Accident Certificate: Steps, Questions and MORE

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Are you interested in knowing how to obtain the Accident Certificate? Today we will be explaining to you step by step how to process this document that is so important when proving to an insurer that, in fact, you are a good driver.

Likewise, we will tell you how long the process takes, when you need to process it. In addition, we will answer the most frequent questions that arise when you are talking about this process, so that you can take action without any inconvenience, and following the easiest, fastest and safest way. Do not go!

How to Obtain the Accident Certificate?

Let’s start with what you came looking for: How to Obtain the Accident Certificate. To begin, you should know that there are no specific requirements to carry out this procedure. This is so because, if there are any, they can vary from insurer to insurer.

Remember that in Spain there are hundreds of companies. Although all are required to issue the certificate to the client, each one may have a different management method: online, by phone and / or in person. The latter is our favorite, as it is the one most likely to be successful.

However, as you will see below, it is something you should investigate. Let’s see what are the steps you must follow to acquire the Accident Certificate.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Accident Certificate

  • To get started, you must contact your insurance company. You can go to the nearest Customer Service office or you can just call, if you think so.
  • Indicate that you want to process the Accident Certificate and you need to know how you can do it. They will guide you through the process, which can be done in multiple ways. Again, the insurer is the insurer that will decide on this.
  • Follow the instructions that they will give you about it. Of course, do not forget to ask the date of issue of the document, which should be up to two weeks after requesting it.
  • That is all! Come pick it up when it’s ready and use it to finish doing the paperwork with your insurer. As a result of the process, you will have obtained the Accident Certificate.

The procedure will be as simple as possible. Of course, you must bear in mind that the company is not required to mention your background with another insurer. In other words, it does not have to include claims history, number of years with an insurance contract, bonuses enjoyed, and so on.

Likewise, the general recommendation is that it be a solid request the one you do with respect to this document. You don’t want to be inconvenienced. Nor that they tell you that there is no application in process when the maximum deadline for submitting the document has passed.

For this very reason We urge you to do the process in person, as soon as possible. If not, by email can also be a good option. Once you have it, you can meet the other requirements that the insurer generally asks for in order to establish the new contract. These are the driving license, the vehicle’s technical data sheet, and so on.

In addition, during the processing period your insurer may convince you to take another contract. That is, if you are moving to a new insurer. Perhaps this is your time to negotiate and see if you can get a better deal.

Remember that insurance companies establish a hedging based on customer risk. That is why they ask you for this document. The best thing you can do is have an impeccable record. Be a safe driver who is not exposed to risky situations.


Insurance companies have the obligation to issue this document to their clients. However, they do not have to indicate a history with another insurer. If you want to include them, ask your previous insurer for the certificate.

When is a Loss Certificate Needed?

The Use of the Accident Certificate you have to keep it in mind. When someone goes to request insurance from an insurance company, it needs to know what the customer’s risk is and thus be able to determine a suitable coverage and price for it.

Having an impeccable claim record helps a lot with this task, increasing the client risk study in your favor. That is, you become a more profitable customer. Thus, not only are you offered better coverage, but you can even get a better price. In other words, a better policy.

Precisely what the certificate does is prove that you are a good driver, assuming you have an excellent accident record. You don’t like taking risks on the road, you follow traffic rules, and so on. In fact, This document can help you improve your insurance budget by more than 50%.

You can also do the opposite, of course. However, you can’t help but present it. The company needs it to offer a contract.

On the other hand, in Spain there is something called SINCO. Its about Automobile Insurance, a historical file in which you can find information on this same topic. Reliable information, associated claims. The company will use this to know your history with your previous insurers, if they registered you there.

So that? Precisely for what we were telling you:

  • Analyze customer risk more efficiently.
  • Improve the system. This becomes agile, impartial and safe. It allows insurers to work better.
  • Policyholders can be segmented. That is, they can offer better policies those who deserve it and those who require it.

In conclusion, the Accident Certificate It allows to prove the history of claims. If this is the case, it also shows that you are a good driver. This is a determinant of the price of your insurance.

Duration of the Procedure

The Duration of the Procedure is another very important factor. Perhaps you are in a hurry or in a hurry to hire a new insurer, perhaps you simply want to be aware to take your time precautions.

In theory the insurer should issue the document within a maximum period of 15 days skillful. This is the maximum time in which they can deliver it to you, so you should try to indicate that you want it or insist that they give you a deadline.

However, sometimes there may be setbacks. Thus, the term to contract the policy may be passed. In this case, you must keep the current one or stay without insurance. That is why it is very important that you be insistent in this area.

Do not trust that the certificate will be delivered to you in about three weeks and process the document much earlier. Again, insist on a deadline or at least an estimate for the issuance of the document.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Accident Certificate

Almost to finish, let’s go on to answer some of the Frequently asked questions with respect to the issuance of the Accident Certificate. Let’s see!

So having a history of claims will determine the price of my policy?
Yes! This is used to estimate the loss risk and thus be able to generate a coverage / cost ratio. This is what is offered to the customer. Obviously, if your record is clean, you will get a better relationship.
What if they don’t want to give me the Accident Certificate?
They must. This document must be submitted compulsorily. All clients of an insurance company have the right to purchase it.
Is SINCO legal?
Yes! Insurance companies can register the background of their clients in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Legislative Decree 6/2004, specifically in Art.25.4. Of course, some also choose not to.
Can it only be issued by the insurer?
It can also be issued by the common files that they establish.
What other documents do I need to contract a new insurance?
Usually you need other additional documents, such as:

  • Receipt of payment and particular conditions of the previous insurance.
  • Technical data of the vehicle.
  • Driving license.
  • Circulation permit.
  • DNI, if it is Spanish, or Residence Card, if it is a foreigner.
  • Proof of IT.
  • Vehicle purchase invoice.
What can I do if I have had more than one insurer?
You can ask your current insurer about whether you have to process the certificate in them as well.

What is it?

The Accident Certificate It is a document that allows to prove the claim history of the holder. If this is clean, then it serves to show that this is a good driver, one who respects the rules of the road and does not expose himself to unnecessary risks.

It is used as a requirement when purchasing a policy from an insurance company. It is also issued by the current insurer of the applicant. The issuance of this document is mandatory, and It is delivered in approximately 15 business days.

Knowing the history of claims allows the company to study the risk level that the person has. In this way, you can determine a coverage / cost ratio that is reflected in the insurance policy.

The better driver you are, the better policy you can receive. If you are a person who takes a lot of risks, then you will have to pay more to have more coverage. Present a good track record can help you in more than 50% in your insurance budget. Also remember that it is better to have insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

On the other hand, it is important that you know about the SINCO. This file contains all the information of clients of different insurers. In this way, they can better study their potential users and improve the insurance system. Everyone benefits.

Of course, some insurers prefer not to point to their clients. This is when the Accident Certificate is most requested, in order to make a correct analysis.

We hope we have helped you today.

Until next time!


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