ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods in Spain

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The ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods It is essential to use and is a very important document for transport entities and also for organizations.

This document will allow the creation of different methods of management plans for this type of materials. It should be noted that this document is elementary and which certifies the training conditions for the handling of these goods.

In addition, this is required by the authorities while the transport of these materials or merchandise is carried out. In this article, we will explain how to obtain the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods, the requirements and we will also let you know what it is for.

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Requirements for the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods must meet a series of conditions in order to eliminate or minimize the risk in this type of operation. These requirements are regulated by a series of international agreements, depending on the means of transport used.

Dangerous goods are items that show a risk to health and health. These can cause damage to people, property or the environment in general, these goods can be explosives, flammable gases and liquids or corrosive materials.

Next, we will explain the requirements that you must have on hand to request the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods Take note !:

  • Type B driving certificate.
  • Have passed the training course as a driver for the transport of dangerous goods dictated by the DGT.
  • Approval within the aptitude tests.
  • Enjoy all the right to drive and use motor vehicles.
  • Possess the psychophysical requirements for the accreditation of the C1 class permit.
  • Have residence in Spain.

The main means of transport for dangerous goods currently used are road transport, rail transport, maritime transport and air transport.

In Spain there is specific legislation that standardizes everything corresponding to dangerous goods. Each of the dangerous goods transported must have a danger label on its container indicating the risk involved in its transport.

This system is regulated by the ADR code, which is based on the classification of dangerous goods, in order to make them easily recognizable from a distance. Also, so-called orange papers are used, which must be placed in each transport unit and are used to identify the nature of the dangerous goods being transported and the danger it represents.

How to obtain the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods

The ADR is the European agreement on the international transport of dangerous goods by road. This is prepared by the United Nations Economic Commission in 1957 and is signed by 32 countries that have agreed common rules for the transport of dangerous goods by road in their territory and for the crossing of borders.

Next, we will tell you the steps you need to follow to obtain the ADR Certificate for Dangerous GoodsIt will be a fairly simple process if you have all the information at hand, correctly and if you follow all the steps explained.

  1. You must process all the documents that were already explained in the requirements section.
  2. Then you should go to the office of the DGT. The one that is closest to your home.
  3. Once in the office, you must establish with the authorized personnel the accreditation process of the ADR Dangerous Goods Certificate.
  4. You must take into account that all testing processes must be approved, as well as the evaluation to start the accreditation.
  5. Finally, you must wait to be notified to withdraw your document.
  6. Ready! You will already have your certificate at hand.

We have to emphasize that the process is quite simple but you must follow the steps to the letter to avoid inconveniences when requesting the certificate. Also, you should take into account that the requirements may vary according to the criteria of the DGT and the office to which you are going.

In Spain at this time the General Directorate of Traffic has in service 8 Traffic Management Centers, located in Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Zaragoza, Valladolid, La Coruña and the Balearic Islands, each of which manages a specific area.

Cost of the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods

We know that the ADR certificate is an international agreement to guarantee standards in the transport of dangerous products. Its compliance is extremely vital and important and requires having companies specialized in logistics of chemical products or in the storage of dangerous goods.

The cost of processing this document costs approximately between 200 and 500 euros, this will depend on the type of materials or merchandise that will be handled or transferred. This, without mentioning the amount of the training course which is dictated by the DGT.

This process requires time for the processing and training of handling and transport of said materials. If you want to renew the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods, it will cost between 180 and 200 euros.

What is it for?

The Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road ADR is Spanish for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road. It is a protocol to define the road transport of products considered dangerous and is applicable internationally. This is reviewed every 2 years to be able to adapt it to the latest manufacturing updates.

The vehicles that require this certificate are tank vehicles, fixed or removable tanks, battery vehicles, and where appropriate, EXII and EXIII and MEMU vehicles, in accordance with article 19 of Royal Decree 97/2014 and the ADR Agreement.

We know that there are a series of goods that by law are considered dangerous for transport, such as explosive materials and objects, gases, flammable materials (paints, alcohols, wet cotton, among others) toxic or reactive materials.

Specialized professionals are required to transport these materials. Professionals who are capable of carrying out a series of tasks, following the strict transport security laws established at an international level.

East ADR Certificate for Hazardous Materials, will serve to guarantee the personal safety of all the people involved in the process of sending and receiving the materials and, of course, of the natural environment in which the transport takes place.

ADR card

In order to obtain the ADR card it is necessary that you take a course for carriers. Depending on the hazardous materials that you have to transport, you will have to take one course or another.

The ADR card is the document that enables professional drivers to transport dangerous goods. As the following agreement explains:

People employed […] whose field of activity includes the transport of dangerous goods, must be trained to meet the requirements of their field of activity and responsibility during the transport of dangerous goods.

This card must be renewed every 5 years and is mandatory. If dangerous goods are transported without this card, you will be committing a very large offense. Therefore, it is better to have your certificate always at hand and updated, in this way you will avoid inconveniences.

In the case of loss, deterioration, theft or change of data in the permit, it is possible to duplicate the ADR card. To do this, you must follow the indications of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), which you can find at the following link: duplicates of driving authorizations.

As we have mentioned before, this ADR card is not permanent. It is necessary that you renew it every 5 years and, for this, you must also take one of these courses:

  • ADR Basic Renovation and Tanks.
  • Renewal.
  • ADR Cisterns Renovation.
  • Explosives renewal.
  • ADR Radioactive Renewal.

What is the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods?

The driving of vehicles that transport dangerous materials or goods, regulated in the European Agreement on International Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR), requires obtaining a special authorization. In addition, it must be renewed every 5 years, having to take a refresher course and its corresponding exam at the DGT.

The ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods It is a document that certifies that the vehicle complies with the conditions required by the ADR and, therefore, is authorized to transport dangerous goods, it is characterized by a pink stripe that crosses it diagonally.

This requirement is very indispensable for organizations that work with materials or goods that are considered dangerous. We must clarify that these materials or object can endanger health, safety and can cause damage. Among the materials that are considered hazardous are:

  • Explosives
  • Gases
  • Flammable liquids.
  • Flammable solids.
  • Oxidizing substances.
  • Toxic and infectious substances.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Corrosive.

Likewise, said certificate is valid for one year, and must be renewed before its expiration, subjecting the vehicle to an inspection by an entity authorized by the Administration. There are four (4) different types of ADR authorizations, among them are:

  • Basic
  • Cisterns
  • Explosives
  • Radioactive

The course to obtain the ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods It is in person, the number of hours will depend on the type of authorization (this should be consulted). And mainly, it is aimed at people who are dedicated or want to dedicate themselves to the transport of dangerous goods.

Are you ready to get your ADR Certificate for Dangerous Goods?

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