promoted companies.
  3. Taxpayers who carry out operational export actions.
  4. Responsible for requesting reimbursement for carrying out operational actions on capital goods.
  5. Subjects that have some Regime for reimbursement of Agricultural Withholdings.
  6. Subjects that are adhered to the Agricultural Regime under the Annual Payment scheme.
  7. Subjects that are included in the benefits of Law No. 25,080 – Investments for cultivated forests.
  8. Subjects that are included in the benefits granted by Law No. 26,093 – Regime for the regulation and promotion of production and sustainable use of biofuels.
  9. Subjects reached by the benefits of Law No. 26,190 – National promotion regime for the use of renewable energy sources for the production of electricity.
  10. Subjects reached by the benefits of Law No. 26,566 – Activities that allow the extension of the life of the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant to be specified.

It must be clear that the VAT application is one of the modules that is part of the SIAp program. Therefore, to download Form 731, a pre-installation of the module must be carried out, in order to use it. The module takes as its source those data uploaded by taxpayers from their registry. It will form a profile, and after loading our operation data we can download the form.

To know more visit this official portal at this link

How to complete the form

All taxpayers have the obligation to use the «VAT» application program to include the data that will contain Form 731, to do this the route «Presentation of Affidavits and Payments» must be used.

To complete the form you must enter the following information in the sud modules:

Indicate the type or types of schemes or particular activity and define the tax settlement period.

Enter the amounts used to determine the taxable matter. The taxable amount is determined by integrating the data that is requested of us and that we provide to feed the application.

Liquidation or payment of the tax (F 731 or F 810), which after uploading your data you will be able to see them reflected as a result of the generation of the Affidavit, all the information can be validated through the different means enabled by the AFIP

What is it and what is it for?

The Value Added Tax –VAT application provides all taxpayers / taxpayers registered with the Federal Public Revenue Administration – AFIP, within the framework of Law 23349, and in accordance with existing modifications, a useful way to determine tax debits and credits , which may be discriminated by origin or nature, and also allows determining a technical balance by difference, bringing with it the possibility of seeing this reflected in our Affidavit.

This enables adequate processing of the information provided by taxpayers to the federal public revenue agencies, which translates into improvements for the taxpayer and guarantees to the society of tax clarity.

VAT application

Relevant aspects of the VAT Application.

To download the application, you must be a SIAp user, the application being a module that is part of the package, and since you are an individual registered with the AFIP, you will have the right and obligation to declare using the Application.

Initial explanation of the Application

Ways available to access the Application

Once you have completed the step of installing the Value Added Tax –VAT application, the taxpayer has to choose a taxpayer figure from the SIAp, this before entering the application. It is clear that taxpayers have two options available to access the application, and these are the options:

  1. Shortcut icon: Once the installation of the application is complete, the system will automatically create a shortcut on the right side of the SIAp window, this icon is called the Value Added Tax – VAT application.
  2. From the SIAP Main Menu: While in this menu, display the System Add-ons option, and there you will be able to see a list with the applications that are installed on your PC. Select the VAT application and you will be able to work with the application.

Menu Bar

The Main Menu of the VAT application has various options with which you can perform the various operations that will allow you to have control over the application and the resulting reports, including form 731.

Below you can see each of the options on the Menu Bar:


  • Go out: this button allows you to close the sud menu and return to SIAP.


  • Calculator

Sworn declaration

In this section, the taxpayer can perform various operations, which are mentioned below this paragraph, and consists of adding, modifying, deleting or importing the information.

  • Add
  • Modify
  • Eliminate
  • Import of Affidavits from another SIAp Facility

For detailed information, download the general instructions in this link

Obliged Subjects

They are obliged to declare and pay all taxpayers framed within the provisions included in art. 1 of Law 23,349 and its amendments.

VAT site – AFIP

The federal administration (AFIP) has made available to taxpayers a portal that includes all the options available to determine the amount of the tax and provides the existing tools for its liquidation.

In the site that we quote you will have access to important information such as: indications on the new record design of the withholdings / perceptions import file.

The site explains the three ways to determine VAT:

  • Form 2002 – VAT web.
  • Form 731.
  • Form 810.

Likewise, the AFIP provides the following tools:

  • ABC – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Step-by-step guide VAT Web
  • Design of the withholdings/perceptions import file
  • tax payment
  • General Resolution No. 715/99
  • General Resolution No. 3711/15
  • General Resolution No. 1745/04

For more details visit the place

We hope that all the information we have provided you will be useful! Greetings.

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