Account Certificate in Bancolombia: On the Internet, Agencies and MORE

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Surely you are interested in having an account at Bancolombia, or if you already have one, what you want is the Account Certificate in Bancolombia, since it is a highly requested document as a requirement for certain procedures in the country.

Bancolombia is a financial group that offers facilities to clients to carry out transactions, relying on being a financial institution that has advanced technology. Do not think twice and read the article where we indicate the ways to obtain the Account Certificate in Bancolombia and where to do it.

Request the Account Certificate in Bancolombia online

The request of the Account Certificate in BancolombiaPreviously, it was essential to do it in person at the bank office. At present, thanks to the technological advancement of banking institutions, these requests are made online.

To apply for the Account Certificate in Bancolombia, there are different options. Among the options is to do it online, to know the application procedure for Account Certificate in Bancolombia, please follow the steps below:

  • You must enter the web portal of the Bancolombia group.
  • Click the button document request which is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select between the different options of virtual requests the Bank Certifications option and click on the button Request it here.
  • You must fill out the form and submit it.
  • Take into consideration that when the product type option is selected, immediately choose where it appears savings account.
  • Enter the last four digits of your savings account.
  • Likewise, you can add any product that requires certification, you can do it in add product, you can also select the language in which you want to receive it.
  • Then, two hours after sending the request, the document arrives at the service of My messages of the virtual branch.

Request for Account Certificate in Bancolombia, through the People App

The steps to follow are those:

  • Enter Bancolombia People App.
  • Then, select request products.
  • You will be redirected to the bank’s website.
  • Click on the three dots next to the word Menu.
  • You must select the People tab.
  • Later, fill out the form with the requested data. You can request a certificate for several products, also indicate the language.
  • Afterwards, check the box for the verification code. I am not a robot and finally submit the request.

With the new App

  • Must open Bancolombia People App.
  • Then select Help.
  • Click on the option Information of interest.
  • Choose services and transactions.
  • In addition, you must select the points that are in the upper right part of the screen.
  • Then select People and then Needs.
  • You must make the selection of Request for Documents.
  • Where it appears Bank Certifications you must press the button of request it here.
  • Likewise, you must complete the form With the data.
  • You must check the verification code box.
  • Finally, submit the request.

Obtain the Account Certificate in Bancolombia in an Agency

To obtain the Account Certificate in Bancolombia, you can do it through the kiosks found in bank offices. Through these you can carry out certain procedures without having to ask for an appointment to be attended by a bank advisor.

The kiosks act as physical self-service channels, you can obtain the bank certifications in print or request them to be sent via email.

Request for the Account Certificate in Bancolombia by the Telephone Branch

To get the Account Certificate in Bancolombia, it can be obtained very easily simply with a call to one of the telephone branches.

The steps to follow are those:

  • Communicate by telephone with the telephone branch of your city.
  • Later, dial number four to be attended by the banking advisor.
  • You must listen carefully to receive the care you require.
  • If you want to request information on products, services, or on the delivery of documents, you must dial the number one for advice at Banco Personal or dial four to make the request for products.
  • Enter the number of ID and passwordPlease wait a moment to communicate with the service advisors, who will provide you with personalized attention.
  • You can make the request for account statements, bank references, copies of consignments, checks, the peace of mind of the products, among others.
  • You can also request products such as credit cards, vehicle payroll and credit, consumer credit, Crediágil, among others.

Important, that you know the telephone numbers, then the numbers of the telephone branches:

  • The Medellín branch, 5109000.
  • Barranquilla branch, 3618888.
  • The Bogotá telephone branch number is 3430000
  • Cali whose number is 5540505.
  • Also, the Bucaramanga branch, 6972525.
  • The Cartagena branch, 6934400.
  • In Pereira, the number is 3401213.
  • For the rest of the country the number is: 018000912345.
  • In Spain, 900 995 717.
  • For the United States, the number is 8663799714.

What is the Account Certificate at Bancolombia for?

The Account Certificate in Bancolombia, has as purpose the certification of the ownership of an account in Bancolombia. It is an instrument issued only when requested by the holder. If it is requested online, it does not generate any cost.

In some cases it is requested as an indispensable requirement when entering a new job or when they are independent workers, it can be used to collect from clients. The Certificate can be used to carry out different procedures where its requirement is mandatory.

Likewise, it is used as a reference when procedures are carried out in other banking institutions or in certain public institutions.

It requires the Account Certificate in Bancolombia, when you want to have savings and develop financially in a particular way, and then be a client with the desire to start your own business or make some type of purchase for your company or for the home.

If you have the account certification in Bancolombia, you have the benefits that this financial institution offers to the portfolio of exclusive clients.


Bancolombia belongs to a financial group that participates in the social changes of the country. It is one of the Multilatinas banking institutions that is one of the most recognized groups.

The main operational headquarters is located in the city of Medellín. This is one of the most important financial groups in the country. This Bancolombia group has been created for 142 years and behaves as an engine of economic and social development in the countries where it has a financial life.

Part of the experience has been innovation in the market and it is a constant goal that gives meaning to evolution as a group. In 1969 they offered the market the first credit card in all of South America and in 1985 they put into operation the network of electronic tellers.

In 1996 Bancolombia was a pioneer with the opening of the first Virtual Branch People and in 1999 they inaugurated the Virtual Branch companies that led to the first online payment system in Colombia. Meanwhile, in 2000 they offered the E-Card Mastercard, the first credit card virtual for internet purchases.

For him year 2006 opened the first banking correspondent in Colombia and in 2012 it launched the App, facilitating more than 235 million transactions per year.

Bancolombia continues in the search to innovate in products and services and offer a better quality of life to its clients, being a more humane and approachable bank.

What is a Bank Certification?

A bank certification is granted through the certificate granted by the bank ownership given by the financial institution at the request of the client and which confirms that the account is registered in their name.

Is a certificate issued by a bank upon request of the customer who owns the account. In it, the certification of the existence of the account is made. This certificate must be in the name of the applicant.

The function of a certification is the ownership of an account in the banking institution.

The certificate, in addition to giving bank ownership, is a bank certificate. This document totals all the information of the accounts that are had in the bank. The information provided in the certificates is the account balance, the interest paid, the movements, the retained value and the tax on financial movements for the year.

You saw how easy it is to request a Account Certification in Bancolombia, simply follow the steps and voila.


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