Affiliation Form for Capital Salud: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

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If you are interested in knowing everything about the Affiliation Form for Capital Salud, This is your day! Today we will be explaining to you how you can obtain this document, filled out and present it to successfully complete the process of entering this Health Promoting Entity.

Likewise, we will tell you about the requirements that you must have up to date before filling out this document, what is Health Capital and a lot lot more. At the end of this article, you will be able to know everything you need to be able to join this EPS. Stay with us!

Requirements for the Capital Salud Affiliation Form

Let’s start with the Requirements for the Capital Salud Affiliation Form. Yes, there are a series of requirements that you must bear in mind before starting to fill out this document.

Obviously, the form is used to join this EPS. It is one of the documents necessary to carry out the process. However, there are others that you also have to know before dedicating ourselves to this completely.

Knowing them all and knowing what to do will allow you to carry out this affiliation process without setbacks. Next, let’s look at all the Requirements to join Capital Salud. Of course, taking into account whether it is the subsidized or contributory regime.

Subsidized Regime

  • First of all, you need the Unique Membership Form. He is undoubtedly the protagonist of today. You must print and fill it out, if applicable. We’ll talk later of this.
  • Identification document. You only need to present the copy, be it digitized or physical, and it must be legible and in good quality. As appropriate, the documents you can submit are:
    • Citizenship or Immigration Certificate.
    • Civil registration.
    • Passport (for children under 7 years old).
    • Identity card (for minors).
    • Special Permit of Permanence (PEP).
    • Birth certificate.
    • Safe conduct (current).
  • Only if this is the case, you must present Hospitalization Certificate.
  • Equally, Custody or Custody. Of course, only if they are not the parents of the minors who will be beneficiaries of the affiliation.
  • Finally, Charter of rights and duties. Likewise, this corresponds to the EPS-S performance letter.

With all this background, you must approach the EPS and sign the Form. The enrollment process is complete.

By 2020, this process is carried out by email. You must send all the support to the following address: Once again, the affiliation becomes effective when the form is signed before the EPS.

Additionally, the person can join when they are called as a possible beneficiary of the corresponding public event. In this case, you will be guided through the process for quick, safe and easy management. I would subscribe the FUNAT (Unique Affiliation and Transfer Form) and they would be given the Membership Card.

For now, let’s continue talking about Unique Affiliation and News Form, which you must fill out and send with the background.

Tax Regime

In the case of joining this regime, what you must present is:

  • Certificate of the Legal Representative (copy).
  • RUT of the company (Copy).
  • Chamber of Commerce (copy). Remember that this document is only valid for one month, that is, 30 days.
  • Employer registration form.
  • Unique Affiliation Form.
  • Identity Card (copy). Either of the contributor, worker, pensioner or member of FOSFEC.
  • Pensioner: copy of the resolution of pensioners.
  • Independent workers with their own economic activity: Accountant certificate and professional card (copy). This should first reflect income and activity.
  • Independent workers: Worker’s identity card and service provision contract (copy and original).
  • FOSFEC: the Form must be signed by the Compensation Fund. Additionally, she has to present a letter that grants the unemployment benefit.

This is done merely in person. You must approach the service points to formalize the affiliation. Additionally, the members of the family group must present:

  • Spouse: copy of the marriage certificate and identity card.
  • Fathers: identity document and copy of the civil registry of the person who is going to contribute.
  • Children: copy of the civil registry for each one. If there are people over 7 years old, identity card. Those of legal age must attach a copy of the identity card.

Now, let’s continue with the form.

Fill out the Capital Salud Affiliation Form

Now that you know everything that is required to join, we can continue with the most important aspect of this management: How to Fill Out the Unique Membership Form for Capital Salud. Without this document you will not be able to enter the EPS, so it is better that you fill it in correctly.

Let’s start with its format. It consists of two pages to fill out and another two with the instructions for each section. Instructions must be followed carefully, to the letter. The document cannot have either erasures or amendments. It must be signed and completed in legible handwriting.

We will give you general instructions that will help you learn about this document. However, you must follow the ones that appear on the last two pages.

