Affiliation Form to Compensate: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

The Membership Form to Compensate It is the last and most important document that you should have up to date regarding the affiliation process to this incredible entity. Remember that this offers the services of a Family Compensation Fund, as well as those of a Health Promotion Entity (EPS).

Today we will explain everything you need to know about the EPS registration form. Starting from what this is like, how to fill it and what it is for. We will also talk about Make up for, so that you know better what it is and what it is about. Stay with us!

How is the Affiliation Form to Compensate?

The Unique Affiliation Form to Compensate follows a very specific format. This is issued on the entity’s web portal, so that those who need it can purchase it directly from the page. It is in PDF format and there are two pages that must be filled in order to complete the affiliation process successfully.

It also has a Instructive, which is the one that you must follow to the letter to fill it out. However, we will talk about this in the next section. For now, what you should know is that this Form corresponds to the most important requirement to be able to join this EPS.

Of course, always taking into account the other requirements that correspond whether you are a dependent, independent, retired worker or you want to register a company. You can know all these by entering the Membership Instructions to Compensate.

Now that you know this, we can go on to explain what exactly this form contains, part by part.

First part

  • To start with, you can find the Document Identification Data. That is to say, you will be able to see the Compensar logo, the title of the Form (Unique Affiliation Form and Eegistro of News to the General System of Social Security in Health), and Number and Date of Filing.
  • Then you can see the Procedure Data. Either the type of procedure (Affiliation), type of affiliation, scheme (contributory or subsidized), type of affiliate and / or contributor.
  • The next section corresponds to the Identification data. It can be the head of the family or the contributor. The important thing is that you must enter both basic and complementary data. The latter refer to ethnicity, race, SISBÉN score, ARL, IBC, etc.
  • Next, touch enter the Identification Data of Family Nucleus Members. The spouse or permanent partner are entered first. Then that of the rest of the beneficiaries.
  • Finally, and only if it is not an independent worker and / or individual affiliation, you will find the last section. This corresponds to Identification Data of the Employer and other Contributors of the Entities Responsible for the Collective, Institutional or Trade Membership.
    • Here you enter the company name, type of contribution, among others that allow you to recognize the employer or contributor.

You will also find the section of News Report. However, this is only filled out when looking to make any changes to the data already registered in this EPS.

Likewise, there is the section of Declarations and Authorizations, that of Signatures and the one destined to serve as a checklist for all the Backgrounds that must be submitted for the affiliation process.

To finish with the page, you will find the section of Data to be Completed by the Territorial Entity. As the name implies, you should not fill out this part yourself.

Second part

Once the form as such is completed, which corresponds to the first page, there is another page that you must fill out. It contains:

  • Questionnaire Charter of Duties and Rights. You must answer it accordingly and sign it.
  • Signature to Beg. It is only filled out if the contributor cannot sign the previous section.
  • Finally you will find a statement. This corresponds to the Authorization of Personal Data Processing. You just have to read it and sign it.

As you can see, the Compensation Form contains all the data that will allow to identify the affiliate and his beneficiaries, as well as possible external entities / organizations / employers.

Because you know this, we can go on to explain in a basic way how you can fill out this document.

Fill out the Affiliation Form to Compensate

With respect to How to Fill Out the Membership Form to CompensateWe would like to make some very important points clear to you. It is a document that can be very long, which is why before filling it out you must take into account all this that we will tell you below.

  • First, you must read the Instructions for the Compensar Affiliation Form. This consists of three (03) pages and is issued by Compensar. The instructions are for each section that you must fill out, so that you know exactly what to put there.
  • Also, you should read the Bill of Rights and Duties. With this you can answer the questions in the second part of the form, so it is vital that you read it as many times as you consider necessary. It contains a glossary of terms, services available to the member and beneficiaries, duties and rights, among other things.
    • You can find this in the same instructions, from page six (06) to fifteen (15). That is, it consists of ten pages that you must read.
  • It is up to you to append the other antecedents for the affiliation. These will depend on whether you are a dependent, independent, retired worker or if you want to register a company.
  • You have to know if you are going to join the subsidized or the contributory regime.
    • Tax Regime: the link to the SGSSS is made through a quote or financial contribution. This payment can be individual or family, financed only by the member or shared with the employer.
    • Subsidized Regime: only a part of the population can access it. It is about the poor and vulnerable part. The homeless, older adults in the care of an institution, children in the hands of entities, and so on, enter here.
  • The form cannot have erasures, amendments, characters or be filled in the places intended for the EPS.
  • Finally, you must write in block letters and with a ballpoint pen in black ink.