  • Number and date of filing: you leave this space blank. It is up to the EPS to fill it out.
  • Procedure details: everything related to the process, whether for membership or to announce news. You must fill it like this:
    • Kind of Procedure: membership. The other option is simply used when there are changes in the record, time after the affiliation.
    • Affiliate type: if you will make the affiliation by yourself (individual), if you are in charge of an institution, if the procedure is done by an association, congregation or other community, or if it is done by the UGPP.
    • Affiliate: beneficiary, if it is part of the family nucleus. It can also be the head of the family (subsidized scheme) or the contributor
    • Contributing: if you are a contributor, select if you are a pensioner, or if you share or not the contributions due to employment relationship (dependent or independent). The code is entered by the EPS.
  • Membership: in this section are simply the data of those who will be part of the affiliation to Capital Salud. It is divided into several sections:
    • Data of the contributor or head of household. Both basic and complementary.
    • Members of the family nucleus. All the data of who will be the beneficiaries goes. First that of the spouse and then that of the rest. Order must be maintained in the record. That is, the full names are filled out first and the type and number of identity document, sex and date are filled in in the same order.
    • Do not forget to fill in the complementary data in the same way. The residence data They only apply to the contributory regime, when the beneficiaries live in different residences.
    • Value of the UPC. It is filled by the EPS.
    • IPS: the contributor or head of household must choose the IPS. The code is placed by the EPS.
    • Data of the entities that carry out the affiliation process: institutions, ex officio or collective. It only applies if it is not an independent worker or individual affiliation. There are the data of the person responsible for the affiliation (employer, contributor, pension payer or collective-institutional-ex officio entity).
  • News report: It is only filled out if the affiliation is not sought, but rather to modify or update data already registered. You will only have to select the corresponding options and present the documents that they ask for.

As the report is not the object of our discussion, we will leave it up to you to read the instructions if you ever want to do this process. For now, you should know very well what the first page is about, which is the membership.


The numbers in each space correspond to the numbers that will allow you to locate the specific instruction for that space on page three.

You must print and fill out this document without deletions or amendments.

The document must be signed and sent to the indicated mail.

The letter must be legible.

You can make the form by clicking here.

What is it for?

The Affiliation Form for Capital Salud it serves, precisely, to subscribe the affiliation in this Health Promoting Entity. This is one of the requirements to be able to register and start enjoying the services that Capital Salud offers.

Without this document, the applicant will not be able to join. It is the most important document when it comes to wanting to do this successfully. It must be filled out correctly, following the instructions specified here and in the document, and submitted accordingly.

It takes so much to join the subsidized scheme as to do it in the contributory regime. Remember that for this first, only people who meet certain socio-economic characteristics and enter a segment of the population can enter.

Come into contributory regime It’s just as simple, in a way. You also have to meet certain requirements, such as being an independent worker, a pensioner or a member of the FOSFEC.

For now, what you should know is that this document is used to terminate the affiliation process. Of course, always with the delivery of the rest of the background.

What is Capital Salud?

Health Capital is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS). In other words, it is a system of companies that are working in the health area. They offer hospitalization services, general and specialized medical consultation, etc., through clinics and hospitals.

Actually, the term EPS is no longer used today. Now they are called Health Service Managers (GSS), as you will find reflected in the form itself. All operate with a contributory and a subsidized regime, which will be determined by the socioeconomic characteristics of each applicant.

Health Capital It is part of the District and Total Health EPS, the former being the one with the most participation. Consequently, it is a mixed company, with public and private capital.

What is the Capital Salud Membership Form?

The Affiliation Form for Capital Salud allows the interested party to join this entity and start enjoying the services it promotes. Capital Salud is a joint venture that works with public and private capital, with a decade of operation behind it.

This form is vital to successfully complete the subscription process for this EPS. Furthermore, without it, the process cannot be carried out. Although it is not the only requirement to join, as you have seen, if it is the most important and in which the subsidized scheme and the contributory regime.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for and we wish you good luck in your affiliation process. Remember that if you have any questions, you can contact Capital Salud by calling +57 1 3265410.

Until next time!


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