If you follow all these instructions, you should have no problem filling out the form. All the information you need is available for you to acquire and you can complete the affiliation process smoothly. Good luck!

What is the Compensation Affiliate Form for?

The Unique Affiliation Form to Compensate serves, precisely, to be able to carry out the affiliation process to this Health Promotion Entity (EPS). It is the most important document that must be submitted for this process, since without it the interested party will not be able to complete the registration in Compensar.

This consists of two (02) pages and remains invariant with respect to the person who requests it. As we said before, it must be presented without deletions, amendments or characters. It must be completed in legible handwriting, using a black ink pen.

Once this document is delivered, the EPS affiliation will be signed. Its purpose is to gather in a concise and summarized way the most relevant data of those who will be enjoying Compensar services. Data that, of course, must be supported by other documents.

It also serves to make the news report. This includes modifications to the registered information, cancellation of the affiliation to Compensar, and so on. This report must be done from time to time, in order to keep the database of this EPS updated.

What is Compensar?

Compensar is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS). In other words, through a subsidized or contributory scheme, it offers its members health services in clinics and hospitals associated with the entity.

In this area you will find care in general and specialized medicine, attending to your needs accordingly. Also, you will see that there is an emergency service, hospitalization, laboratory, different characters and even surgeries.

The EPS correspond to a whole system of companies that offer services in this area. What’s more, they are currently called Health Services Managers (GSS). There are thousands, if not millions, of Colombians affiliated with this entity and enjoying the services it offers on a daily basis.

It also works as Family Compensation Fund. That is, it administers social security benefits. Grant credit, pay subsidies and benefits, and so on.

Benefits of Joining to Compensate

There are some Benefits of being affiliated with EPS Compensar that you should keep in mind if you are looking to join. These are very important, so let’s go through one by one.

  • Obstetrician gynecologist care.
  • Access to programs such as Family Planning, Growth and Development and Women’s Health.
  • Laboratory service.
  • Emergency access in all authorized hospitals.
  • Vaccination days.
  • General Medicine Consultation, by appointment.
  • Consultation of Specialized Medicine (cardiologist, dermatologist, traumatologist, among others).
  • Nuclear medicine, ultrasound, radiology and scan services.
  • Access to different therapies, such as language, respiratory and physical.
  • Oral health prevention sessions.
  • Access to medicines.
  • Surgery and hospitalization service.
  • Attention linked to the ARP or the SOAT in terms of traffic accidents.
  • Access to sports (swimming, tennis) and access of various kinds (family, for the future mother, art and training, etc.).
  • Online services from its portal, so you can issue certificates, view your credits, analyze your finances, and so on.
  • Restaurants and cafes at your disposal, so you can consume while you enjoy yourself.
  • Fully equipped gym.
  • You can enjoy services in the area of ​​health, but also in the area of ​​sports and recreation with all the options it brings to you. It is ideal for both parents and their children, without a doubt.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that you acquire by joining this entity. Without a doubt an option that you should consider.

What is the Affiliation Form to Compensate?

The Membership Form to Compensate it is a very important document. You can find it in digital or physical format, if you go to the offices of this EPS.

It is the star document in the Compensar affiliation process. Along with the rest of the background, it will allow you to sign the registration and become part of this entity. As a consequence, you will be able to enjoy the different services it offers in the health area.

You can also purchase the Compensating Certificate. This is one of the many services that its web portal offers and we leave you an instruction manual so that you know how to obtain it and what it is for, among other things.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!


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